Why a scribbling contest?
  • Scribbles may not make any sense to an adult. They look like a lot of lines, loops, and squiggles.
  • But these marks are very important to a young child. They are a child’s way of writing her thoughts.
  • Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in using the skills children will need later for writing (fine motor skills).
  • Scribbling allows pre-schoolers to write to feel independent, as they are usually told what ‘not to do’ and this activity sets them free to follow their whims and fancies fully.
  • And we at Oi understand the importance of the same. So we bring for you, first time ever, a contest that can include the littlest of individuals, even as tiny as 1.5 years old!
Who qualifies for this contest?
  • Any child who is between the age of 1.5 to 3 years along with his/her parents or guardians.
How does my child participate in this?
  • This is a joint activity, as you and your child have defined halves, please allow your child to scribble his/her half before you colour the other half.
  • Begin with folding the activity sheet into exact half along the vertical dotted line.
  • Now flip the image to the child’s side and place this sheet on table or floor and use low-adhesive tape (to avoid the paper from tearing) to paste it. This is to give your child a firm ground.
  • Please note that there is no right way when it comes to your child's colouring/scribbling. There are no points for neatness or clarity or any such conventional parameters. Let your child scribble away and be natural as he/she can be!
  • The blank circles that read, "Parent" & "Child" are for you to paste photos of your immediate family.
    For example, Mom, Dad, Child or Guardian 1, Guardian 2, Child, or Grand Mom, Mom, Child and so on.
    Kindly cut out the pictures in circles and ensure the photos pasted are clearly visible.
    It is advised that you and your child first finish the colouring and then paste the pictures.
Why am I doing this?
  • As it’s great for your child’s development as mentioned earlier
  • As it’s a great parent-child activity
  • Because there will be SURPRISE GIFTS awaiting your child
How to submit this?
  • Once you and your child’s work of art reaches completion please fill in blanks in your sheet and walk-in to nearest Oi Playschool or click a clear picture of the page and email it to info@oiplayschool.com.
  • You can also WhatsApp the picture on +91 90101 89000.
  • Submissions will be accepted on a first-cum-first-serve basis.
  • For any clarifications/questions please regarding the submission of this 'Artistic scribbling-sheet' call on +91 90101 89000.

To print a copy of the colouring sheet, please click here to download. Once printed follow the same process as mentioned above.

If you have enjoyed participating in the competition and had fun during this activity then here is some more dose of the possible fun you can have. Click below to download and print for some more scribbling work!

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