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ISSUE #20, October 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Oi Newsletter!

Grandma’s stories and grandpa’s lap are some of the most beautiful memories we make as children. In honour of our beloved grandparents, Oi Playschools welcomed the grandparents of our Oi’ites to spend some quality time doing what they best do – shower love!


From adorable poetry recitals, songs and art projects, to performances that gave children an opportunity to show their love for their grandparents. Truly a heart-warming experience, watching the youngest and oldest members of the family come together to celebrate this day.


This one’s for Oi bus driver- Prakash. My child started going to school a month back and we availed school transport for him. Boarding bus was an every morning battle for me. In a week time, Prakash anna made acquaintance with Vridhaan by simply mimicking his cries and that made my child act like a good boy and give cry-free good byes. Not just this, Prakash anna gives us assurance through signalling in the mirror that my child is seated safely. That’s a very kind gesture that we receive from him.
~ Bindu (Mother)

After Dussehra vacation my child could not wait to go to her school. She was so eager to meet her buddies that she didn’t want me to drop her to school but instead go in the school bus so she would get to see her class mates and also say ‘Hello’ to Ram babu uncle (driver). I was surprised to see her bonding with everyone at the school. Thanks for giving so much love and care to my child that she misses her school dearly when away for vacations.
~ Frenni D’souza (Mother)

Akshu has learnt to ask why for everything. Lately, he asked us ‘why is sleeping time?’ and I said ‘it is at night everyday’. Then he asked ‘why is it only at night, mummy?’ He has become such a curious being off late. We go numb at his questions for a moment but really cherish these all day long.
~ Vaishnavi Jajee (Mother)

My child became a little chef! After some recent snack activity at the school, she went to the super market with her grandpa and picked some fresh fruits and roamed about the stores to find skewers. We sensed what she was upto but it truly put our family in awe as she surprised us with fruit kebabs. We are proud of our little independent girl.
~ Praveen Kishore (Father)


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


Make a compost bin using a large recycled container covered with a lid. Make holes into it and keep adding layers of organic wastes ranging from dried grass to moist vegetable peels, egg shells and many more. Cover the waste with soil and sprinkle water. The pile is ready to use after 6-8 weeks. Compost made of food waste can replace usage of chemical fertilizers thereby reducing adverse impact on the environment.


Teach your child to make bags out of old newspapers and then paint / paste their craft on them. They’re trendy and great way to save trees and money also instil a sense of pride amongst children.



Celebrate with Green

Oi Playschool explores the colour of the season with the children; celebrate green! Focussing on the theme, centres set-up a display of all the significant objects of the colour. Our confident little observers described the green objects with expressiveness, flair and ease.

All Hands Unite for Hygiene

Care of self is part of the crucial learnings at Oi. On the eve of Global Hand Washing Day, Oi’ites were taught step-by-step instructions to effectively wash their hands. And here’s how they do it perfectly!

Superfun Supermarket Trip

Field trip to grocery store was organized to introduce children with Fruits and Vegetables. It was truly a sensorial treat for the tots as they strolled through the sections, trying to identify different fruits and veggies by their unique fragrance and appearance.

Field Trip to Planetarium

Our little stars of Oi Playschool RMV Extension and Oi HRBR Layout were introduced to the solar system, which was followed by a field trip to the Planetarium. Children loved the shows and exhibits that gave them an informal insight about the magnificence of space and astronomy.

See the Seasons

Oi Playschools installed seasonal set-up for kids to experience seasonal fun in the most tactile way. The classroom learning was extended to learning about seasonal clothing trends. Children walked about the store exploring immersive and trending seasonal clothing.


Farm fever still on!

Working on the farm has never been this fun before; as evident at the Oi Kadugodi Farm Party! The Indian village-themed crafts gave children experiences of a lifetime!

Spooktacular Celebration

Halloween was a fun time filled with tricks, treats and dressing up. Oi centres welcomed little goblins, angels and superheroes to share treats with and enjoy the theme party. Here are our halloween ghosts..

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