Nutri-snack introduced at Oi playschool

Oi Playschool is delighted to introduce “NUTRI SNACK” as a healthy choice for children from 20th October 2014.

Based on research, children establish food preferences  and  dietary habits during the first six years of life. It is essential to introduce a variety of foods to children at an early age.

The preschool years are a critical time to introduce and encourage healthy nutrition. Because early exposure to healthful foods healps children establish good eating habits that carry into adulthood.

As most of our parents have busy schedules, it is a challenge for them focusing on their child’s food preferences. So, to ease out on their stress Oi has come up with NUTRI SNACK. This initiative will definitely remove all the concerns and there would not be any need to send lunch box to the school. Parents  are highly recommended to.


Santa Surprise

All the teachers of Oi Playschool got together to give the children a special surprise in the Christmas week. Dressed as Santa with gifts in their Santa vans they visited each and every Oi child and made their christmas a memorable one. The kids were surprised and overwhelmed to find their teachers dressed as Santa.