7 Techniques for Developing Self-Control in Kids


Self-control is a very important skill that every child should learn. It helps the child have control over her own actions. Read on to learn 7 techniques for developing self-control in kids so that you can help your child develop this skill.

Benefits of Developing Self-Control in Kids

People who have good self-control are happy, popular and successful in life. On the other hand people with lower self-control are likely to develop the habit of over-eating, get into some kind of addiction and are mostly underachievers. Initially it was believed that self-control can only develop with time, but experts are of the opinion that this skill can be built up provided you do the right type of mental exercises.

7 Strategies to Teach Children Self-Control

The most important thing to keep in mind is to select age-appropriate goals especially when it comes to teaching self-control to kids. It is advisable to opt for simple goals as well as taking into account one goal at a time. However, some general techniques that often help children develop self-control include:

1. Ask Children to Take a Break

Encourage children to take a break or get out of the situation and take time-out when they feel angry or upset. This is one of the proven techniques that work wonders. Children often forget and forgive in almost no time and they will be normal and even feel good after the break.

2. Help Kids Understand Feelings

When kids understand the difference between feelings and behaviour, they start developing self-control. Make your child understand that feeling angry or mad at something is natural, but 
hitting someone or yelling and screaming are not. This will help your child control impulse and she will try to find alternatives to deal with the feeling without reacting impulsively.

3. Help Your child Develop Listening Skills

Children react impulsively because most of the time they do not listen to directions. Habitually they are up and moving even before you finished your sentence. You can teach them to listen carefully by asking them about what they heard before letting them get into action.

4. Use Rewards

Rewards can really help children develop and strengthen self-control.Children learn to make short term sacrifices in order to have long term gains when they have a chosen reward in their minds.

5. Use Penalties as Well

Along with giving reward for a 
good behaviour, there should be penalty for bad one also. The threat of punishment encourages children to act so that they achieve long term goals in turn.

6. Teach Problem-Solving Skills

When children learn 
problem-solving skill they think before they act. It is advisable to teach your child to look out for various solutions to a problem instead of solving the problem for her. She will learn to analyse the problem, work out solutions and implement the one that best fits in the situation. This will save her to react impulsively no matter what kind of problem arises in life.

7. Establish Household Rules

If you 
develop clear rules in your house your children will understand exactly what is expected from them. Make sure you explain to your kids the negative consequences of breaking rules so that they are less likely to break the rules. Establish a routine and provide structure so that there is less chaos and less chances of impulsivity.

One of the most important responsibilities of parents is to teach their children how to control thoughts, emotions and behaviour. This is because children who reach adolescence without learning this are more likely to exhibit aggressive behaviour, fail academically and experience negative life events as a result of many inappropriate behaviour problems.It is advisable to parents to apply the self-regulation skills to their parenting approach while they teach them to their children. This will also help you develop a good skill that is going to help you strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally as well as you can become a role model for your children to follow. Additionally, you will also be able to connect successfully with your kids and have the greatest joy of parenthood.


Top 7 Best Indian Summer Drinks for Kids


What would be best for kids during hot summer days? A cool drink that is good for health and fulfils taste buds too is the best option. Read on to learn about 7 best summer drinks for kids.

India is a country where you can find various fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs even during summer days. The best thing about these fruits and others is that they help beat the summer heat just by having one. In addition to the natural thirst fulfilling fruits and vegetables, there are some Indian drinks that are very thirst quenching.

7 Best Indian Summer Drinks for Kids

1. Aam Panna

Aam panna is a drink made of raw mangoes and is both, sweet and sour. It has a tangy flavour which even adults like and the best thing is that it helps your child beat the summer and saves her from heat stroke as well. It saves their body from losing sodium chloride and zinc at the time of excessive sweating. It fulfils the need of the vitamin C of their body and increases body resistance against many 
diseases that are common in summer.

2. Lassi or Chhaas

Yogurt is one of the 
dairy products that kids and adults like during summer days. Lassi is more popular as a cool drink in Punjab, but is enjoyed by people across India. It is one of the most famous summer drinks in India because it is not just cool, but also full of protein giving your kid the energy he/she needs at the start of the day.

It has friendly intestinal bacteria and this saves your kid from digestive problems due to the rise in mercury. If your child likes salty drinks, you can add salt instead of sugar and make it chhaas. Adding some cooking spices will make it tastier and very easy to digest as well.

3. Jal Jeera

Jal jeera is one of the common drinks of north India during summer days. It is cooling and refreshing and hence an ideal drink for summertime. It is an appetiser because it has digestive properties.

Initially you needed to prepare the powder beforehand and keep it bottled so that the drink could be prepared quickly. However, today there is handy jal jeera powder available in the market and you can prepare a glass of cool drink only by following the instructions on the packet.

4. Nimbu Paani

One of the most common drinks of summer which is traditional yet liked by all even today. In fact, nimbu paani or shikanji is a must-have in Indian homes during summer. You simply need to dilute sugar in water and squeeze 
lemonjuice to it. Add ice and serve. Rich in vitamin C nimbu paani fulfils the requirement of vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, carbohydrates and protein of your kid’s body.

5. Gulaab Jal ka Sharbat

Most of you must have had gulab jal ka sharbat when you were kids. It has an instant cooling effect and as soon as you start drinking it, you will feel refreshed. Kids like the flavour and the chilled drink a lot. You can add water or ice-cold milk to make it more nourishing and giving your child the feeling of fullness also.

6. Coconut Water

Green coconuts can be seen anywhere during summer. It is one of the cheapest and most common summer drinks for Indians. It will not just cool and refreshing for your kid, but also fulfil her body’s necessity during summer. It is one of the healthiest options during summer.

7. Aam Ras (Mango Juice)

The list of top summer drinks cannot be completed without mango juice. It is made of ripe mangoes, is healthy and thirst satisfying as well.

These summer drinks are perfect to make your kid’s summer day refreshing. Some of them are even easy enough for kids to make. So, you can relax and make them help themselves so that they spend some time preparing the drink and feel engaged and special as well. The best thing is that these drinks never go out of fashion.