Tips to Prevent Winter Skin Problems in ‪Babies‬


A number of factors play important roles in making the baby's skin drier in winter. Apart from the dry and cold winds, the central heating, which actually makes the entire atmosphere dry, makes the baby's skin drier. This causes dryness and then chapping.


To prevent this.

  1.  Bathe your baby every 2 - 3 days and make sure that the bathing time is short.
  2.  Apply baby lotion or baby skin moisturiser immediately after bath so that the skin of your infant is protected from dryness.
  3.  Give your baby at least 2 - 3 massages daily. This will help oil and moisture to penetrate into the skin and will help keep it smooth and supple.
  4.  Your baby might experience chapped or cracked lips and cheeks. Apply lip care gel or cream on lips and cheek every 2 - 3 hours.
  5.  Apply gel or petroleum jelly inside the baby's nose. Most often nose gets dry and the baby feels discomfort. If untreated it leads to bleeding from nose too.
  6.  Make your baby drink lukewarm water according to his age so that the skin remains hydrated.
  7.  If the place where you live is very cold and you have to put the heater on for most hours, keep a humidifier so that the dryness in the atmosphere is lessened.


8 Tips to keep your Kids healthy this Monsoon


1.Keep your children’s room clean and dry. Maintain normal room temperature in their rooms.

2. Keep all doors and windows closed in the evening, otherwise it provides easy access to mosquitos & other insects to enter your home.

3. Use mosquito’s nets in the kids rooms instead of mosquito coils.

4.Serve moderately hot food for your child.

5.Keep your children bags, rain coats and playing items dry and clean

6.Inculcate the habit of washing hands in your child after using the toilet and before eating.

7. Prevent your children from biting their nails as this will cause them to ingest any infection that may be on their hands.

8.Storing water in copper or silver vessels is not just a fashion statement! Doing so kills all germs and sterilizes the water.