Aanya, places her tiny squeaky shoes straight in the shoe rack after returning from school. Kabir helps his mom clear the plates off the table after dinner. Rayaan loves keeping the house guest-ready by clearing not only his toys but also placing his mom’s novels in the book rack. 

Such a blessing right!

It would be a dream come true for every parent to have a child that thoughtfully takes care of their surroundings (or least their own belongings). Parenting is not only about instilling manners and education, but most importantly about nurturing a sense of responsibility in the child that helps him/her in the long run. 

One thing every parent needs to know is that it all begins at home. A school/preschool undoubtedly plays a major role in instilling the basic practices of responsibility but the actual implementation of these can only come into play when the same is reinforced at home. From small things such as picking up one’s own plate to bigger things that may include being responsible for their pet, a child only realizes his responsibilities and takes ownership towards these when these become a regular practice. 

Most parents are often confused if they should/should not engage their little one in household activities. If they should do so, then to what extent and to when to start? 

Below are few suggestions in implementing these:

Start  with simple work: For them to get accustomed, start with simple work like keeping their things at place, getting things for you from refrigerator etc., 

Never forget to appreciate the good work/efforts and to thank them for doing the work. They learn from their elders

Never force them: kids are usually very moody sometimes they may refuse to help you. They also get bored very easily so always keep in mind not to force them to help or work and it may permanently turn them off.

Never bribe them: children perceive that they have to help in order to get something in return. Next time they will help you only if they want something.

Merits of involving kids in household activities:

Enhances creativity

Problem solving ability will increase 

Channelizes energy productively

They will learn to appreciate other’s hard work

Develops better bonding between parent and child

Problem solving ability increases

Helps them in becoming independent

Helps in learning team work

Prevents kids from getting addicted to television or any other gadgets 

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  • harryblum

    11/22/2017 8:04:16 PM |

    it is a right way for your children