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Issue #14, March 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Oi Newsletter Issue #14. As the Academic Year 2016-17 comes to an end, we look forward to releasing our PP2 students for their next big step.

From ABC’s and 123…

To standing on stage and stealing the show.

From scribbling all across sheets…

To creating masterpieces that you love to talk about.

Look at you now,

Proud to be graduating and leaving a mark of your little footsteps in all our hearts.

Graduation from preschool is a reflection of the achievements of a child’s first five years and that is what makes this event so momentous. Also, it is these years that lay the foundation for a little one’s bright tomorrow. In the words of Bill Gates "the first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out."

Celebrating the culmination of this academic year, Oi Playschool centres hosted a Graduation Ceremony for their outgoing PP2 students. Parents and dear ones got together on this event, to applaud the feat of little Oi Graduates. As the ceremony reached its peak, the big boys and girls, donned their graduation robes and marched onto the stage, singing a merry song. Each child was awarded with a graduation certificate and welcomed felicitations from the audience. It was a moment of awe and sheer delight for parents who watched their child step-out as a confident individual all set to embark on a new journey.

Oi wishes a smooth and happy transition to all its graduates!

Walking Down the Memory Lane

Glimpses of moments that carved memories of endless love and joy.

Keeping you posted

Oi goes On-air

Oi is buzzing with some fresh new rhymes as we enter the Academic Year 17-18. Well if you haven’t already heard our new jingles, tune-into RADIO CITY 91.1 FM to hum along to your favourite rhymes.

Oi Summer Camp is Here!

After its wild success in previous years, Oi is back with its Summer Explorer for the year 2017. Let your child learn & discover through adventure, creativity and imagination at Oi’s Jungle-N-Rumble camp. The camp offers four unique, theme-based weekly camps - CAMP TALES, CAMP CRAFT, CAMP ACTIVE and CAMP ART.

Enrol now and give your child an opportunity to experience the Real Summer Learning!

Activities unplugged

Geared for Gaming

With the ongoing theme ‘Indoor and Outdoor Games’, Oi Playschool RMV Extension organised a massive game zone at their premises. This Oi stadium was extremely exciting as it offered freedom to choose from a variety of games. These miscellaneous sport zones encouraged not only kids, but also adults to participate and win trophies.

To further scale the sports enthusiasm and share practical knowledge about different sports equipment, Oi RMV Extension, Oi HSR Layout, Oi Kadugodi, Oi HRBR Layout and Oi Kasturi Nagar, organized a field trip to the sports store. This trip gave the students a hands on experience of the different sports equipment available at the store.

Let’s play Holi!

Oi Mahindra Hills, Oi JP Nagar, Oi Kanakpura, Oi Nallagandla, Oi HRBR Layout, Oi RMV Extension, Oi Attapur, Oi Kasturi Nagar, Oi Panjagutta and other Oi centres looked as colourful as ever, as they celebrated the much-awaited festival Holi!

With the main ingredient being fun with colours, the event turned out to be even more enjoyable as the centres organized a pool party. Kids immensely enjoyed playing in the pool, throwing colours, shooting pichkarees and savouring sweets. Children were provided age appropriate information on the do’s and don’t’s of Holi which was evident throughout the celebration.

World Happiness Day

On the eve of World’s Happiness Day, Oi Playschool NR Colony invited kids for a ‘No rules’ party. Kids were allowed to come in their favorite attire. Kids enjoyed the day by doing all that they like. All in all it was about learning self-happiness.

Bidding Farewell in Style

Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi Panjagutta celebrated the accomplishments of Toddler, Nursery and PP1 kids, transitioning to the next level. It was a talent exhibition as kids demonstrated their learnings of the year gone by. To pep-up the party, children had a ramp walk followed by pot luck which made the day full of fun, frolic and scrumptious feasts.

Ugadi Celebrations

Ugadi marks the beginning of a New Year according to the Lunisolar calendar. To mark the event with merriment, Oi Mahindra Hills, Oi Attapur and Oi Kanakpura celebrated the festival with great zeal. Kids participated in preparation of the traditional Ugadi Pachadi by mixing jaggery, mangoes and neem leaves. This combination flavours – sweet, sour and bitter is known to be a reflection of life, which has multiple phases.

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See what Oi parents have to say

"We have observed lot of improvement in Visruth. Thanks for the involvement. He was very happy about the Balloon Painting. He also performs some dance and most of the time speak about his teachers. Hope he will enjoy in day-care with your support and guidance."

- Parent of Visruth (Day Care), Oi HSR layout

"It was great to send Kiaan to Oi Jubilee Hills to the day-care every single day. He really adjusted well with the friendly staff and children. He was ever ready, each morning to go to Oi. Thanks to all for having him enjoy his days at Oi. We would have liked him to continue, if it was not the time constraint. It's very unfortunate. Thanks for everything; he and we will definitely miss Oi Jubilee Hills."

- Nikkila Reddy Parent of Kiaan, Oi Jubilee Hills

"We have been a part of Oi Mahendra Hills for over 3 years, and could not have chosen a better place for our children to develop and grow academically and socially. Extremely pleased with Auriel’s progress'. The dedication of the the teachers and the nurturing environment helped my child become confident and independent. She has completely transformed and today speaks and acts with such confidence that it takes everyone by surprise. I was initially concerned about her writing, but Oi has enabled me to understand as a parent that her skills have all developed just right for her age and she is exploring her skills every day. As parents, we tend to compare children with their peers and siblings but it is very important for us to realize that no two children are the same and neither will their growth be. We are continuing with Oi for our second child too who and its good to see that she is already settling in well."

- Freni D’souza Parent of Auriel, Oi Mahendra Hills

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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