Celebrate V-Day with your Preschoolers


Once you have children, the way you celebrate every holiday changes. While the rest of the world is out for dinner, you'll probably want to celebrate it with your children too. Here are lots of fun ways to make Valentine's Day special

Share love

Spend a quality family time. You can engage with kids watching a movie, making crafts, decorating home, baking some special treats etc. And as the day comes to an end, have everyone share five reasons why you love each member in the family and hand out hand-made cards and gifts to each other.

Deck your home

Get your creative wheels turning and make some heart shaped decorations together. Hang heart cut outs, streamers and balloons to make your home party ready.

Play games

Many games that are children’s favourites can be modified to a Valentine's Day theme. You can organise a heart-hunt game by hiding hearts all over the house. The one who finds the most number of hearts wins the game. Do add a special note on each heart.

It’s all about having a heart

What better way to treat your loved ones than to run with them to keep their heart healthy. This Valentine’s Day, start your day with a family run.

Go down the memory lane

Take time to look at your wedding gallery. Tell your child how you met and how mamma and papa came together.

Family movie night

There are many kids’ movies that suits with the Valentine’s Day theme such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Ever After,” “Lady and the Tramp,” or as simple as a compilation of some “Mickey & Minnie’s stories.”

Spread love

Encourage children to give flowers to people who make them happy, like a neighbour, their teacher, their grandparents, their helpers or someone who might not have a partner to celebrate with. This thoughtfulness will make someone’s day, and inculcate compassion in your child.

Plan a fancy family dinner

Adorn your dining table with flower vase get a heart shaped cake, make a special meal and celebrate with a pink strawberry milkshake. Also, do a little pampering to yourself for a festive dinner night.

Have a photo shoot

Use the props you made and click some photos to mark the day. Try some fun props like streamers, candies, balloons

Enjoy a special desert

Try a simple recipe where even the kids can take a chance to tie up an apron. 

Tips on how fathers can take care of their child when alone


There will be times when mum needs a day out, and dad has to volunteer to stay with the child alone. Father soften stumble at this but you know what,Dads play mum’s role differently’. Fathers are as nurturant as mothers.  Just that their approach towards the child’s signals is different. Fathers are more likely to excite children, make them more confident and responsive. Yet they’re just as gentle, loving and caring as mothers are. 

 Below are some tips that will help fathers to take of their kids in the absence of mommy.

1.Prepare in advance and stick to routines

Younger children need lot more things to make themselves comfortable. Take down important points from mom about – when and how to feed the child, put him/her to sleep etc. Setting reminders will help you timely check diapers and maintain feeding and naptime schedules.

2.Do what interests your child

This is a good opportunity to know what your child likes. Often fathers stuck at this as they are not able to understand what the child wants to do. Try giving different options on what they want to eat, play and watch and get involved completely.

3.Build connection

Although younger kids make use of sounds or actions more than words, but that’s how they communicate. Just stroking and talking to the child in ways that are responsive to his/her social cues (such as crying, fussing or any other expression) makes children comfortable with you. This kind of bonding can help facilitate enhanced social, emotional, and physical development at young age.

4.Keep calm, anyway

Most children test your patience hard. Now when momma is not home, they have got more freedom to showcase their nasty side. They scribble on walls, paint on themselves, spill snacks, make mess everywhere. Just take a deep breath and laugh at the situation.

5.Have some quiet time

Telling stories, reading books or singing songs are good soothers. It gives you some quiet time together. On a wider note, every verbal exchange will familiarize the child with basic communication rules and aids in developing language.

6.You might fail

It could be that you’ve tried a hundred things to keep your child happy but he/she is reluctant to stay calm. In situation like this when you don’t understand what he/she needs, do not hesitate to seek help by calling your wife or an experienced person in reach. Remember the best way, however, is learning by doing.

7.Share responsibilities on all days

Get involved in every task related with the child. Help the mother with changing diapers, giving baths, feeding, getting your child dressed for school or checking his homework. Sharing some load will help you manage things alone when needed.