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Issue #16, June 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Oi Newsletter Issue #16. We are glad to welcome you all for a great school year ahead.

Starting school can be exciting yet panicky for both children and their caregivers. What could be a better welcome to the school journey than one that brings together parents, children and the school, building a whole lot of excitement for their year to come!

For many parents, preschool is their child’s first school experience, and it is understandable for some to be a little concerned about sending their child to a place away from home. To ease the concerns of our parents and warmly welcome them to the family, Oi Playschools kicked-off the AY 2017-18 with the Parent Orientation Program.

This program provided ample information to the parents about the curriculum, child’s classroom experience, school rules, practices and the entire team that will care for their precious little one. Parents explored different activity corners and met the teachers to understand how a typical day at school will be like.


Taking their first step into a world where loads of exciting learnings and experiences await, every Oi’ite was celebrated at campus with welcome gifts, personalised cards and loads of memories. It was indeed a warm welcome to the tiny tots embracing their preschool journey. The proud seniors who are now moving to the next grade walked into school with a big smile and were extremely welcoming to their new friends.

Oi aspires to continue making the first day of school a happy and positive experience for its pre-schoolers and their parents.


Keeping you posted


Oi Playschool welcomed teachers from Anganwadi (rural mother & child care centre) to contribute towards effective Anganwadi pre-school functioning. It is a universally known fact that the early years (2-5) in a child’s life are the most crucial in their development. To increase this awareness amongst the Anganwadi teachers, a two-day session was organised at Oi Jubilee Hills, Oi Manikonda and Oi SR Nagar centres. The session focussed on training teachers to adopt a holistic approach; effective ways of engaging with children; usage of stimulating learning material; introduction of activity-based, experiential learning in preschool years. Inspired by their learnings at the session and post the Oi campus visit, the Anganwadi preschool team established a Splash Pool and Sand-pit Area in their campus for young learners. It was a moment of immense pride and satisfaction to watch the beaming smiles of the Anganwadi school children as they made the most of these new amenities. Oi will continue to extend its support towards bringing about a positive change in rural education.


Gearing up for the new academic year, Module -1 Elevate Teacher Training was successfully conducted for all Hyderabad & Bangalore centre teams. It was an exclusive four-day workshop under the aegis of renowned trainers from KA EduAssociates – Mumbai. With loads of interaction, knowledge-sharing, new learnings and experiences the teachers across Oi campuses have a lot in store for our little ones this year.


“The goal of education is the enhancement of knowledge and dissemination of truth.”

– John F Kennedy

True to this, Oi believes in the policy of constant adaptation and evolution to deliver the best to our the little family members. Keeping in mind the all-round development of children, the Oi Curriculum - SPARKZ was upgraded with stronger emphasis on LSRW (Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing).

Activities unplugged

SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING comes to Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills!

Our Oi’ites were in for a big surprise from one of the world’s most popular superheroes – Spiderman! Children went ecstatic as Spidey made a grand entry and landed right between them while they waited with their eyes closed. Spiderman’s flips and stunts left the children in total amusement. Some of them even went about touching and striking high-fives to the superhero to check if he was real. Children enjoyed their time with the Spidey and posed a bunch of questions about his strength, web and his next visit to Oi Playschool. Spidey too seemed to be in awe of our Oi’ites as he kept stepping down from the stage to play and interact with them. The surprise concluded with Spidey receiving tremendous applauds and group hugs from his little buddies.

This visit inspired children about being responsible, helpful, brave and kind.


Like father, like daughter. Like father, like son. Whichever the case, this bond is one that never ceases to surprise. Bringing all daddies and babies to celebrate this special bond, Oi centres across Hyderabad and Bangalore indulged in a grand Father’s Day celebration. Activities including a look-alike contest, newspaper dance, sandwich-making activity, palm print greeting cards and lots more, were conducted to make this day indelible.


Children identify emotions long before 18 months of age. All they need is guidance to help them interpret their own feelings and emotions. Theme of the month - Knowing More About Myself was aimed at helping kids express their needs & emotions, also familiarizing them to their bodies. By teaching pre-schoolers how to express their feelings we help them recognize and deal with not only their emotions, but teach them to be sensitive to the emotions of others as well. From the Mirror Activity used to introduce the concept to transcribing emotions on paper through paintings, Oi centres such as Kasturi Nagar, Panjagutta, Jubilee Hills and several more beautifully conducted these activities.


Yoga and mindfulness have significant positive effects in a child’s developmental milestones. Just five minutes of yoga a day can boost the mental & physical health, and wellness of our children. Thus, keeping this in mind, on the eve of International Yoga Day, Oi Gachibowli, Oi Attapur, Oi Alwal, Oi Banashankari and Oi Padmanabhanagar took time to cultivate yogic principles and practices. This session proved to be a magical fit for children as they were seen ardent in learning yoga moves.

Oi SR Nagar joined hands with the Telangana Government, Local Corporator Mr.Kilari Manohar and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Ayur Vedic Medical College for a yoga awareness campaigning. The campaign was led by little Oi’ites to encourage yoga practice in young kids.


To uphold the spirit of brotherhood, sharing and love in the month of Ramadan, several Oi Playschools invited its alumni, present students and their extended families to donate used/unused books, toys and clothes for our little friends that are in much need of these.

Other centres – Oi Saidabad, Oi SR Nagar, Oi Attapur, Oi Gachibowli, Oi Alwal, Oi Nallagandla, Oi Padmanabhanagar, Oi Banashankari and Oi Kasturi Nagar revelled the celebration by organising an Eid Milap Party. Children came in white outfits suited for the occasions and greeted each other with the quintessential Eid greeting ‘Eid Mubarak’. The celebrations included performance on cultural songs, role play, making of Eid wall hangings and last but not the least kids relishing the festive delicacy – Sheer Khorma.


Oi Playschool centres invited children to celebrate International Mud Day in its simply delightful manner, using mud, water and friends! Of the countless ways to celebrate the joy of mud, our kids connected with nature by spending the day planting seeds. Childrens’ faces beamed with joy as they got hands on sowing the seeds. Other centres such as Oi Manikonda, Oi Jubilee Hills, Oi Mahendra Hills, Oi HSR Layout and many more took up an initiative to create reused planters by filling cut plastic bottles with mud & seeds, and watering them.

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Your child’s first day of school

Practicing Positive Discipline

See what Oi parents have to say

"About 6 months back, I was going crazy deciding on a playschool for my 2+ years old twin babies. Oi Playschool JP Nagar was one of the schools I had shortlisted for my visit. So when I visited Oi, before entering I found a lady with her daughter coming out. So, I checked with her, on how the school is, and she said “I have one word for it – and that word is “Excellent”. And today six months later if YOU ask ME the same question, I too have the same reply - “Excellent”. Truly it's a beautiful place to send your kids to. It's a second home for my babies. I don't have to make any effort to persuade them to go to school. They are ever ready, to hop and reach their school. All the staff, starting from the Centre head to the helping ayammas/watchwoman are extremely courteous and warm. And the most important part, the USP of the school is its “flexibility and accommodative nature”. These are the things which set it apart from any other school" "

-Sweezy Rai, Oi Playschool JP Nagar

"I have had some very good experiences with this school. Teachers are nice and caring with the children. Safety of children is given utmost priority."

- Raghavendra Rao, Oi Playschool HSR Layout

"My child has improved not just academically but also socially and in many other ways. The learning environment at Oi is so child-engaging and nurturing that children become confident in their abilities. It makes me proud to watch her talk with confidence and interact with people without any hesitation."

- Ravinder Reddy, Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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