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Issue #05, May 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue# 05. We missed all of you, and especially the sweet smiles and warm hugs from your children! We are glad to be back with them, and are ready for a great year!! We welcome all the new kids who are part of Oi family now.

The new academic session had a terrific start to the year! Thank you, parents for supporting our start-of-year event - First Step Party. The first step party was a great welcoming to the tots. All Oi teachers got together to wish kids on their new journey by presenting welcome kits to the kids.

Our 2 year olds have made an amazing start to their preschool life, settling in to their new environment wonderfully. Only few days into the school and the children are already beginning to become familiar with the school. While many of the children started their first day rather shy, we are now seeing some great friendships beginning to blossom! The phase-in week was very helpful for returning students to get used to the changes in the classroom and new teacher. It helped the new and existing students to get acclimatized to the environment.

Keeping you posted :

Bringing you monthly tips and best practices from Expert Educators

Oi’s newest episode of Preschool expert talk series is released on YouTube. Watch our Pre-school Expert Sumita Bhattacharya addressing the topic ‘’Separation anxiety’’. Click on the below link to begin viewing.


Teacher training Module 1 accomplished

Esteemed training panel Parent Counselling Expert Ms. Sumita Bhattacharya, Head of Academics Ms. Seshulatha Kodali, Occupational Therapist Ms. Sarita Nittala and Child Psychologist Ms. Nausheen

All Bangalore and Hyderabad Oi Playschool teachers have undergone training on classroom management. Our child psychologist briefed teachers on ways to handle behavioural concerns in kids. The session trained teachers on how to be child-centric and polished their skills that helped them learn to deal with all kinds of challenges they are likely to face in real-time.

Content upgradation

Content team worked making academic upgradations as Oi believes in the policy of constant adaption and evolution as per the changing needs and demands of the little family members. Keeping in mind the all-round development of children, Oi offers an integrated curriculum which is research based and child-centric.

Some more from the academics:

- Academic team announced the release of bi-monthly curriculum.
- Hindi introduced for PP1

Activities unplugged

Celebrating International Yoga Day

Oi Playschool Jubilee hills, Kothapet, Panjagutta, Gachibowli and Alwal took time to celebrate the physical/mental fitness of children. All kids practiced a 10 minutes of yoga on the same day, people will be doing yoga across the world. This session was conducted to ignite a passion of fitness and raise awareness in our next generation.

Making the most of sand play

Oi Playschool centres conducted sand poring activity for their toddlers. Kids were asked to fill the buckets with sand. What superficially looked a simple play, actually involved children to dig, pour, sift, scoop, and lift. As kids do these actions, they experience eye-hand coordination, strengthening of muscles, imagination and exploration.

Dig your senses

Oi Playschool Alwal conducted a treasure hunt based on the theme "I am special" for their PP1 children. The teachers hid various objects in outdoor play area and kids were given turns to hunt the objects. It interested the children to a great extent as they went on finding their sensory organs. The task of digging the sensory organs facilitated a deep learning of the topic.

With a different tinge Oi Playschool KPHB kids made "my body craft". They pasted pictures of sense organs in a mini scrap book so as to make it protracted learning.

Placemat craft

PP1 kids of Oi Playschool Nallagandla, Alwal and Padmanabhanagar centres have been doing some amazing craft lately. Kids followed instructions to make paper weaving placemats, which is a fun and non-messy craft. Kids presented very neat-looking placemats and were excited with the idea that they can actually use the placemats on dining table. This is a great activity to develop fine motor skills and creativity.

Father’s day

Oi Playschool HRBR Layout celebrated Father’s day with great frolic. All dear fathers were welcomed with a poem. Special games were set up for the father-child duo. It was more overwhelming moment when little hands honoured their dad’s with crowns at the concluding.

Other centres of Oi used Father’s day as an opportunity for kids to stretch their creative muscles presented beautiful cards. Oi Playschool Panjagutta and RT Nagar kids made beautiful cards to express their love for their superheroes.

Back to school we go!

First day of school was diversely celebrated among Oi centres. Oi teachers had made lot of preparation to make sure every kid revel in their first day. Oi Chandanagar and Miyapur made the enthusiasm electric by calling Doraemon and Chota Bheem to welcome kids to school. After the welcoming, kids had an impressions activity where the little handprints of the children were taken on a sheet as their first impression. The day was made memorable by having photoshoot of each kid in customized photo frames.

Sharing an important lesson

Oi Playschool KPHB conducted a light session on ‘’Good touch and bad touch’ for their kids. Kids were shown a video which clearly explained the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touching. The session was interactive with teachers making the topic understandable to kids.

It’s screening time

Oi Gachibowli recently organized an eye checkup camp for their children. The preschool years are a time for developing the visual abilities that are necessary to learn to read and write. During these early years (2 to 5), a child will be fine-tuning the visual abilities gained during infancy. So it's never too soon to start your child's eyecare. All through the camp, children learnt simple, helpful tips on eye-care.

Elementary knowledge

With the weather changes, viral and bacterial infections spur up. And these infections mostly take a toll on kids’ health. Below are some steps you can observe to keep the sickness at bay.

Feed super foods

Natural foods are the best remedy to keep you immune. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to improve immunity that protects children from common cold and flu. Serve your kids with healthy foods. Foods like bananas, turmeric milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit juices are rich in Vitamin C. Foodstuffs such as potato chips and Coke absorb water and are unhealthy so feed a balanced diet.

Use ginger and honey

Ginger and honey have special immunity booster capacities. They are best alternatives to medicines and kids are more likely to accept its taste. Ginger and honey combined is a sweet potion that relieves itchy throat.

Maintain basic hygiene

Clean your home with disinfectants. Keep your child protected by maintaining hygienic surroundings. Allow frequent hand wash, especially before taking meals. Instruct him to cover his nose while sneezing and teach him against touching nose, mouth and eyes as it’s the portal of entry for germs.

Observe appropriate clothing

Find a line where you can keep safe when it is warm and keep safe when it is cold. You can dress the child in layers of clothes (jacket, socks) so you can remove them when not required.

Take care of skin and hair

Apply moisturizers to keep your skin moisturized. Remember kids have even more sensitive skin so forget not to apply moisturizer. Apart from skin, hair may also get dry and irritated. Try covering hair as much as possible either with a scarf or cap

Stay hydrated

Supply your body with enough water intakes. Water intake helps flush out toxins and keep you free from dry skin and dry scalp.

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Oi parents talk

‘’Aarush has become a more obedient child and his vocabulary has also improved .He had started looking at things and situations with a positive approach and all credit goes to Oi playschool.’’

- Parent of Aarush Fernandish (Nursery)

‘’I see a very drastic improvement in Jagannath. Teachers are very caring and make children comfortable. He has inculcated good habits like eating by himself, washing hands etc. He has been also given toilet training. My heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and support staff of Oi playschool for taking care of Jagganath so well.’’

- Parent of Jagannath (Toddler)

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

Next Year – Already!

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