Your child’s first movie


The big screen, loud music, cartoon buddies; all of it is amusing to the kids except that they must stay seated for a period of time. First movie with your child can be a not so amazing but a memorable event if planned well.

The first thing that makes parents anxious is -Is my child ready? Most kids watch their first theatre-movie around the age of 3 or 4. However it is you who can determine whether your child is ready. Some of you may want to wait until the child is little bit older especially if the child is scared of dark or the loud volume.

Here are some tips to make your child's first movie theater experience an enjoyable one.

Choose your movie wisely: Toddlers have a very less attention span. Making them sit still for upto 2 hours could be challenging unless it is something interesting.  Choose a movie with a comprehensible story line, dialect and that which lengths between 1-2 hours minus the previews which can leave your child confused. It is suggested to skip the ads as they are of fast pace and too complex for the child to understand.

Schedule it right: It’s preferable to plan a movie during day time when kids are generally active and not sleepy/tired.

Give instructions:  If your child is old enough, brief him/her about the theater etiquettes – no standing up, no running in between and no disturbing those seated in the front line or sideways.

Pack snacks: Carry some toddler-friendly snacks that can be fed to the child while watching movie. It will make their movie-time even more enjoyable when they have a big candy, buttered popcorns and other treats. Having a vast supply of snacks to nosh on will keep the kids absorbed in the movie for that long.

Seat placement: Choose seats near the exit so you can move in and out freely for toilets or to buy snacks or may be whenever your child gets restless you can take a short walk in the passageway and return.

Be ready for questions: Your preschooler will be curious to know or rather to understand what’s going on in the movie. Don’t make them wait until the end because that will ruin their experience. Keep answering their questions throughout and also convey your surprise at events during the movie. Just make sure, you do the conversation at a low-tone so you don’t disturb others.

Accept emotions: Don’t be embarrassed or get anxious of your child’s overwhelmed reactions. Kids are expected to get too sad on an event and even start crying or laugh out loud at different events.

Be prepared to move out if required: Don’t expect your child to sit through the entire movie. If he/she feels like quitting then take them out of there. You can try taking him/her out for a short break and returning back to resume the movie.

If you don’t succeed in the first attempt, try again another time!

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  • aruna.m

    12/30/2016 4:46:02 PM |

    Yes my kid see movie asking questions nd ofcourse his favourite snacks .