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Issue #09, October 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue #09. We all know that kids and cartoons are inseparable. Cartoons create a world which kids relate to the most. Those special effects and storyline fascinate kids to a great extent. To treat the kids with a great weekend evening, Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills, Manikonda and Mahendra Hills called upon a movie-time with their non-Oi buddy.

This Movie-date was yet another hit! Kids jumped with joy as they could invite their best buddy at their Oi Playschool for a movie-date. Children indulged over the famous, amusing cartoon film Kung Fu Panda 3 on the big screen. And what enhanced the experience was the unlimited supply of pop-corn and cotton candy. Kids loved their favourite character on screen coupled with pop-corn. It was sure an enjoyable experience as there were expressions of glee on faces of our little ones!

Keeping you posted:

Scribbling contest

Scribbling contest is a first ever conceptualised parent-child activity for the age group of 1.5 to 3. This has never been done ever before and Oi Playschool played the proud pioneer. Children between the ages of 1.5 to 3 years and their parents who took the contest loved the activity. We were flooded with appreciation as the concept was taken beautifully by the children and parents alike. All the contestants were also rewarded with a token of appreciation.

Visit the below link to know more


Bringing you monthly tips and best practices from Expert Educators

Another episode of Pre-school Education Expert Talk Series is released on YouTube. In this video our Paediatrician Expert Dr. Faisal Nahdi talks in our health special, ‘’Things Pre-schooler’s Parents’ needs to know’’. Click on the below link to begin viewing.


Parenting seminar for ‘Parents of Today’ at Oi Gachibowli

An exclusive workshop for parents of pre-schoolers was organised at Oi Playschool Gachibowli. The seminar was meant to educate and expose the issues concerning ‘Modern Parenting’. The workshop was addressed by Ms. Sumita Bhattacharya who is a Parent Advisor and Teacher Trainer at People Combine Educational Institutions.

Activities unplugged:

Halloween Party

Halloween is something that catches the imagination of our pre-schoolers. They get to dress up, pretend play and treat themselves. Oi Attapur, Gachibowli, Padmanabhanagar and HSR Layout had a very un-scary Halloween as kids were clever enough to recognise their friends behind those spooky attires. From the school’s ghost house set-up to the activities which included face painting, pumpkin painting and ghost crafting; every bit of it was enjoyed by the kids.

All about colours

Oi Playschool SR Nagar, RT Nagar, JP Nagar, Manikonda and Panjagutta celebrated White Colour Day in line with the ongoing theme ‘SEASONS’. Colour white was introduced while teaching about Winter Season. The activity corner was beautifully decorated with significant objects of the colour. Children were engaged with art activities thereby enhancing the recognition of the colour.


Round the corner, Oi JP Nagar, Padmanabhanagar, Oi Kanakpura, Oi Banashankari, Oi RMV Extesnion and Oi Nallagandla celebrated Green Colour Day for their PP1 and PP2 students. Kids clad dressed in hues of green, explored the colour by playing “I Spy” around the school and finding green colour objects. The ability to identify colours is considered a marker and milestone in a child’s cognitive process. Thus, Green Colour Day was celebrated for and with white colours.

Curiosity inspires a love for learning

First-hand experience can provide children with tangible information and a level of understanding that enriches their overall learning. Oi Playschool, Manikonda kids seemed inquisitive as the teacher demonstrated the process of evaporation. It was an elaborate session which involved sharing of concrete knowledge on the concept of water cycle.

Dussera celebration

Keeping the festive spirits alive, Dussera was celebrated across Oi centres. Children brimmed with excitement as they came dressed in their festive clothes. Celebrations had started right with Bathukamma at Oi Playschool SR Nagar and Oi Vivekanandanagar where the little girls participated in Bathukamma making and later playing around it on traditional tunes. Oi Playschool Manikonda and others brandished a role play to mark the essence of the festival. From Lord Ram’s entry as a super hero to the monstrous laugh of Ravana, all of it was thoroughly enjoyed by kids. To further reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil, all Oi centres installed the effigy of Ravana which was hit by the students. They also crafted tiny colourful characters of Ramayana as a takeaway.

Dandiya fest for the Grandparents’

Grandparents’ Day was a super duper hit at Oi Playschool HRBR Layout, Kasturi Nagar and RMV Extension. The centre organised a massive Dandiya Fest for the Grandparents. The day began with a mind blowing stage performance by the tots. Thereafter Grand Parents were engaged with activities like quilling, mehndi designing, clay modelling, salad dressing, blind fold and so much more at each stall put up by the teachers. There couldn’t have been a better ending to the day than dancing to dandiya beats.

Global Handwashing Day

Oi Playschool celebrated Global Hand Washing Day to promote importance of hygiene among kids. Teaching kids about hand washing is not just important to keep them healthier but also to make significant progress in moving towards the goal of increasing hygiene. Handwashing is a centrepiece of healthy behaviours and should be inculcated right from childhood. With an objective to educate children, teachers briefed step-by-step instructions to effectively wash their hands.

See the seasons

To keep the theme ‘Seasons’ going, Oi Playschools installed a seasonal set-up for kids to experience the seasonal fun. The season was welcomed at the centres with rain dance, splish-splash in the pool, and a soothing beach party. All this gave a sensory experience to the kids and the set-up was a treat to the eyes.

Moving to the classroom learning, Oi Banjara Hills and Oi Manikonda projected the theme in an innovative way which made children relate to the visual learning’s through their outdoor experiences.

Learning seasonal clothing trends

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. In introduction to the topic ‘Seasons’ , students of Oi Padmanabhanagar, HSR Layout, Manikonda, SR Nagar and Banashankari were taken on a field trip to clothes store. As they walked the store, kids got to see a variety of material of different textures. The store had sections for seasonal clothing, fashion fabrics and novelty fabrics. Kids went ahead and explored the immersive and colourful clothes lined in the hangers. Awed by the designs, some of them even posed with the clothes they’d select for themselves!

World Students’ Day

World Students' Day is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity and cooperation among students across the globe. To pay homage to our Former President and India's Missile Man - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Oi Playschool Panjagutta and Kanakpura celebrated World Students’ Day. Children participated in floral tribute and some craft activity to mark the day.

Parent Teacher Meeting

It was time for Parents-Teacher Meet (PTM) at Oi Playschools this month. Parents were called upon to experience their child’s preschool learning. The meeting went on smoothly with each parent meeting their child’s preschool teacher, getting updated on their child’s progress and making action plans to touch his/her developmental milestones. Alongside of the PTM, all Oi centres organised Health camp to inculcate a healthy lifestyle in kids.

Time for eye-screening

Your child’s eyes are special. In the early years, vision helps them explore the world around them. Later, as they go through school, good visual skills become important for learning. Experts say 5% to 10% of pre-schoolers have vision problems and hence they recommend that your child have their first eye test by the age of three. To make sure children have normal, healthy vision, Oi Playschool HRBR Layout scheduled an eye examination for their students at their school. The camp had good participation with all kids actively taking the que and learning about how to take care good care of their eyes!

Clean teeth are happy teeth

Early dental visits are part of a child’s experience and it is important that we make this experience positive and constructive. Oi Playschool centres organized Dental check-up side-line the PTM.The objective of this check-up camp was to examine the oral hygiene of the students and diagnose the dental problems faced by them. During the camp, the dentists did a free check-up for the kids and gave them special tips to keep their gums and teeth healthy.

Rhyme & Rhythm

We all know that rhymes and poems are inseparable part of childhood. Rhymes & Poems nurture the innocence of childhood, while giving wings to imagination and dreams. Moreover the rhythm, repetition and rhyme play an essential role in developing phonological awareness which helps in learning to read and write at a later stage. Hence going with the curriculum plan, Oi Kasturi Nagar, Banashankari and SR Nagar conducted Rhyme & Rhythm activity recently. This session provided children the opportunity to integrate rhythm, body movements and sensory stimulation.

Family Day

Oi Playschool RT Nagar and Suncity celebrated Family Day and themed it as, ‘My Jolly Family’. Families participated in activities like Family Photo Frame making, Giving Family Impressions and many other activities. Both parents and kids enjoyed the family-time immensely. A friendly and emotional atmosphere was created during the event which made the children experience the warmth of family ties.

Simple things make a great show!

Learning through imaginary play is an important component of child development. At Oi, I-Pretend form an integral part of the curriculum and is being conducted actively across all Oi centres. It was Oi Playschool RT Nagar, Banashankari and RMV Extension kids to display their skill set this time. Kids picked up the objects and delivered their annotation with fine points.

Time for another muddy treat

Oi Playschool Panjagutta conducted sand pouring activity for their toddlers. Kids were let loose to get the most of the sand play. What superficially looked simple, actually involved children to dig, pour, sift, scoop, and lift. As kids do these actions, they experience eye-hand coordination, strengthening of muscles, imagination and exploration.

Elementary knowledge

Signing with your toddler’s initial language skills

Language and communication skills are critical to a child’s development. As we all are well aware that 90 % of the brain development happens during the first 2000 days i.e. first five years of the child’s life; during this period every experience (physical, emotional, social) that the child goes through helps in stimulation of language development (resulting in formation of both expressive and receptions functions). When there is no proper stimulation during this time, it could result in a child making slower progress in language skills and can result in weak communication skills.

Things parents can do to stimulate language development in toddlers and pre-schoolers:

  • Respond to your tot’s vocalizations.
  • Talk to your baby using sign language.
  • Name things while they see the things you point.
  • Use exaggerated voice when you describe things. Your tone should also express the feeling with which you are talking.
  • Foster your child by singing rhymes and jingles. The rhythm, repetition and rhyme play an essential role in developing phonological awareness.
  • Use melodies to communicate things like ‘time to wake up’ ‘we are back to home’ ‘let’s go to school’ etc.
  • Read story books. This will help your child become familiar with sounds, words and language.
  • Initiate conversations with your child while he watches an episode. Relate the episode events to his/her activities.
  • Make up your own stories along with your child. Telling stories and singing songs also help your child develop early literacy skills and it sparks your child’s imagination. Make sure it is interactive.
  • Gradually introduce more vocabulary to your child’s communication.
  • Always give expanded information about things they see and how they feel. Give a broader picture of every small thing around.
  • Ask your child to describe/explain things to you. Ask questions to trigger their curiosity.

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See what Oi parents have to say:

‘’My child Sejal is currently studying at the Oi Play school Panjagutta and I am extremely happy and satisfied. All the teachers there are very friendly and patient to address all our queries. They conduct a wide variety of learning activities and my daughter is learning so much every day.

Would definitely recommend this place for parents looking to enrol their child in a pre-school.‘’

- Chetna and Yogesh Parent of Sejal, Nursery, Oi Panjagutta

‘’After settling in Hyderabad from Dubai, my main concern was a good playschool for my little adorable monster. Staying in a cocooned atmosphere of her mother father and her didi (elder sister) in Dubai she was venturing out all alone to the new world of friends and learning. Basically my priority was not learning but a healthy and friendly atmosphere where she can interact and enjoy a whole new world away from home. After much research I zeroed in on Oi Play School. Initially it took my little toddler to adjust with her teachers and peers. ,but within a week she started giving eye contacts and by the next week she had not only settled in the new atmosphere but also enjoyed going to school. She loves her teachers and has made many friends. The whole credit goes to the Oi team for their patience and passionate approach towards each kid. As a mother what else do I need but that my little daughter who is 2yrs old to have a safe and secure atmosphere. I wish to continue my little one in the same school till her PP2. I can proudly say it’s a HOME AWAY FROM HOME for my daughter regards. ‘’

- Aarohi Chatterjee, PP1, Oi Banjara Hills

‘’Best school of Attapur! My child looks forward to go to school every morning..She's always excited about her activities n is so well bonded with her teachers... I thank u for nurturing our young buds in all possible ways.’’

- Maanvi, Nursery, Oi Attapur

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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