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Issue #21, November 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to December!

Feel the chill in the air. It is getting cold out there. With a windy whoosh, and Christmas feels all around, we're waiting to welcome another beautiful year.


Little Champs Day brought our little athletes into the spotlight! Continuing the legacy, our champs marched with pride and poise, holding Oi’s name up. Little Champs 2017 was declared open by setting free a whole lot of colourful balloons. The theme for this year’s LCD celebrated sports from across the globe, Rink Hockey from South America, Kabaddi from India, Soccer from Africa, Aussie Grand Prix from Australia and Lacrosse from North America to name a few. Kindergarten students showed great sportsmanship and team spirit, not far behind were tiny toddlers carrying confidence on their shoulders. These adorable athletes charging towards the finish line while thoroughly enjoying themselves was a sight to behold. With each child being felicitated with a medal and certificate the event was another treasured memory added to the kitty of our Oi’ites preschool journey.

After all, the best learning experiences are those that are most interactive and fun.



Enhancing Teacher Skills

To keep up with our buzzing Oi’tes, Oi teachers from across Hyderabad & Bangalore got together for another training session. With so many educators in one place, the session was a pool of knowledge sharing and innovating engaging practices that best cater to young minds. The session helped teachers to come up with new ideas that’d make the learning process tangible for little ones. Teacher training sessions at Oi, are designed and conducted on regular intervals to constantly upgrade our teaching methodologies, so we deliver the best to our children's learning needs.

Oi Playschool Does It Again!

EducationWorld Ranking is deemed the most prestigious in the Education Industry. We are proud to announce that 16 Oi centres have won this year’s Education World Top 20 city-wise pre-school Rankings in Hyderabad & Bangalore regions. 8 Oi Centres have featured in the Top 10 list for Hyderabad & Bangalore.

Spreading Happiness

On the cherished occasion of Children’s Day our team invited children from NGOs and conducted fun games and activities, allowing them to experience childhood in its true sense.

Satisfaction Is The Way To Success!

Feedback is the best way to improve oneself. At Oi, we wish to constantly improve our services through regular feedback from our parents. Recently, the Annual Parent Satisfaction survey was conducted. Credits to the time and inputs shared by our parent partners, Oi received a praise-worthy NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is an indication of overall satisfaction of the parents. The survey also helped us to identify areas of improvement, work on which has already begun.


My Nursery student Aditeya taught me – ‘’O is for Oakridge’’. When I was showing pictures of Ostrich, Octopus etc., from the picture book to the children, teaching the letter O, Aditeya instantly told ‘’O is for Oakridge’’. This was from his recent memory of Little Champs Day which was conducted at the Oakridge Campus. It was a wow moment to get his instant answer. Children observe so much from their experiences.
- Teacher of Aditeya,
Nursery, Oi Jubilee Hills

“All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy.” My little one already seems to understand this very well. When I asked my daughter to read and write at home she calculates her time spent doing these and asks me for equal play time. She ensures that she goes out every evening to play, post her study time. Recently she spoke-out asking me why we only ask her to read and write and not go out to play. I was surprised to see how she calculates such things.
– Kavitha (Mother)

So, I let my children trace the words on their slate after I finish teaching them. As I walked to my student Jasheeth, I saw him busy drawing tick marks in varied sizes, but mind it; they were all in an order. When I asked him what it was, he explained ‘’ma’am I am drawing tick marks in ascending order.’’ This concept was taught to him a while ago and seeing him demonstrating in some other way put me in awe.
- Teacher of Jasheeth,
PP2 Oi JP Nagar

My toddler is starting to fall in love with his school uniform. Though the frequency of wearing uniform differs from grade to grade, my toddler wants to wear it all the days as his brother who is in PP2 does.
- Vishnu (Father)


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:

Less Is More:

Forego an excess of "stuff" which makes your decorations cluttered. Keep it simple and clean.

Choose Sustainable Materials:

Use renewable materials - Organic cotton, silk, wood...all are natural. They add texture and beauty to gifts and decors.

Sustainable Wrapping Paper:

Ditch those glossy, metallic rolls of wrapping papers. Instead, go for fabric gift wrap or recycled paper wrap. Use the greeting cards received last year to make gift tags and write “Reuse this bag” on it.

Valuable Gift Exchange:

Make every gift count by purchasing things with value, purpose and meaning. Attempt to give only handmade gifts (from hand-knit scarves to cookies).


Colour, colour, which colour is known to brings peace for all?

It was the colour white in line this month. We got our children explore the colour through different activities like games, puzzles, displays, toys and activities. Children learnt how white, is an inherently positive colour, is associated with purity.

It’s all about those little smiles that brighten our world.

It was time for some splashing fun, cheers and jolly time across Oi centres to celebrate what we cherish the most – ‘Childhood’. With magic shows to hip-hop dance, colouring competitions and various other fun elements, Children’s Day brought great cheer to children.

Field Trip to Planetarium

Little stars of Oi Banashankari and Oi Kadugodi traversed their way to the Planetarium to give the children some insights about the space. After some fun science learning, they enjoyed a 3D movie as well.

We love to explore

Every new experience that a child is exposed to, aids in nurturing his/her critical thinking. This month our kids have been exploring various things around. They have been to nurseries and vegetable gardens; vegetable & fruit markets, florists shop and other neighbourhood places. Children gained lot of knowledge and recounted every visit with excitement.

Health counts

As children reach certain developmental milestones it is necessary to keep a track of our students’ growth measurements, vitals, and address any health concerns. As part of the basic routine checks, Oi centres organised Annual Health Check-up for their little bundles of joy.

christmas christmas

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It's been an exciting 12 months and we've enjoyed keeping you up to date with all the learning’s and joys of our little ones. We will be back next year with lot more updates. We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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