Home Remedies for Preventing Summer Illnesses in Kids


Summer is a time when people relax and unwind spending most of the time indoors. However, kids are prone to varieties of summer ailments due to which summer time becomes less enjoyable and more stressful. Read to learn about the home remedies for preventing summer illnesses in kids.

Summer is a time when kids catch cold, flu and many other ailments easily. Fortunately, there are many illnesses that can be easily prevented and even if the child is struck with the 
virus or bacteria, she can be cured in natural way provided she is treated on time.

The best thing
about home remedies is that they reduce the duration of illness and helps make the child feel better faster without suffering from any kind of side effects. One of the best ways to prevent children from catching common summer illnesses is to give the body what it needs and have a constant supply of nutrients in your child’s body.

Summer Illnesses in Kids and Home Remedies for Them

Have a quick look at the common summer 
illnesses in kids and tips for preventing such illnesses.

1. Heat Stroke

The reason for getting heat stroke is immense heat and dehydration. The body becomes extremely hot and this should be attended immediately because if not treated on time, this may result into a very serious condition also.


  • Dizziness
  • Faintness
  • Headache
  • Fainting
  • Loss of consciousness


If treated immediately, heat stroke can be very easily handled. You simply need to find a shade or at least cover the head from direct sunrays and drink lots of water. For immediate relief you can pour water on skin or if possible, on the head. Giving the kid an oral rehydration solution (ORS) with both, salt and sugar, will help recover her blood levels and help her feel better.


If there is need for your child to stay for long in sun, let her cover her head with a hat and drink water regularly and keep her hydrated.

2. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a common problem especially in children living in hot places. This occurs when there is excess sweating with clothes on especially when your child is not wearing skin-friendly clothes. The reaction is on skin which looks like red blisters and sometimes lumps also. Even though it can occur anywhere, it usually erupts in the areas where there is lot of sweating like armpits, back, forehead, shoulder, folds of arms and legs.


Rubbing ice or using prickly heat powder will help the rashes and blisters go away. However, you should make sure your child does not scratch the skin because this will make her feel worse and also spread the infection. Taking bath two or more times will also help your child get relief.


You can avoid the problem by making your child wear loose fitting clothes made of cotton or linen. Encourage proper ventilation in your house and keep your child’s skin free from sweat.

3. Dehydration

Children become prone to dehydration during summer days very easily. This is because they go out to play different sports and stay outdoors for long and the heat of the sun causes dehydration. If your child feels exhausted, lack of energy and overheated and if your child is thirsty or has dry lips and tongue she is showing signs of dehydration.


Let your child come in shade and drink plain water first. Give her an ORS which has salt and sugar in it so that she recovers quickly. Splash water on her face and let her rest in shade.


Make sure your child drinks lots of water during summer days. Provide ORS early and often. When your child is going out to play or practice, make sure that she is properly hydrated. Also ensure that she carries a bottle of drinking water with her so that she sips some water in between also.

4. Cold and Flu

A child very easily gets attacked by 
cold and flu during summer because of the sudden temperature difference that happen when she goes out to play. The home is cooler than the outside temperature and this immediately attacks the child. Sudden rise in body temperature and sneezing are the immediate symptoms seen. The child feels down and falls ill.


As soon as you see the first signs of illness, make your child drink lots of warm drinks like herbal teas and warm lemon water. Give your child 1 tbsp. of cinnamon powder mixed with 1 tbsp. of honey and let her lick it slowly or mix to make a spicy tea without milk. Make your child take rest and drinks lots of fluid.


If you help your child follow a healthy lifestyle, you can help her prevent from cold and flu. Giving your child a regular dose of vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc will also prevent her from getting cold and flu.

5. Sun Burn

When anyone gets too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sun, it results in sunburn in children as well as adults. It makes the skin appear red and of dark complexion as well as make the skin look flaky at times.


If your child is suffering from sun burn, apply moisturizer on the skin. A mixture of aloe Vera gel and mint will also help reduce the pain and burning sensation and help her recover fast. You can also spray cold water on the area or make her take bath in oatmeal.


The best way to prevent sun burn is not to let your child go out in sun for longer hours. However, this is not possible always. So, make her apply sunscreen lotion in the areas that are not covered with clothing. You can also prevent sun burn by wearing full length and full sleeves clothes made of cotton or linen.

Summer brings itself hot and long days and this is the time when keeping children indoors for long is not possible. However, if you take some precautions and keep your child on nutritious diet and lots of fluid in summer, you can save her from getting ill this summer.


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