Why our Kids are SMARTER than US

‘Our children are smarter than us’ is an oft-quoted saying by parents about their children. We always feel that the next generation is more intelligent than the previous one.  Read on to know why. 

For centuries, education has been mainly focused on rote-learning, examinations, and marks. However, with the changing times, reformers in education have identified learning skills that impact development today. These are popularly known as ‘21st century learning skills’.  When schools and parents focus on the development of these traits, then the children turn out to be ‘smarter’ and more capable in facing today’s world. These are : 

Critical thinking skills : This involves the ability to carefully study a range of topics and be able to analyze, evaluate and synthesize the given information in a way that a proper solution to the problem is found. For example, we all were taught to learn several formulas in math and apply them to problems. But today, children are given a sheet of formulas and they need to decipher which formula is most suitable to solve a problem. 

Creative thinking skills : To come up with imaginative and creative ideas and solutions to a problem is being creative. These skills lead to innovations, discoveries and inventions. ‘Out of the box’ thinking is highly encouraged in today’s schools. For example, in the art class, children are not told to simply draw a fishing boat ; but are asked to draw a machine which can easily detect where the maximum fishes are in the sea and how they can be caught. 

Collaboration and Communication skills : Networking is a key skill in today’s times. Being an effective member of a team is something that is taught to children from the day they enter school. Also, schools increasingly focus on building self-confidence in kids so that their communication skills help them to collaborate better. 

Life and Career skills : These include flexibility, adaptability, initiative and self-direction – all very, very important to develop a holistic human being. With these skills, students are more able to adjust in multi-cultural situations and different environments in both their career and life. This is the reason why international schools in the country have increased and become a success, exposing our children to multi-faceted environments.     

We need to lookout for schools that help develop these traits in our children as well as focus on them ourselves as parents so that their foundation in life is strong.  

Understanding the importance of the 21st century learning skills, Oi Playschool offers a scientific, holistic model – Sparkz ™, with a focus on music perception, earth science, visual arts technology, life skills and value education. Through Sparkz, the school inculcates a ‘Love for Learning’ in each child in the most critical childhood years.  

8 Ways to Enhance Your Parenting Skills


Good parenting skills are always acquired with time. In order to become the best parent one has to keep on learning. Parenting is not something which can be taught in a school. And no one can become the best parent from Day 1. So take your first step towards being the ‘best parent’ and understand the suggested ways which can help improve your parental skills.

1: Be a Good Listener:

It is essential to understand your child and for that, it is important to listen to them. Many parents just keep on explaining the do’s and don’ts without giving the child an opportunity to explain his fears, anxieties and doubts. Be sure to give your total and undivided attention to your child, when they communicate with you.

2. Show Your Unconditional Love:

It is obvious that all parents love their child, but it is also necessary to show your love and affection visibly. After all, nobody, least of all a kid is a mind reader! An embrace every day and few loving words can make your child feel cherished and beloved. At the same time, the child will feel safe and happy.

3. Spend Some Quality Time with Your Children:

There is a difference between ‘spending time’ and ‘spending quality time’. Being a parent you should try to make the most of your time with your kids interactive, i.e., by playing games, telling stories or even by simply chatting about all things under the sky. This will strengthen your emotional bonding with your child.

4. Be Firm, Fair and Friendly:

It is important to decide disciplinary rules at home. The rules should be fair and just which implies that punishment for breaking a rule should not be too harsh. However, in all cases the communication should be amicable, non-threatening and non-abusive. Your child should respect you and not be afraid of you.

5. Set a Remarkable Example:

A parent is a child’s first role model and they should not have clay feet. What you tell your child and what you follow should be the same. As it is rightly said, a child might learn less from what you say but more from what you do. Be a role model to your child in all senses.

6. Use Appreciation, Not Condemnation:

Positive parenting is very important. Instead of always telling your children what not to do, try to tell them what to do. Also remember to give them proper praise and recognition for all the good work they do. You can also reward them for their good deeds; it ensures that such behaviour gets repeated.

7. Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes:

Before judging your children’s behaviour, it is necessary to understand their point of view. Also remember how you were, when you were a child. Always give them a chance to explain their behaviour. It is easy to be judgmental but more rewarding to be forgiving and understanding.

8. Be Patient with Yourself and Your Child:

Always remember that Rome was not built in a day. Never expect your child to change overnight or expect yourself to become a great parent instantaneously. It all takes time and changes come only gradually. So be patient.

We hope you will make use of the above tips for good parenting skills. One day when your child rises to great heights, you can be proud that you have played a significant part in his success and happiness. All the best!