Pre-schoolers and bedtime problems


If you're struggling with your pre-schooler’s bedtime routine, the below pointers are sure to put your problems to rest.

Make bedtime a priority

Your child should know his sleeping time and must adhere to it strictly. At least an hour before bed-time he/she should unwind from active play and get into the bed-time preparation. It could be brushing teeth, putting on night suit, listening to a story or a goodnight hug.

Avoid any distractions

During your child’s bedtime hours, maintain a quiet environment. Avoid any kind of disturbance like watching TV, or just anything that is exciting and would make the child stay up.

Give a comfort object

Young children are reluctant to sleep alone and would want you to sleep beside them so they feel secure. To serve the purpose of security you can offer your child a security object to keep him/her relaxed while they sleep. If your child is afraid of the dark, turn on a night bulb or keep the passageway lights on for some light into the bedroom.

Make transition to bedtime soothing

Taking time to wind down might help your child fall asleep. Make the lights dim, encourage soft music or bedtime stories to have a calming transition to sleep. It is suggested that even the parents or siblings slow down their activities to create quietness. Also, see that the child doesn’t get over sleep during daytime nap. This would make the child stay active at night and might lead to bed-time battle which you’re going to lose.

Make him/her stay in the bed

Before you put your child to the bed check whether all his requirements like water, blanket, comfort toy; are placed near his/her bed so he/she doesn’t trail you out of the room asking for anything.

Handle mid-night awakening

If your child wakes up in the middle of the night and calls out to you, give him/her some time to settle down and go back to sleep. If he/she has awaken because of a bad dream respond quickly, assure him/her and stay on his/her side until he/she falls asleep.

Consistency is the key

Stick to the bedtime routine and eventually your child will follow it even without your instructions.

How to celebrate Republic Day with kids?


India will celebrate her 68th Republic Day on 26th of January 2017. Several national events and ceremonies are held around this time of the year and hence it is a perfect time to teach our kids about our country and instill a sense of patriotism in them.

Here are some interesting things to do on Republic Day with kids.

Involve young citizens

When organizing Republic Day event, involve maximum number of young children because it is important that our future citizens develop patriotism and love for the country.

Flag hoisting

Flag hoisting is the core event on Republic Day. You can invite a senior citizen to do the honors as they’d have some good information exchange with young kids. This is a good opportunity to introduce National Flag colors to the children.

Singing of the National Anthem

This is another important custom on Republic Day. Singing National Anthem itself brings a feeling of pride to the citizens. You can call up children a day or two ahead to practice the anthem and have them sing in chorus.

Organize cultural program

Cultural programs are an intrinsic part of celebrations in our country. You can organize a patriotic singing and dancing competition and let kids and adults participate.

Watch the parade

Delhi Republic Day parade is the largest and grand parade that marks the Republic Day celebrations in India. The soldiers all dressed in their official attires with accessories showcase their skills to pay a tribute to the Nation.  So don’t miss out watching the live telecast of the parade with your child on TV or online.

Talk to your kids about our national heroes

There are so many inspiring stories about national heroes that talks about their bravery and struggles towards gaining independence of India. You can look at organising a story telling session for kids or a fancy dress competition where all kids dress up as National Heroes.

Make and take

Any celebration is incomplete if you don’t carry some memories out of it. Plan and organise some art and craft activities for kids such as making tri-colour flags, drawing national symbols etc. Also add some tri-colour snacks to excite children.