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Issue #08, September 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue #08. Our youngest learners are always excited to explore and experiment about the world around. To channelise their curious energies, children always turn to their beloveds – their parents, care-givers, teachers and often even grandparents!

Grandparents enjoy a special relationship with their grandchildren. They are always happy to engage with their grandchildren by reading lots of interesting stories that transport them into a dreamy and fancy world. And a lot of times these tiny tots love to hear the same story over and over, shot questions one after the other, play games like - ‘peek-a-boo’, ‘ hide-n-seek’ etc. Grandparents pamper these little ones in ways more than we can count. All of these memories become an integral part of a pre-schoolers or even school going kids’ as they grow. To acknowledge this admirable bond, Oi Playschool celebrated Grandparent’s Day all across. This became a massive hit with every school that buzzed with mirth, laughter whilst the little ones held the warm fragile hands of their grandparents, as emotional parents watching this witnessed the beautiful equation of their parents bonding with their child and vice-versa.

Oi Playschool thanks each and every grandparent that made it and etched a memory in their grandchild’s memory while adding another unforgettable moment to the history of Oi Playschool. Grandparents were received with much fanfare by the kids. The celebration started with children performing for their grandparents. The program was packed with fun and games that involved the grandparents-child duo. Grandparents shared their precious memories and experiences of their grandchild with everyone. And lastly, grannies were found shaking a graceful leg to some old tunes. It was truly an indelible day for the overjoyed grandparents.

Keeping you posted:

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Activities unplugged:

A Chocolicious Day!

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Be it children or adults, the love for chocolates unite us all! Oi JP Nagar and Banashankari celebrated Chocolate Day in the most delicious way. Kids came to school with their favourite chocolates and home-made chocolate cakes. All the kids were happy to indulge in their most favourite weakness as they shared the chocolates with their friends. Kids also learnt about making fire-less chocolate cookies and cakes. Kids had the sweetest quiz ever as they were made to taste a variety of chocolates like milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter-sweet chocolate and so much more. Indeed a treat for our toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Learning more about it

Oi Playschool kids went out on a field trip to the furniture showroom. Here, children were shown different types of furniture used for official and domestic purposes. They observed the variety of furniture and got a feel of the variety of textures used. Children also learnt about how different kinds of furniture are used for different purposes and which parts of the houses/offices it is supposed to be placed. We surely saw some interior designers in the making as we saw some kids designing homes for themselves and their moms & dads.

The sunshine of YELLOW!

Yellow is associated with optimism and cheerfulness. To recapitulate the colour theme of the month, Oi Playschool celebrated Yellow Day. Children came dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. The activity corner was decorated with lively, vibrant displays highlighting the essence of the colour. Focusing on the theme teachers planned artistic activities which also helped with development of fine motor skills, while adding to their sense of identifying and perceiving colours.

Simple things make a great show!

September was the month of Show and Tell activity for Oi HSR Layout and Oi JP Nagar. Children were seen getting a whiff of stage performance as each of them came up with their story. Children spoke about their most prized possession. These tiny orators delivered their talk with expression & flair!

To keep the theme going, Oi Attapur conducted a Pretend Play - Tea party for toddlers. It helped them understand concepts like, ‘hosting’ ‘serving’ ‘being hospitable’ etc.

Visit to the green grocers

Oi Playschool Mahendra Hills, Attapur, Nallagandla and some other centres went on a trip to the greengrocers to create relatability to the theme ‘Be fit & be healthy’. The kids walked around the store observing the fruits and vegetables stacked on the shelves. Teachers acquainted the kids with the variety of food available at the store. This trip was a sensorial treat for the tots as they touched, smelled and recognised the fruits and vegetables they had learnt about in their classrooms.

On the other hand, Oi Miyapur made a grocery store set up at the school itself. Kids enacted as sellers and buyers and could apply their learnings’ to identify different fruits and vegetables.

International Peace Day

As we are well aware that International Day is symbolic worldwide peace; inculcating these attributes of peace and kindness are important cornerstones in a child’s life. And this can be accomplished through everyday teaching and practice. Many behavioural elements like forgiving, caring, sharing, positive communication, tolerance, embracing diversity, cultural unity, being sensitive and so much more are instilled on a daily basis, and this day just marked the culmination of it all. Oi Playschool centres observed peace day on 21st September. Children were taken through a discussion about peace being a collective effort. They discussed how different cultures celebrate peace and how this makes a difference in everyone's lives. Centres conducted some art-filled activities to mark the event and also to motivate kids to promote cooperation and harmony. At Oi, we include peace education regularly through timely activities and diverse celebrations.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Oi Playschool centres celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with the idea of highlighting the significance of this festival and its traditions. Teachers delivered a short brief on the essence of the festival. Children then performed Pooja ceremony by garlanding and offering flowers to the deity. Children then sang bhajans followed by role play by the teachers. The ceremony ended with distribution of laddus which were savoured by all!

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with great vehemence at Oi Attapur and Nallagandla. Oi Attapur invited all the parents to celebrate Green Ganesh Chaturthi along with their child. Parent and kids were encouraged to make eco-friendly Ganesh idols with potter’s clay. The event ended on a meaningful note as kids learnt that enjoyment doesn’t have to come at the cost of nature.

Pet shop

Pets are known to create a sense of belonging, while sensitising kids to be responsible and loving. To impress just this Oi JP Nagar and Chandanagar took their toddlers to a Pet Shop as part of the ongoing theme ‘Loving pets’. This trip was to let the children see the creatures in person and learn about pet care. Before going on the trip, children were briefed about what the children would see there. At the shop they were shown different kinds of pets such as - Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Birds, Fish etc. Kids loved watching animals in their abode and they also caught a glimpse of dogs being groomed. They had so much fun that they asked if we could take one to Oi playschool.

Oi Trimulgherry thinks out of the box!

Oi Trimulgherry brought novelty to PTM’s! On the last weekend of September, when the city was showered with heavy downpour, Oi Trimulgherry came up with the innovative idea of HOME PTM! The Centre Manager and the respective Class Teacher visited each and every child’s house to discuss the progress of the students. This initiative came as a breath of fresh air and received a lot of appreciation as parents appreciated the extra mile they walked while creating stronger bonds with every Oi tot! It also allowed the teachers to understand their children better as they got a up-close-and-personal idea of what the living patterns of their students are!

Telangana goverments program Haritha Haram extends to Oi Gachibowli…

As a part of the curriculum theme ‘Let’s grow plants’, our little aspirers from Oi Gachibowli supported the cause ‘Haritha Haram’ by planting saplings in their school garden. Similar drive was held at other campuses of Oi where kids actively participated in the plantation. Kids were encouraged to adopt one plant each and their responsibilities entailed watering and growth.

Experience makes it evident

Oi Playschool Attapur and HSR Layout took their PP1 students to Nursery to keep the theme ‘Let’s grow plants’ going. Here children could experience all kinds of plant life around them. The purpose of this trip was to make the kids understand the concept of plants and their significance. They loved to see, touch and feel the plant life. Oi Nallagandla did the similar learning in their school garden. This learning about green life at this tender age can bring a change tomorrow.

Use it wisely

Getting children involved in saving energy is a great way to show them that their actions have an impact on the world they live in and they could make significant contributions. Learnings of early childhood are carried to adulthood; hence it is important to teach kids to practice simple good habits which will benefit our environment in the long run. Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills and Attapur students were introduced to the environmental concepts. Children were explained that the environment which we reside in has limited supplies and it will deplete if not conserved. To support this teaching picture story books with relevant concepts were used by the teachers. This made the message resonate and live on more significantly. Children were completely involved in making tags that read 'save water' and 'save electricity', which were placed at school and also placed in their homes.

Rhyme & Rhythm

We all know that rhymes and poems are inseparable part of childhood. Rhymes & Poems nurture the innocence of childhood, giving wings to imagination and dreams. Moreover the rhythm, repetition and rhyme play an essential role in developing phonological awareness which helps in learning to read and write at a later stage. Hence going with the curriculum plan, Oi Nizampet conducted Rhyme & Rhythm activity recently. It was fascinating to see children singing their favourite rhymes and performing actions as they catch the rhythm. This session provided children the opportunity to integrate rhythm, body movements and sensory stimulation.

Elementary knowledge

Does scribbling make sense?

Scribbles may not make sense to adults but these lines and loops and sniggles are meaningful to a young child.

Why is scribbling so important for young children?

  • Scribbling and drawing are the first steps in learning to write for a pre-schooler.
  • They are a child’s creative way of penning his/her thoughts.
  • Children use this very skill in their later stage of writing, from as early as kindergarten or nursery or much later in life when they need a penchant for writing.
  • It’s a good way to release their emotions.
  • Scribbling allows pre-schoolers to write to feel independent, as they are usually told what ‘not to do’ and this activity sets them free to follow their whims and fancies fully.
  • Experiences in early childhood are ways of approaching life. And all that which is learnt through creativity gives positive brain reinforcement.

Encourage scribbling and drawing

  • Set out lots of paper, pencils, crayons, and markers so children can draw or scribble whenever they want.
  • Give away plane sheets which allow them free style drawing. Let them put their own thoughts into the scribbles.
  • Encourage making miss you, love you cards for friends and family so the kid gets to leave his impression with those vague scribbles.
  • Ask the child to explain what is written when he comes to show you his drawing.
  • Make drawing and scribbling important by clipping it to the walls.
  • Do not give negative comments as this may discourage your toddler from showing his/her drawing again.

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See what Oi parents have to say:

‘’Rajveer is communicating well these days. He is able to recognize and write well. In 2 = years, there is a drastic change in him. We are happy to be a part of the Oi Family.’’

- Lavina Sachdev Parent of Rajveer - PP2, Oi Mahendra Hills

‘’It was great to send Kiaan to Oi Jubilee Hills to the day care every single day. He really adjusted well with the friendly staff and children. He was ever ready, each morning to go to Oi. Thanks to all for having him enjoy his days at Oi. We would have liked him to continue, if it was not the time constraint. It's very unfortunate. Thanks for everything; he and we will definitely miss Oi Jubilee Hills. ‘’

- Nikkila Reddy Parent of Kiaan, Oi Jubilee Hills

‘’We have observed lot of improvement in Visruth. Thanks for the involvement. He was very happy about Balloon painting. He also performs some dance and most of the time speaks about teachers. Hope he will enjoy in Day Care with your support and guidance.’’

- Parent of Visruth (Day care), Oi HSR layout

‘’Our son was not very outgoing and unlike other kids at his age not very social. At home, he would do everything in his capacity on his own. Very intelligent and quick learner otherwise, would go into a shell among a group of people. When we joined him in Oi playschool Attapur, our hope was that things would change for his better. We were not wrong. Our son has improved immensely in terms of opening up to the outside world, started to speak out. Showing the eagerness to learn new things. We even made him jump a grade up. All thanks to the school and his teachers who have helped him cope with this drastic change in the curriculum. I must say, he has adapted well to the situation. He is happy to go to school every day and be with his teacher and his friends. Kudos to Oi playschool. Keep up the good work. ‘’

- Parent of Dhruva (PP1), Oi Attapur

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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