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Issue #03, March 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Moments, Issue #3. We are looking forward to an exciting summer.

I’m a little graduate
Aren’t you proud of me?
I know my numbers & ABC
I made a lot of friends
Now I’m off to the

With the end of school year 2016, Oi Playschool centres held Graduation ceremony for their Senior Students. Graduation is indeed a proud and momentous occasion. Parents had gathered to see their kids’ progress. The day started with PP2 children all marching down the red carpet together in their graduation robes and singing a song. Confident Oi'tians demonstrated their learning by speaking on the concepts they had learnt. Teachers took a chance to tell how proud they were with each of their students. And finally children were called upon to receive their certificates. There were expressions of glee on the parents’ faces as their children walked across the stage to receive their graduation memos. The celebration concluded with cake cutting. It was wonderful to see zeal and eagerness in little Oi graduates to move in to next grade. Oi wishes them the very best in their next big step!

Keeping you posted :

Satisfaction is way to Success!

At Oi Playschool, we wish to constantly improve our services through constant feedback from our Parents. Recently, the Annual Parent Satisfaction survey was conducted. Oi received a good NPS(Net Promoter Score), which is an indication of overall satisfaction of the parents. The survey also helped us to identify several improvement areas and Oi assures that these areas would be worked upon to make it better.

Gearing up for Summer Camp

Summer camp training was held for some of the Oi centres, where our teachers experienced every activity hands on that would make this summer a fun-filled one for camp explorers. Training was held at Jubilee Hills centre where our teachers enthusiastically took part in role plays, story-telling, child friendly games, dance and art & craft so that children can try out new things in safe surroundings. It is definitely going to be an exciting Summer Camp!

Activities unplugged

"The first three years of life establishes the blueprints for all of our future relationships." Children are such curious beings, they explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. We at Oi, believe in enriching these early experiences of your child by providing a stimulating environment. Have a look at what Oi'tians have been exploring in the month gone by:

Splish Splash and Flash

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy water play, and there’s nothing more fun than taking cool dips in hot summer days. To let the children have true summer fun, Oi playschool ensured summer swash in their pools. Kids enjoyed splashing in the pool and playing ball games. Splashing around in water is not just fun but proves to give a sensory experience to kids. When children swim, splash, throw objects or practice any simplest movement like clapping or jumping in water they’re developing coordination, balance, muscle strength and motor skills.

At the Zoo

Oi Playschool KPHB took their students on a field trip to the Zoo. Children saw wild and aquatic animals. They were fascinated to see all the wonderful animals. It was an indelible day filled with amusement, fun and fervor.

Bringing in the Summer fun

On the onset of summer, Oi Playschool Banjara hills organized a beach party for their kids to embrace the season. Teachers led the party using pool, umbrellas, hat, sunglasses and beach snacks. Kids adored the beach set up while enjoying the sensory play activities.

A time to feast

Oi playschool Jubilee hills held their annual potluck party. It was an opportunity for mixed-age socialization where both parents and kids came together. Acquaintances established during the preschool years create valuable contexts to learn. Everyone loved the feast; even the picky eaters among the kids tasted each dish. It was a sharing of food, fun and learning.

Let’s play Holi

The festival of colors was celebrated across Oi Playschool centres. Children came dressed in white clothes, filled with zest and fervor. The day started with teachers briefing the kids about the significance of the festival followed by visual presentation of Do's and Don’ts of celebrating Holi. Children enjoyed playing with natural colors and were observed following the safety tips guide lined by their teachers. The day came to an end with children relishing the festival delicacies. Children carried lovely greeting cards and colors home as a token of love.

High spot of the day was tattoo making at Oi Playschool NR colony and palm printing activity conducted at Oi Playschool Panjagutta and Vivekanandnagar.

Learning Pet care

Caring for a pet requires compassion, understanding, and empathy. Kids who take care of pets learn to be kind and to take care of others' basic needs. It instills a sense of responsibility in them as they recognize a living creature relies on them. To make the kids comprehend the theme ‘pet care’, Oi Playschool Gachibowli and Manikonda centres had a session on pet care. The children were excited and pepped up to welcome Richard (Pug) at Manikonda centre and Snuffy (Labrador) at Gachibowli centre. Kids had a playful time with the pet and the gaiety continued throughout the day.

Introducing sports

Nursery and Pp1 kids of Oi Playschool RT nagar went on a trip to the sports store. This trip served to provide them tangible information on Sports. Kids got to explore variety of sports supplies and have hands on to the games.

Parent Teacher Meeting

One more Academic year has gone by and Oitians are ready for their next step. With the year-end it's time to check out Kids’ progress and creativity. In order to furnish this, Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) was held at all our Oi preschool centers in order to apprise the parents about their child’s progress. This interaction helps the parent understand the child’s likes and dislikes, their interests, their friends, their emerging talents which will help in the overall growth of the child.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Excellent feedback from the parents made the year end even more positive.

Gearing up for Summer Camp

Oi Playschool NR colony is all set to start off their camp. They conducted summer camp exercise for their teachers. The teachers tried on spot craft's and made beautiful puppets. Teachers enacted out Role play of Stories which are going to be a part of the Camp Story Week.

Long long time ago…

Oi Playschool Attapur and Kothapet conducted Story telling activity to bring in the entertainment. It’s pretty much a given that children enjoy visuals than simple narrations. Thus, the teachers amused the kids through their favorite Puppet play. Children were a good audience while their teacher played the puppeteer role. Later on, kids took turns to narrate their puppet stories. It was interesting to see a wide display of imagination.

Kids be green

Education is not so much the feeding of facts into the mind but it is awakening of curiosity in the soul of every child. Oi Tolichowki enlightened the children on the significant topic ‘Reuse and Reduce’ by conducting an activity. Children were attentive while the teachers explained them the action plan of the game. It was pleasing to see how children could connect with the activity. This activity was a great way to introduce the concept of Reuse and Reduce.

On the other hand, Oi Playschool Attapur introduced the topic of ‘Ecological balance’. Kids contributed towards maintaining ecological balance. The exercise refreshed the children along with explaining the importance of growing more plants.

Treasure Hunt

Kids love to be outdoors than closed indoors. The fact is kids love to explore new things outdoor. To give a stimulating experience to children, Oi Playschool Attapur conducted a treasure hunt for their Nursery, Pp1 and Pp2 children. . The teachers hid various objects in outdoor play area and kids were given turns to hunt the objects. It interested the children to a great extent as they went on exploring the play area to find out the hidden objects. While the task of a treasure hunt is finding the treasure, this game facilitates exploration and sharpens navigational skills.

Little Stars Day at Oi AGS Layout

Little stars day celebrations was held in premises of Oi AGS Layout with lot of fun and frolic. The ceremony got off to a rocking start by lighting of the lamp by the little stars of Oi AGS. There was an exhibition of talent (solo and group songs and dances) by children. Children mesmerized their parents by showcasing their talent on the stage. The program was topped off by the crowd favorite Magic show.

Elementary knowledge

Safety in Summer break

It's sunny and hot, and the kids are out of school. Make the most of the summer fun with your preschooler while observing these summer safety tips.

Some simple tips to keep your children safe in summer are:

  • Upon heading out the door apply sun screen. An SPF of 15 to 30++ is considered the best for the Indian summers. For your preschooler, choose a product designed for children. An SPF of 15-30 with protection against both UVA and UVB rays will be the right choice. You should usually apply sunscreen to your children 30 minutes before they go outside. You will need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours and after your child has been swimming or playing hard.
  • . Wear appropriate clothing. Have your kid wear light colored clothes and carry the essentials like eye gear, hat and sun-screen if you are heading for an outing.
  • On a hot day, a pool is very tempting for both kids and adults. Make sure you have water proof sunblock on your kids if they’re in the water.
  • Take caution of tick bites when you go to a park or you are just hiking through the woods. Ticks are responsible for a variety of illnesses. Have protective clothing and use tick repellant.
  • . Heat is the word of the season. And this heat sucks the water right out of your system. It's very important to stay hydrated in the hot summer heat. Provide your children with plenty of water, juice, or popsicles to combat the heat.
  • . Prevent Heat Exhaustion. This can occur in kids who are extremely active. So avoid playing outside during peak sun hours (10 am- 4 pm)
  • When you are picnicking outdoors pack a bag that includes extra sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, a small first-aid kit, plenty of water or other drinks, snacks etc.,

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May Check-list

Hope you are all enjoying the vacation time. Let’s make lots of memories this summer and leave kids feeling like this was the best summer ever!

Here we are with another Summer Check-list to squash your child’s boredom.

See what Our Oi Parents had to say:


‘’I would like to say a Big Thank you to the teachers of Oi Playschool for doing such a great job with my son, Stephen. I cannot tell you in words how happy I am to see Stephen’s progress. Early this year I was worried whether he would be talking or not. But today he is trying to phrase small sentences in English. I give all the credit to Oi Playschool. I sincerely appreciate & thank you for your dedication & efforts to the kids. Oi has an excellent team. As a parent I am glad that I have put Stephen in Oi Playschool.’’

Mother of Stephen, Nursery

‘’In the last 2 and half years, we tried out a couple of other schools before joining my daughter in Oi Playschool and finally we are happy to see her going to a play school that has the right balance of everything – infrastructure, curriculum, teachers, support staff, care for children and environment. In this last one month, I find great improvement in her: she sings a lot of rhymes stays happy and active and repeats things being taught at school. As a parent, I sincerely appreciate the hard work put together by the school to foster the growth of our kids. Every morning when my daughter is not willing to wake up, I just have to say, 'We will go to Oi Play school' and this works like magic and gets her going for the day.’’

Mother of Ishanvi, Nursery

Next Month’s Issue,

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Oi team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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Happy camper!

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