Quick tips for organizing your child’s playroom


One of the biggest challenge you’ll have with kids is to keep your home and particularly the child’s play room organised. Sometimes you’ll see only toys and toys everywhere and you’ll be held up with cleaning the mess in the playroom. But you know what, organizing a child’s playroom is not as difficult as one might think if you maintain an organisational system. Below are some quick tips for organizing your child’s playroom.

View the organisational system from your child’s level.


First thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re organizing the playroom for your child. So you got to make it easy for them. Use storage bins that are not too tall and keep the storage items low to the ground for easy access. And put his/her favorite toys within sight.


Label everything

Labelling drawers will ease in finding toys. It is preferred to use picture labels so it’s easier for kids to identify what toys go where.

Storage is the key

Pack small items like puzzle or board game units in zip-lock bags. And use big bowls for holding crayons and other colours. Once the child is done playing, have them toss their stuff into respective storage bins. This keeps the floor un-scattered.


Use see-through bins

Sort toys into see-through boxes for easy visibility and place it on shelves that the child can reach. These translucent storage boxes will let the child find her toys easily.

Display your child’s work

It is always nice for children to see that they have done. Use clipboards to display their art work. And make a chalkboard wall to capture your kid’s doodles.  This can become a source of creative expression that kids will love to see.

Zone the playroom

Separate play equipment into different zones. Creating different zones for different activities will help you find the play tools easily and store them back easily.  Say soft toys in the net, storage table for colouring and drawing tools and bins for puzzle and board games etc.

Clear some space

The best way to get space is to remove everything that’s not in use. Throw out all the broken, missing pieces then work with the child to know what toys he/she doesn’t like to play with so you can look for donating a few. Make de-cluttering a regular practice because as children grow, they outgrow their toys and you can keep clearing off some space.

Pitch in kids for playroom cleaning

Tame your kids to put up their toys or paints or books at the end of playtime. To keep kids work in the same way, make cleaning a chore and hang a chore rating chart in the playroom. Give stars each day for completing the cleaning task and end the play with everything in place.

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