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Issue #10, November 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue #10. Little Champions Day across Oi Playschools brought ecstasy again this year! The events were ably hosted on bright sunny days on the spacious playgrounds of Oakridge Gachibowli & Oakridge Bachupally Campuses. Most of the events marked the beginning by ‘releasing the balloons’ in the bright blue skies. The spirit of sports came alive on the ground as our Pre-schoolers marched with Oi flags to commence the show. Looking up with mirth in their eyes, next in line were the toddlers who were being ‘all sporty’ on ground. Throughout this year’s sports day, children experienced many exciting activities and games such as the Obstacle Race, Sack Race, Relays, Water Transfers, and other games that taught our kids the true essence of sportsmanship and team spirit! Overheard were parents saying, that all these games were great fun for the children as great entertainment for the parents, and how the school was extra vigilant about the safety aspects of it all! We agree ;)

Each Oi kid is truly special and we believe each of them is a winner in their own right! Our Little Champs Day ended with every child walking back feeling meritorious as each of them received their certificates and medals

Activities unplugged:

Rhyme & Rhythm

Music is like magic to children. It stimulates eagerness in them and allows them to express themselves. We see children sway and bounce, or move their hands trying to follow the rhythm they hear.

Introducing children to rhythm patterns, forms an essential part in not just overall development but also in developing phonological awareness which helps in learning to read and write at a later stage. Hence going with the curriculum plan Oi Mahendra Hills conducted Rhyme and Rhythm for their toddlers.

Black & White Colour Day

Oi Playschool Kasturi Nagar, Oi Panjagutta, Oi HRBR Layout and Oi Mahendra Hills celebrated White Colour Day in line with the ongoing theme ‘SEASONS’. Colour white and black were introduced by setting the activity corner with significant objects of the colour. Children were engaged with activities that thereby helped them in identification of the colour.

A day full of fun and frolic

Children’s Day at Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills, Oi Attapur, Oi JP Nagar, Oi Kasturi Nagar and others were packed with every kind of entertainment possible. With magic show, games, fancy dress competition, humorous skit, lip-smacking snacks put together, the celebration was nothing short of pure fun for children. The smile on the faces of little wonders was just another sign to show that our kids are living their childhood in a way they must!

While this happened at one end, on the other end of the Oi world, Oi Play School Nizampet explored the Domino's Kitchen as they baked their own pizzas. They enjoyed baking & sharing the delicious pizzas with each other.

All about creating the right ‘Traffic Sense’

With the ongoing theme 'On Roads and Tracks' PP1 and PP2 students of Oi Banjara Hills and Oi Panjagutta made traffic models as they discussed traffic rules. Teachers explained the most basic yet important road signs, signal lights symbols. Later children had a pretend sand play where they followed all the traffic safety instructions learnt in the classroom. The session thus helped in instilling safe road-user behaviour in them.

Trip to car showroom

Love for learning the concept of transport could not be better than a snack craft right? Oi Playschool centres introduced the theme of transports beautifully by serving ‘fire truck sandwiches’ to their tots. During the transportation week, Oi centres boarded trips to various transport stations- including railways and car showrooms. Oi Padmanabhanagar, Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi Panjagutta went on a trip to car showroom where kids were shown variety of models present at the showroom. On the other hand Oi Nallagandla’s kids boarded on the train and took a fun ride while learning how public transport works.

Working at the Car Wash

With the ongoing theme of transport Oi Playschool Panjagutta, Nallagandla and Attapur conducted car wash activity. Junior champs flaunted their strengths as they take the Car wash challenge while actually enjoying their new play. Kids used water sprays and sponges as ‘tools’ to wash and polish the car. What’s more contenting here is the stability and coordination developed through this activity. The sponge and bucket activity is purposed to improve the hand strength and coordination which was intriguingly integrated with the curriculum theme.

Farm Party celebrations

With a bit of Baa baaa here and a moo moo there, here an oink, there an oink, everywhere a quack quack, the Oi farm party was tremendous hit with the kids. As part of the curriculum theme, Oi Playschool centres hosted farm party for kids to comprehend the concept of farm animals with reference to their names, sounds they make, food they eat, shelter, habitat and much more. Animals that were seen in the Barnyard were horse, rabbit, goat, cow, chickens, ducks etc. Children experienced fishing, milking cows, horse riding, bird watching and observed many more farm animals. With all these observations, participation and merriment Oi Farm Party continues to stand as the most awaited event on the Oi calendar.

Visit to the green grocers

To emphasise the theme ‘Be fit & be healthy’, Oi Panjagutta made the kids experience the whole process starting with - choosing fresh fruits and veggies at the supermarket, washing hands and vegetables before cutting, making salad and delighting the treat.

Other schools joining the bandwagon were Oi Playschool Padmanabhanagar, Oi Attapur, Oi Chandanagar and Oi Kasturi Nagar who went on a trip to the grocers to introduce the topic of Fruits and Vegetables. Here the kids strolled through the sections, hand picked fruits/vegetables to sense its shape, colour and odour. Samples of tomatoes, beans, onion, oranges, and kiwi – everything from the usual to the unusual were available for them to experience. It was truly a sensorial treat for the tots as they touched, smelled and recognised the fruits and vegetables they had learnt about in their classrooms

Preparing the global leaders

’We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’’

ECO C.A.R.E is an Oi Playschool initiative that aims to give students hands on understanding of the world around them. It is integrated into the curriculum in order to encourage students to build a lasting relationship with nature. Going with this, Oi Playschool Panjagutta familiarised their students with the three R’s of the green revolution: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. An activity was conducted where children had to segregate plastic and paper. Children internalised the learning so well that we now see Oi kids display eco-friendly attitudes wherever they are.

Children's Day celebration

The word partying itself captures the excitement of kids and if the theme says Beach Party, our kids get right into the roles of Surfer Dudes and Hula Girls! On the eve of Children’s Day Oi HRBR called out for a Beach Party. With sand buckets, beach balls, musical chairs, snacks and cool drinks, the party went on with a whoopee.

Learning seasonal clothing trends

To keep the theme ‘Seasons’ going, students of Oi HRBR Layout and Oi JP Nagar were taken on a field trip to a garment store. Here children were introduced to seasonal clothing trends. They were taken through a range of clothing and were given opportunity to feel the texture of the clothes used in different seasons. This trip, extended beyond the classroom gave kids a tactile and experiential chance for learning.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party at Oi BTM Layout and Oi Panjagutta was another fun and colourful day as the children and teachers got dressed up in the costume of their favourite super hero/villain character. Little Oi monsters strived to look scarier than the dummy monsters at the school. With plenty of Halloween games, painting and crafting, Halloween Day was one of the most entertaining day for children.


At Oi Manikonda it was time that we had our own Olympiad for children. After months of planning and training our little athletes, Oi-lympics was kicked off in style with the opening ceremony at Oakridge International School. The game opened with lighting of torch in ‘safe playschool way’ followed by PP1 students marching round the Oi stadium. The Olympiad was a flamboyant feast to the parents as they witnessed their kids contesting in games like tod-o-hurdle, bad-o-minton, weight lifters, gymnastics, kun-f-u karate, aerobics and so much more. The games were a catalyst to reform Oi Sports Festival. While all this being welcomed by applauds from parent audience; the biggest cheers came from the adorable cheer leaders boosting their peers on the ground. In the closing ceremony the entire crowd was enthralled as they turned into participants with masala zumba, followed by a spectacular display of fireworks. This year’s sports festival was a great opportunity for children to get acquainted with the Olympics in a modified and secure way.

Elementary knowledge

Why sign language is good for your baby/toddler?

Babies who cannot communicate effectively tend to throw tantrums. In case you are not able to guess why the child is distraught, the situation gets helpless as the child keeps becoming increasingly inconsolable. Teaching your child to use sign language can allow your child to communicate what they want, providing a bridge to the spoken word. Know that babies and toddlers are able to understand far more than they can express. Hence sign language is the much needed skill to articulate speech until the age of 10-12 months when auditory skills are underdeveloped.

Right time

You can begin demonstrating when your child can hold your gaze for a couple of seconds i.e. when the child is between the age of 6-8 months. Start with three to five signs, using eye contact and saying the word out loud. Add additional words when you begin to make progress.

Allows two-way communication

It helps reduce the guesswork of understanding your infant’s thoughts, allowing a better understanding between you two. Remember you’re not formally “teaching” signs as such, just adding simple gestures which are easily linked to the objects. It doesn’t really matter what the sign is, as long as you agree on its meaning.

Vocabulary and Language skills

When you are teaching your child sign language, do it by saying the name of the sign out loud and many times as you show your child the sign. This repetition may help to expand your child’s horizon of both auditory and visual vocabulary and language skills.

Reading & Spelling proficiency

Research supports that children who learn sign language in infancy have better reading and spelling skills. As sign language is a visual language, it involves using the visual and attention skills which are very important skills in both learning and social interactions.

Increased memory retention

The practice of sign language stimulates and engages children of different learning styles. When children use sign language, they are learning visually, verbally, and kinaesthetically all at the same time.

Motor skills

Teaching to use sign language can support in development of your child’s fine motor skills. Your child gets to practice fine motor skills as they learn to sign back to you.

Stimulate brain development

When learning sign language both the left and right hemisphere of the brain are used compared to learning a spoken language, which only uses the brain’s left hemisphere. Signing children are also found to have higher IQ at a later stage.
Children are all different and may or may not show an interest in signing

Visual attention skills and Joint attention skills

Teaching using and understanding sign language requires a child to utilize his visual and joint attention skills, both of which are very important skills in both learning and social interactions.

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