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Issue #01, January 2016

Dear Parent,

Welcome to the first edition of our Newsletter. With Oi Moments, we will bring you all the wonderful moments across our Oi centres. Looks like 2016’s off to be a great start! Here are the things we thought were worth sharing this month.

Education World Pre-school Awards Function 2016 was staged on 23rd January in Bangalore. 8 Oi playschool Centres won this year’s Education World Top 20 City-wise Pre-school Rankings in Hyderabad & Bangalore regions. 4 Oi Centres have featured in the Top 10 list for Hyderabad & Bangalore of which 2 Oi Centres have featured in the Top 3 list for their respective cities. Education World Rankings is one of the most preferred and prestigious Ranking system in the Pre-school Industry.

This ranking is done on ten parameters of excellence including teaching competence, teacher welfare and development, safety and hygiene, leadership, innovative teaching, value for money, parental involvement, individual attention to students, special needs education and infrastructure. The scores awarded to preschools under each parameter were totaled to rank preschools in each city. We are delighted to be ranked top in all the parameters and we look forward to maintain the same standards. Here are the pictures from the Awards Ceremony...

Keeping you posted :

Oi family is growing

Three new Oi Playschool Centers were launched in January’16 at Bangalore in Hegde Nagar, BTM Layout and Kadugodi regions.These centres have a built up area of over 2000 square feet with the state of art infrastructure and big play area.

Keeping the next ready

To give Oi children a further advantage, we are now tied-up with several K-12 schools. Oi students will now get Priority preference and admission access into these school. You can get in touch with your centre in-charge for more information.
http://www.oiplayschool.com/Associated_K-12_Schools.html - Click to see the list of associated k12 schools

Mobile App -Coming Soon

As part of a plan to advance school-to-home communications, we are working on the mobile app feature. The App will keep parents connected and informed with happenings and updates at the school. This mobile app will soon be available on both iOS and android versions.

Bringing you monthly tips and best practices from Expert Educators

We introduced the PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION EXPERT TALK SERIES 2016, for you to gain new knowledge and information from the Experts in the area of Early Childhood Education. Watch our Pre-school Expert Adilakshmi Chintalapati addressing the important topic of “when to introduce writing in children?” Click here to view the video - http://bit.ly/1WaaEiX
If you have a question for our experts: Email us at updates@oiplayschool.com

Keeping the teachers updated

Quarterly Teacher training was conducted successfully in Hyderabad & Bangalore recently. All teachers have undergone training on preparing the child and parents for the coming up transition to new schools for future studies. Child psychologists were brought in, who briefed teachers on ways to handle Behavioral issues in kids. All queries put forth by the teachers were addressed.
Trainers: Head of Elementary - Ms.C.Adilakshmi, Parent Counselling Expert - Ms.Sumita Bhattacharya, Head of Academics - Ms.Radhika Rao, Content Coordinator - Ms.Jyotimai and Child Psychologist - Ms.Nausheen.

Activities Unplugged :

A glimpse of what our kids explored in the month gone by

1) Farm Party Celebrations

As part of the curriculum theme, farm party was organized for kids to explore, observe and learn the concept of farm animals. Animals that were seen in the Barnyard were horse, rabbit, cow, chickens, ducks etc. When children visit a farm and with barns and cattle sheds, they would get to observe, touch and hear the sound of animals. They would understand how a cow is milked and how a crop is grown. These observations supplement to the child’s learning experiences.

2) Champions on Field

Oi Little Champs, the annual sports event was conducted across Oi Centres (Hyderabad & Bangalore). Kids unleased their field skills by performing drill, yoga and took part in exciting conceptual races. Kids looked adorable on ground and were seen energetic throughout. All kids went home with happy faces carrying their certificates and bright gold medals.

3) Santa Surprise

All Oi Centres celebrated Christmas as much more than just a day. It was a week-long celebration with carol singing and gifts sharing. The children spread cheer with their smiles and lovely attire. Oi teachers got together to give a Santa surprise to kids. Dressed as Santa, they visited the kids and distributed gifts. The children were overjoyed to see their teachers. Oi follows this endearing practice every year and that takes the relationship beyond the boundaries of the school.

4) Sankranti Celebrations

The vibrant festival of Sankranti was celebrated across Oi Centres. Miyapur and Nagarbhavi were seen celebrating Pongal in its true essence. The setup was remarkable and kids enjoyed thoroughly.

5) Infused with Patriotism

Republic Day was celebrated across all centres. All Oi kids were dressed in the Indian Patriotic colors and sang the National Anthem. Teachers explained the significance of the day to the children. Parents packed some tri-color snacks for the children which demonstrated the spirit of the patriotic celebrations.

6) Student Led Conference & Open House activity

Oi Playschool, JP Nagar, HSR Layout and Chanda Nagar invited parents of pp1 and pp2 for SLC & parents of toddlers and nursery for Open house activity. SLC is intended to allow the child to showcase their learning to their parents wherein Open house is where the teachers take the parents through the learning experience of their child at the school. It is important that parents get an understanding of their child’s classroom activities. The activities were engaging and Parents took away a positive experience of the teaching styles followed at Oi Playschool.

7) Spreading of Smiles

On the occasion of Christmas, Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills conducted the Joy of sharing event. Over 35 ‪orphan‬ kids were invited to the Centre and the ‪Oi‬ Parents came forward to set-up various food-stalls, while the Oi children showcased various performances to entertain them. The parents also brought Note Books, Stationary, Clothes, Bed sheets, Sweaters, Chocolates and several other useful items, which were collected and donated to the Orphanage. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

8) Exploring Aeronautics

PP1 and PP2 kids of Oi Playschool HSR Layout went on a Field Trip to ‪‎HAL‬ Aerospace‬‬‬‬. Kids were fascinated to see large models of early planes. They had a wonderful experience exploring varieties of Indian Fighter planes and Helicopters. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

9) Tots Trip to a Pet shop

Oi Playschool Banjara Hills and Nagarbhavi took their toddlers to a Pet Shop as part of the ongoing theme "Paws & Whiskers". They were shown different kinds of pets such as - Cats, Dogs, Birds, etc. Children learnt how they need to take care of a pet. Kids were enthusiastic to know and understand about pet accessories and their food.

10) Baby’s Day at the Zoo

Toddlers of Oi Playschool JP Nagar and AGS Layout had a visit to Bannerghatta Zoo. For some of them, it was a first time! Kids were seen enthralled at the sight of incredible animals. The fun element was at the Elephant’s enclosure where children recited the poem ‘’Haathi Raja Bahut Bade.’’ It was hard for any child to give up having a fun day at the zoo. All in all it was a roaring success!

11) Discovering transport like never before

Oi Playschool, Manikonda went for sightseeing to Sudha Cars Museum. The kids were filled with awe on seeing the unusual cars. Contrastingly, Oi Playschool, Nagarbhavi went to Benz Showroom to see the exotic cars. Just around the corner, Oi Playschool, Attapur set their navigation to the boating club. Kids were delighted to observe the sail. These trips surely aided in cementing the concept into the child's long-term memory.

12) Curiosity inspires a love for learning

First-hand experience can provide children with tangible information and a level of understanding that enriches their overall learning. Oi Playschool, Vivekananda Nagar kids were seen curious as their teacher explained about bird’s house (Nest) and how they construct their house. It was an interactive session with kids asking questions and sharing their learning.

13) Instilling Awareness

Oi Playschool, Sahakar Nagar conducted "Parenting Session of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) Awareness recently. The workshop addressed concerns shared by parents & teachers about how to have conversations with children about personal safety in a non-offensive way. Parents were given tips to communicate effectively with the children about personal safety.

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