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ISSUE #19, September 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Oi Newsletter! Pre-schoolers are full of curiosity and creativity. They have the ability to find fun everywhere by diving into the moment, even when you least expect it. This month, the Farm Parties across Oi Hyderabad & Bangalore centres took the thrill-level to an all new high and further nurtured our children’s curiosity.

The centres were transformed into an interactive and experiential farm environment for kids and families. The fun came alive with the sight of live and life-like animals, a farmer’s market, cow girls & boys, harvest, and games typical of the farm.


Oi Farm Party connected kids and families to a wholesome and magical farm experience. The fresh observations and adventures of a day at the farm, overwhelmed the crowd.

Here’s what parents of Deethya (Oi Mahendra Hills) had to say ‘’Wonderful village experience. We had never visited the farm and were more than pleasantly surprised!”

After all, the best learning experiences are those that are most interactive and fun.



The Learning Never Ends

“By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn” At Oi, we believe in constantly learning and upgrading our skills to deliver the best to our lil ones. Hence, module trainings are conducted to ensure that quality teaching entails Oi. This month, Oi accomplished its Module-2 Teacher Training with about 120+ teacher participants from across Oi Hyderabad centres.

Why I Love To Teach

Every teacher has a different force that drives her passion for teaching. This Teacher’s Day Oi teachers from Hyderabad and Bangalore shared their secrets behind the immense love that they have towards teaching. From coming to see little faces with beaming smiles to sowing seeds for a better world for us all. The reasons shared were beautiful and heart-moving.


It was difficult for me to explain to my child that elephant is a depiction of Lord Ganesha. Whenever we used to offer puja, Channasya found it unrelatable but thanks to her school teachers, who enact role plays to illustrate the essence and significance of every festival. My child now curiously asks me for stories and has a level of acceptance to it.
- Eshwar (Father)

This one is for Geetanjanli ma’am. I am so thankful for the little acts of kindness you have imbibed in my child. I see my little one extending helping hands to everyone in the community and tells me that his Geetanjali ma’am had taught this to him. The recent one, he got up from his seat while we were on a city bus to offers seat to an elderly person. It was truly a proud moment for us.
– Chandana (Mother)

My shy kid is slowly and selectively social! We recently had a short role play at his school where my child played the doctor role and he got a little nervous to perform in front of us. But the moment, his teacher told – ‘Avish, I am having fever. I will not come to class tomorrow.’, Avish jumped up with his play stethoscope and told his teacher ‘I am Doctor. I will give you tablet for fever. Then you will get well.’ This is no less than an achievement for us to see him responding to his teacher in such a cute manner.
- Chandrasekhar Choudarya (Father)

My 5-year-old was convinced she could speak Spanish thanks to Oi. One day at a Mexican restaurant the waitress said "Gracias!" and with all the persuasion in the world my daughter responded "De nada!" I hope that she continues learning more.
- Sailaja (Mother)


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


Turn-off lights before you leave the room. Don’t let water run when not in use. This is how we strive towards a green tomorrow.


Ponder upon the environmental impact of wasted food. With little efforts we can significantly reduce the amount of wasted food that is washed away after every meal. Teach children to fill their plates only with that much amount they are able to finish.



A day dedicated to the yellow colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. To go along with the colour day, the children enjoyed playing with different yellow coloured toys. Children loved pointing the colour in the rising sun and in the flowers and fruits which demonstrated how well they were grasping the concept.


Dussehra celebrations at Oi commenced right with Bathukamma where kids took part in flower arrangements and dancing around colourful Bathukammas. Following this, Oi’ites enjoyed Durga Puja and Dandiya, which got them grooving with joy.

Centres like Manikonda displayed role play to reinforce the message – good triumphs over evil.


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