Prepare your child’s immune system for this coming winter – 9 Simple tips

Back are the days to keep you warm in those cozy wools.

So the season of chills is around the corner. Whenever the weather changes, viral and bacterial infections spur up. This particularly takes a toll on the health of kids. It’s a great time to prepare your little one’s Immune system in order to keep those coughs, colds and runny noses at bay. There is no way to make your kid flu proof. Look away for two seconds and they’re putting their fingers in their mouth or wiping their noses on the back of their hand. Yet we can follow some basic precautions to strengthen their immunity and make them more resistant to germs.

  1. Increase immune boosting foods (garlic, ginger, turmeric, fruit juices high in vitamin C) in your child’s diet so that your child’s immune system works efficiently when attacked by a virus.

A healthy immune system starts in the gut.’ Add probiotics (e.g. yoghurt) to keep the gut healthy.

  1. Teach personal hygiene. Explain to your toddler to cover his mouth when coughing or sneezing; to use tissues (not their sleeves!) to wipe their noses, and to dispose tissues properly as they are the entry points for flu and cold. Preempt viruses and bacteria by frequently washing your hands.

Tip: Rinse your nose. Studies have shown that those who rinsed their nasal passages had fewer symptoms from allergies and sinus infections. This is the key to guard against germ spread.

  1. Make sure his vaccinations are up to date.

  2. Get him adequate sleep as sleep deprivation suppresses immunity.

  3. Dress them warm and protected with woolen jackets, stockings, mufflers. The body’s own heat is the best way to combat the cold outside. “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” – Ranulph Fiennes. However, don’t overdo it.

  4. In take hot chocolate and soups to fill stomach during break time. These warm drinks have an extra warming effect and help keeping the kids hydrated.

  5. Take quick warm showers. Avoid taking cold long baths. Apply moisturizer/sunscreen after the brief shower.

  6. Keep the floors clean. Use stronger disinfectants while mopping the floor.

  7. Finally, workout or have some active play sessions to build a strong immune system.

Don’t get scared if they exhibit flu symptoms. As much as we want to prevent them from getting the flu, there is some benefit to getting it. Mild cough is not a bad thing. It is actually the body’s way of sending out bad germs.

Keep warm because winter is coming!!

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