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My child Sejal is currently studying at the Oi Play school Panjagutta and I am extremely happy and satisfied. All the teachers there are very friendly and patient to address all our queries. They conduct a wide variety of learning activities and my daughter is learning so much every day.

Would definitely recommend this place for parents looking to enroll their child in a pre-school.

- Chetna and yogesh Parent of Sejal - Nursery - Oi Panjagutta

Suhan is very comfortable with the teachers. loves coming to school. i am very satisfied with the education services and facilities provided at oi playschool panjagutta. suhan is also very comfortable with the staff also.

- Suruchi Parent of Suhan - PP1 - Oi Panjagutta

My husband and i are very happy that we decided to join our son Ananth in oi play school panjagutta. we cant thank you enough for taking good care of him but also inculcating very good habits into him. Teachers like you are as important to kids as we parents are in teaching skills and also by playing a very important role in making the kids enjoy their school. i can definitely say that he enjoyed this phase being in this school.He also learnt a lot through the activities that are being programmed in your school.. Thanks a lot

- Indira Parent of Ananth - Oi Panjagutta

Rajveer is communicating well these days. He is able to recognize and write well. In 2 = years, there is a drastic change in him.

We are happy to be a part of the Oi Family.

- Lavina Sachdev Parent of Rajveer - PP2, Oi Mahendra Hills

You are doing a good job. Auriel loves her class, friends, Mam and the Oi MH. Three cheers to all of you. Keep up the good work. Congratulations!!!

- Freni Parent of Auriel - PP2, Oi Mahendra Hills

There is a drastic change in Ranveer s behavior habits in the past one year. Happy to be a part of the Oi Family

- Lavina Parent of Ranveer - Nursery, Oi Mahendra Hills

Feeling extremely comfortable and satisfied as a parent. The sense of security I have as a mother regarding the school is very high. Thank You.

- Sri Ramya Parent of Ashish - Nursery, Oi Mahendra Hills

It’s good to see my daughter so excited to come to school every day. Thanks to the teachers, staff and the environment of teaching the kids with positive attitude.

- Pallavi Ashodha Parent of Sthothra, PP1

As parents of Rakshith, we are really happy with Oi Mahendra Hills. Every teacher has a positive response. Thanks for all the wonderful moments.

- Kumar Parent of Rakshith , PP2

Oi is one of the best playschool I have ever known. It boosts my baby’s confidence. Their innovative ways help the child to groom better and be a better human being. Thank you Oi Mahendra Hills.

- Anjali yadav Parent of Ayaan, Toddler

It was great to send Kiaan to Oi Jubilee Hills to the daycare every single day.He really adjusted well with the friendly staff and children. He was ever ready, each morning to go to Oi. Thanks to all for having him enjoy his days at Oi. We would have liked him to continue, if it was not the time constraint. It's very unfortunate. Thanks for everything; he and we will definitely miss Oi Jubilee Hills :(​

- Nikkila Reddy Parent of Kiaan, Oi Jubilee Hills​

We have observed lot of improvement in Visruth. Thanks for the involvement. He was very happy about Balloon painting. He also performs some dance and most of the time speak about teachers. Hope he will enjoy in Day Care with your support and guidance.

- Parent of Visruth ( Day care), Oi HSR layout

very happy with the school. she has learnt lot many rhymes which does not make me to think out of other school for the coming academic year.

- Parent of Arethra Senthil Kumaran (Toddler)

Aarush has become a more obedient child and his vocabulary has also improved .He had started looking at things and situations with a positive approach and all credit goes to Oi playschool.

- Parent of Aarush fernandish (Nursery)

I see a very drastic improvement in Jagannath. Teachers are very caring and make children comfortable . He has inculcated good habits like eating by himself washing hands etc .He has been also given toilet training . My heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and support staff of Oi playschool for taking care of Jagganath so well.

- Parent of Jagannath (Toddler)

My Child Zoya has had a very positive learning experience at Oi. You have made a great difference for our child. Your patience and special care have helped her to believe in herself.

Parents of Zoya - Oi Manikonda.

A year ago, when we admitted Aarav into Oi, as a parent we had a lot of anxiety and apprehension on our decision of choosing the right school. Over time we had seen huge improvement in Aaarav. Thank you Oi for all your effort and patience. With your presence, we are rest assured that my son is in safe hands.

Parents of Aarav -Oi Manikonda.

From the moment my daughter walked through the door, the place became HER school – a very special place, with things to explore, to touch, to discover. The teachers gently guided her in a group and individually, to the various areas of learning within the room. Our daughter’s path was guided by the most dedicated, loving and progressive teachers a parent could wish for. In this environment, she learnt to explore, to ask questions, to figure things out, all the while learning to be respectful of others. Here, she learnt to love learning.

We have truly enjoyed every experience with you and your teachers.

Sending our daughter to OI Playschool Banjara hills has been the best educational decision my Wife and I have made. All that is left to say is thank you for 2 amazing years and memories you and your team have added to Zoya's Life”

Zoya Do Carmo, PP1, Banjara Hills

We as parents are very happy with what everyone at Oi playschool, HSR Layout have done to make sure our 2 year old son enjoys his time at school and looks forward to going to school every morning.

Our son has clearly developed a lot of interest in his surroundings, has an increased propensity to learn, pays more attention, and in general has become a happier kid since he started going to Oi. We really appreciate the efforts of everyone at Oi, and especially those of his teacher.

The school's premises are colorful and spacious. We can clearly see that the levels of hygiene maintained at the school are very high. We would have no hesitation in recommending Oi to our friends.

Parents of Jishnu, Toddler Grade.

Our journey with Oi started by chance..

It was June and time for putting our little boy in a ‘play school’. The idea behind sending Kritin to a ‘school’ was to harness his energies in the right direction. ‘Oi Playschool’ was a chance we happened to take as it was right next door. We were just in time as admissions were closing. Soon we saw ourselves enrolling our son for Nursery…
True to our apprehensions, he did not like ‘school’ in the first instance. He remained aloof and did not play with the other kids. He was rather reserved as he could not speak much, was not exposed to other kids and was the only pampered kid at home. Hence, we wanted him to go to a place where he could open up and enjoy the company of other kids apart from learning in a healthy environment…
Six months down the line, we see our concern disappearing away as our child has transformed beyond what we had envisaged. He adores his school and teachers and looks forward to going to school every day. He has made a lot of friends and has learnt a lot. The experience so far has been exciting for all of us…
We are very glad that he is under good care in his formative years. We are truly grateful to the entire team at Oi, for making our child’s learning process indeed a memorable and joyful one…

..turning out to be a preferred choice today!

Mother of Kritin, Nursery.

In the last 2 and half years, we tried out a couple of other schools before joining my daughter in Oi Playschool and finally we are happy to see her going to a play school that has the right balance of everything – infrastructure, curriculum, teachers, support staff, care for children and environment. In this last one month, I find great improvement in her: she sings a lot of rhymes, stays happy and active, repeats things being taught at school.
As a parent, I sincerely appreciate the hard work put together by the school to foster the growth of our kids. Every morning when my daughter is not willing to wake up, I just have to say, 'We will go to Oi Play school' and this works like magic and gets her going for the day.

Mother of Ishanvi, Nursery

I would like to say a Big Thank you to the teachers of Oi Playschool for doing such a great job with my son, Stephen. I cannot tell you in words how happy I am to see Stephen’s progress. Early this year I was worried whether he would be talking or not. But today he is trying to phrase small sentences in English. I give all the credit to Oi Playschool. I sincerely appreciate & thank you for your dedication & efforts to the kids.

Oi has an excellent team. As a parent I am glad that I have put Stephen in Oi Playschool

Mother of Stephen, Nursery

My child, who studies in PP1, wants to congratulate her Teachers & Management. Initially I was very much worried to send her school after returning from USA. But now I am very happy to send my daughter to Oi Play School. I am thoroughly impressed with the style of teaching & curriculum.

Anshi, PP1, Banjara Hills

Since the day we came to see Oi Play School, we knew it is the right place for my kid. We are very much impressed with the way things are organized at Oi Play School in a child friendly way. My child loves her school and teachers as the teachers here are caring, warm and understanding. It is like a family to her. We would love to express our gratitude to the staff of Oi play school where parent-teacher interaction is the essence.

Sarah Moid, PP1, Banjara Hills

My child has recently completed her life’s first six months of schooling. I thought it was indeed time to pen this letter and express my gratitude for the hard work and efforts that you and your teachers put in each day.
To be honest, I have had to overcome immense personal anxiety in handing the responsibility of my child to an entity outside home. Thankfully, all my anxieties and worries have turned out to be totally unfounded. Seeing the positive changes in my child, I am truly convinced of my decision to enrol her in your school and the teaching values that your school adheres to.
She was a very shy and a quiet child until she started attending Oi Play School. Given her solitary nature, my wife and I would constantly worry about how she would ever open up to people and make friends. However, beyond the first two weeks that she took to adjust to the totally new environment at Oi Play School she has enjoyed each and every day of school. She looks forward to go to school and to the interactions with her teachers and classmates. To my surprise, she even discusses it fondly at home.
I really appreciate the way teachers help her with activities that she always dreaded (painting with colors, group activities etc come immediately to my mind). By making the classes so friendly, innovative and cheerful, you all helped her develop a keen liking for these activities. I also thank you all for encouraging her to participate in events (such as field trips etc), which she thoroughly enjoyed.
As a parent, I have found the teachers and school administration to be very receptive to my concerns and proactive at resolving them. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I again would like to share my compliments and thanks for all your wonderful efforts!

Father of Fatima, Toddler.

My son, who is presently 4.5 years old, had a terrible experience in his previous school. He had become violent and aggressive, a complete change from a caring and loving child. I wanted to find a school that could help my son forget this experience and help him blossom in all spheres of life.
Thanks to Oi Play School, Banjara Hills, today my son has changed to his old self. The school showed tremendous patience and perseverance with my son and managed to help him overcome his past experiences. Today, he is like any other 4-year-old – naughty and mischievous! Also, the amount of learning he did in just a few months is amazing. My son also had delayed speech, but with the unique teaching methodology that Oi Play School is following, my son is able to speak and put forth his views coherently and clearly.
If I were to recommend a school to any parent, it would surely be Oi Playschool. The faculty and staff believe in bringing out the best in children and honing it to perfection.

Jay Mastoff, PP1, Banjara Hills

Excellent playschool! I am very much pleased with the preparations for the students. Honestly, the teachers here had made a remarkable impression on my kid's life.

Mother of Mohammed Daniyal, PP1

At Oi Play School, teachers are doing good job. My child understands what he has been taught and tells every day what he did at school. All the Oi staffs are very friendly and my son is very much attached to them and more than anything he is Happy going to Oi Play School which indeed makes me happier.

Mother of chinmay jaydeep shisode, Nursery

After settling in Hyderabad from Dubai, my main concern was a good playschool for my little adorable monster. Staying in a cocooned atmosphere of her mother father and her didi (elder sister) in Dubai she was venturing out all alone to the new world of friends and learning. Basically my priority was not learning but a healthy and friendly atmosphere where she can interact and enjoy a whole new world away from home. After much research I zeroed in on Oi Play School. Initially it took my little toddler to adjust with her teachers and peers. ,but within a week she started giving eye contacts and by the next week she had not only settled in the new atmosphere but also enjoyed going to school. She loves her teachers and has made many friends. The whole credit goes to the Oi team for their patience and passionate approach towards each kid. As a mother what else do I need but that my little daughter who is 2yrs old to have a safe and secure atmosphere. I wish to continue my little one in the same school till her PP2. I can proudly say it’s a HOME AWAY FROM HOME for my daughter regards

Aarohi Chatterjee, PP1, Banjara Hills .

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