7 Resolutions Every Threenager Parent Must Make


The New Year brings a new opportunity to make important changes in your life. What’s on your list? ‘Be more patient’ or ‘Spend more time with your children’. But the one goal underlying in common – Be a happier parent! 

Here are 7 simple resolutions to support you in infusing a positive change in your home.

Intend to do these 7 things better this year:

Put down your phone

When you’re home and your kids are around; spend quality time with kids and not your smart phone! It might be for your work purpose, but children won’t see that when they want you to team up with them to build their blocks. So, try to model a better digital life which helps your children become less dependent on technology.

Start inculcating more traditions

Introduce some habits or traditions the coming year so your children may continue it in the years to come. Take them to a festival show. Like, kite flying on Sankrati and carol singing on Christmas.

Get outside

Going outside doesn’t have to mean to go for shopping, entertainment and the likes. It can be a simple 10 minute walk around your home or something as simple as watching stars in the night. Make time to do it!

Live every moment to the fullest 

With a blink of your eye your three y-o who was a toothless, drooling baby is going to be a graduating kindergartener and sooner they will have outgrown all childish acts. Sharing laughs while kids are young keeps the parent-child connection going strong from the threenager and beyond. 

Say 'no' to over-schedule

While you sign up your children with different activities throughout the day to keep them busy, remember sometimes it’s okay to just do nothing. Ditch the activity class at times to find extra time to play.

Schedule ‘me-and-baby’ time

Kids crave one-on-one time with their parents, too. Parent-child dates allow kids to feel special, having all the attention focused on them. Get involved in an activity together, something that makes you both happy. If your hobby is dancing, may be trying some free dancing with kids and bring these kinds of dates into a regular practice. 

Improve routines

Regularize your child’s morning, after-school and bed-time routines. Work with your child to implement improved methods in such a way that there are no reminders required.

We hope these resolutions inspire you to make positive amendments for you and your little one.

Be your best parenting self-beginning January 2018! And tell us what's on your list of New Year’s resolutions as a parent? 

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