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Summer Schedule


Summer is just around the corner and with kids you should always have variety of activities up your sleeve to keep them busy and happy. Would you not like borrowing a ready to go summer schedule for kids? Well, scouring some ideas from internet and adding our own we bring to you a summer schedule that gives your kids something to look forward to each day.

Make something Monday

  • Get crafty with your all year long photographs. Make a collage or scrap book with all the photographs
  • Go painting with natural brush tools. Say, different types of leaves, twigs, etc.
  • Make a pillow out of your favourite t-shirt that you have outgrown
  • Make sun melted crayon art on a canvas board with zero efforts

Time to read Tuesday

  • Teach your child full names of your family members
  • Have your child memorise your contact number
  • Time to show where is your house located. Make him/her learn your home address
  • Read a story book under a tree
  • Respect your child’s fears
  • Read photo books on specific topics for toddlers
  • Have your child read the summer schedule every day for you

What’s cooking Wednesday

  • Make fruit smoothies, fruit kebobs, popsicles etc.
  • Bake cake, pizza, cookies, etc.
  • Make summer special lemonade for everyone
  • Make super fun breakfast like pancakes, chocolate idlis, etc.

Thoughtful Thursday

  • Talk to your child about emergency and teach them emergency dial numbers
  • Practice offering help when someone needs it
  • Plant a seedling outside
  • Arrange a shelter for birds on your terrace
  • Donate old books, clothes and toys to charity

Clearing the mess Friday

  • Organise toys
  • Discard unused stuff
  • Learn folding clothes
  • Have a pool time to relax

Be social Saturday

  • Host a tea party
  • Call relatives who stay far away
  • Have your child narrate a story to you – an imaginary one or that you have illustrated to him/her before
  • Practice making social expressions – happy, sad, excited, disgusted, fearful etc.
  • Mirror your sibling or an elder and switch roles.
  • Have a family singing or playing time

Somewhere fun Sunday

  • Learn how to walk on the pedestrian footpath when you go to the local park
  • Play an obstacle course using cardboards and hoola loops
  • Go to a water park
  • Find a kids carnival or play zone
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