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At Oi Playschool, it is our continuous effort to hire teachers who share the same passion of teaching as we do in terms of bringing the best out of children. Children to us are like sparks; full of light and hope, gleaming with beaming smiles, ready to learn and lead the world and that’s why we seek out for individuals who can handle our children with love and affection. Our teachers have a strong passion for learning and ability to teach through all the modern techniques that involves learning through self exploration. All our teachers are selected through a rigorous recruitment process so as to not compromise on the quality of individuals who are going to mould the children for next few years and the learning that they pass on to the children in a preschool is going to be with them all throughout their life.

After selection in to Oi Playschool, teachers undergo an extensive 3 days training on the specially designed in house curriculum, Sparkz by our experienced Academics Team. Thereafter, need based training is provided to the teachers on various aspects of teaching through innovation and creativity. Our teachers not only do the classroom teaching but also decide depending on the curriculum where children can be taught better and select a suitable environment inside and outside the school premises.

Oi Playschool is known for the quality of teachers it has and their ability to make it big in the learning process of children who are the future of tomorrow’s world. They are the facilitators who prepare the child for a lifelong learning process. Oi is a world that encourages the child to explore, be inquisitive, question everything and find answers through a process of discovery.

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