Fun, safe & not-so-spooky Halloween with children

 Halloween is just around the corner, and with children it is all about wearing costumes, carving pumpkins and candy treats. However, parents should take precautions to ensure that their little goblins and princesses have a positive experience of this fun tradition.

Consider a daytime or early evening Halloween activity

It’s good to participate in events that are scheduled earlier in the day so as to avoid any temper tantrums your child may throw due to disrupted routine or being overwhelmed. 

Read fictional books to introduce them to spooky aspects of Halloween 

Familiarizing children with Halloween elements and discussing how it is all pretend and for fun, prepares them to meet and greet fictional characters, spooky costumes/decorations. 

Keep it comfortable 

Children may have sensitivities to certain fabrics/textures. You can make necessary adjustments, making sure he feels comfortable. And if the child doesn’t want to put on a costume, go with carrying props. Try to use soft props, made of foam, if possible.

Accept and approach known people for treats 

Whether they’re going trick-or-treating with parents or friends, make sure they know to accept treats only from known people. 

Enforce the buddy system 

If you are allowing your child to go trick-or-treating with other children, encourage them to stay with their group all the time.

Don’t force it

 If your young child has no interest or gets scared of spooky decors/costumes, it might be best to find something else fun to do instead. Have them paint a pumpkin or some other craft and offer practice sharing by distributing treats.

Happy Halloween!

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  • Joseph Turner

    11/12/2017 4:40:25 PM |

    My kids are too fragile to handle halloween.They get scared so easily.It took me real headache to get them to wear costumes and take them to kids halloween party.

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