10 Best Qualities of Indian Parents


Are you aware of your strengths as a parent? Indian parents are adept in bringing up their children with their great traits. Learn about the top 10 best parenting qualities of Indian parents.

Being a parent is perhaps the best responsibility that you can ever have in your life. Parenting can be an enormous pleasure and challenging too. It needs enough capability on the part of the parents to nurture and raise their children in a full-fledged manner. Fulfilling children’s basic emotional and physicalneeds is the best possible way to be a responsible parent. In fact, the fostering of the essential qualities and imparting the right morals into the children make the latter into responsible and wise adults. In case of India, parents do a great job in bringing up their children with their great traits.

Have a look at 10 best qualities of ideal Indian parents:

1. Promoting Kinship

The Indian parents make it a point to foster relationship and associations with their social and family acquaintances. They edify their children to be in social connections and also maintain healthy connection with their relatives. More so, they stay as shelters beside their children till they are married off. Right from the children’s infant ages to their 
marriage times and even after that, the parents support their youngsters emotionally in order to provide the much-needed support. Ideal Indian parents create a social environment where the concept of family is expanded to all.

2. Self Sacrificing

Almost every Indian parent sacrifices their lives in some way to devote themselves in raising their kids. Indian mothers forgo their dreams and passions to take care of their children. Fathers often make compromises in their careers to ensure wellbeing of the young ones.

3. Trustworthy and Friendly

Trust is one thing that Indian parents mostly possess. This factor makes them the best friends of their children, at least till their adulthood. Indian mothers become the best friends for their sons while 
the daughters love to confide their secrets in their fathers.

4. Spend Quality Time

Indian parents, amidst their busy schedule, give quality time to their children. They spend great time with their wards, instead of just letting them grow in their own way.

5. Nurture the Talents

When it comes to Indian parents, they are extremely good at identifying the skills and unique talents of their children. They toil hard to enhance those special gifts that their kids are blessed with. You would often find the Indian kids, teenagers and young adults getting well-acclaimed in a number of creative fields; thanks to the dedicated and loving Indian parents.

6. Inquisitive

Well, that’s one quality of Indian parents that many children are annoyed about. However, Indian parents, being curious in nature, keep a careful watch on their kids. Instead of breaching the freedom and privacy of their children, parents stay watchful about their offspring’s attitude and behaviour to prevent them from venturing into any misleading paths.

7. Culture

Indian parents instil the fundamental cultural and religious 
values into their children right at their childhood. India is a country that has deep rooted cultural values. Its traditions and legacies are well maintained. Indian parents make it a point to impart the same values into their children.

8. Religious Tolerance

India is a land of diversity with multitude of ethnic races having dissimilar values and ethos. Indian parents infuse the ethics in their children that let them 
respect people hailing from different religions, castes, creeds, races, etc.

9. Judgemental

Indian parents are highly judgmental that definitely helps them in keeping their children safe from negativities. This is also one of the best qualities of an Indian parent to implant the same insightful abilities in their successors.

10.  Multitasking

Most Indians are hard-working. They are diligent when it comes to handling their 
parenting tasks. The moms and dads in India do a great multitasking while managing their personal and professional life. They strike a fine balance between their times and dedicate adequate time to both their children and their jobs.

Hence, the best qualities of Indian parents reflect in their children as the latter develop to become the pillars of the society.

Top 10 tips to keep your child safe this holi


It’s that time of the year again, where colours will do the talking. With Holi just around the corner the excitement amongst children is palpable. Right from buying the latest type of pichkari in the market, to planning the best way to burst those water balloons, children wait with bated breath for this colourful festival. Apart from all the happiness it brings, Holi is also known to be one of the most dangerous festivals after Diwali. Did you know that the rate of accidents goes up dramatically during this time? Well, worry not; here are a few tips to keep your child safe this Holi::

1. Keep an eye on your child: 

It is crucial that while your child is playing Holi, there is adult supervision at all times. More so, if there is a large drum or tub being used to supply water during the festival. Children being unsteady and head heavy are likely to fall in.

2. Non-toxic is the way to go:  

As far as possible, try to use safe, non-toxic colours. You could even opt for natural colours. Because of the lack of chemicals, these colours are easier to wash off and will cause less harm to the child’s skin.

3. Ban water balloons:

 They may be fun to play with, but when thrown at a person, their impact can cause injuries to the skin, eyes and ears.

4. Pichkaari etiquette:

Teach your child to use his/ her pichkaari away from other people’s faces, especially their eyes and ears.

5. Gel-based colours are better

If you must use synthetic colours, gel-based colours are better than powder colours. Again they are softer on the skin, easy to wash off, and cannot be inhaled like powder colours.

6. Keep colours away from the mouth:

It is essential that you do not let your children put any colours in his/her mouth. Synthetic colours, powder or gel-based alike, contain a number of harmful chemicals, when ingested they could cause severe reactions such as vomiting and could also lead to poisoning.

7. Eyes are particularly vulnerable: 

If the colours enter your child’s eye, wash the eye with plenty of water. Remember not to rub the eye. If your child experiences any change in vision, pain or excessive redness of the eyes, immediately take him/her to your doctor.

8. Clothes are important: 

Make your child wear full-sleeved  clothes and long pants to protect his/her sensitive skin.

9. Prepare them well: 

Apply oil or cream all over the body to prevent the colours from sticking to the skin. Oil the child’s hair well before he/she goes to play with colours. This will help protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of the colours.

10. Be ready for emergencies:

Keep a list of emergency contacts ready, including those of your paediatrician, closest hospital and ambulance service.

Holi is a time for celebration. All you need to do is keep these 10 things in mind before you send your child out to celebrate the festival of colours.