How to Make a DIY Doll House out of Recycled Materials

Materials Needed:

1. Sturdy Cardboard Boxes like the ones you get when you shop online

2. Thinner Cardboard like empty cereal boxes

3. Fabric Scraps

4. Toilet Paper Rolls

5.  Leftover scraps of colored paper, gift wrap etc

6.  Old Magazines

7.   Assorted junk like soap & toothpaste boxes, bottle caps etc.

8.   Usual craft supplies like scissors, glue, thread & needle, pipe cleaners, play doh, sticky/double sided tape and lots of glue!

Doors, Windows, Floors and Roof

1. Decide on how many floors you want and choose boxes accordingly. Mark doors and windows and cut them out with a paper cutter.

2. For the top floor, open up the box and lean the two long sides towards each other and cut out the two short sides so they line up like this:

3. Level the floors by placing a piece of cardboard in between the flaps and sticking cello tape over it.

4. Cover the outside of both the boxes with colored paper, and cut out the paper that covers the windows and doors.

5. Cut little rectangles out of colored paper. Stick them on the roof closely to resemble roof tiles. Repeat on both sides.