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Issue #06, July 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue# 06. This is the time for our youngest learners to shine brightly and acquire new skills every instant. Our preschoolers who are now fully back to school, have been busy taking learning-journeys around the city. Here, we would love to share our child’s highs with you. Keep scrolling to see what our kids have been experiencing all this while.

Family Day was a huge success across Oi centres. Thanks to all the parents, teachers and family members who joined us! Family provides us a sense of belonging and provides emotional support while nurturing a child’s needs. At Oi, we believe in working together with parents to nurture the child’s developmental needs. Hence, sessions that involve you and us, help building a school-child relationship that exceeds the boundaries of the school.

Families participated in activities like Family Photo Frame making, Giving Family Impressions and many other activities. In many of the games and activities, children were active participants and got many parents/guardians thinking and co-learning with their children about virtues like sharing, caring and being protective about loved ones and so much more. Some centres extended the learning by visiting a joint family. Here, the children got a feel of everyone involved, right from the oldest to the tiniest of the family members. Some kids were amused while they learnt about the who’s who of the family. Teachers also elaborated on how being a part of the family is about sharing responsibilities and collaborating in harmony, for instance, the father may help the house with providing financially and may be do the laundry of the members of the house, while the mother is responsible for the food patterns for all the children in the house and the grandmother is the helm of moral building of the family and so much more. With this, children could ably understand the importance of family!

Keeping you posted :

Oi’s Annual Business Meet – Aikya 2016, Many Voices One Vision!

Oi Playschool’s Annual Business Meet was held in July. It was a 3-day event where all corporate and campus staff participated in the insightful training sessions, followed by rewards and recognitions. This 3-day affair also had periods of fun and entertainment for the employees. By the end of it, all the corporate employees and teaching staff were rejuvenated.

Rewards and recognition – COCO (Company Owned Company Operated centres)

Oi Playschool Manikonda makes it big by bagging the Best COCO Team Award. This recognition came as this centre was identified to be the best during the Academic Year 2015-16, in parameters of Excellence in Creativity, Social Media presence, Safety and Hygiene and overall satisfaction from everyone involved..

Franchise Recognition

Franchise Rewards and Recognition’s occasion was graced by the Chairman of People Combine Group, Mr. Naga Prasad Tummala. Oi Franchise centres received awards for their excellent performance in several categories. This meet gave an opportunity to the Business Partners to share their ideas and meet all other Business Partners of Oi.

Activities unplugged

Expressing emotions

Happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear etc are emotions that need to be addressed as early as possible in a child’s life. Teaching kids to experience these emotions and identify them early on in life is essential as it shapes their emotional intelligence of a person, and also creates a fundamental base for how they will react to situations as they grow along in life. Providing expectations about appropriate behaviour through play activities helps them remember and follow situational norms, and behave in ways that are conducive.

To keep the theme going, ‘I Me My’, Oi Playschool Dilsukhnagar conducted a smart emoji activity which was an exemplar of each kind emotion. This activity allowed children to identify different emotions by sorting the colour coded balls. It was adorable to see how the little ones learnt while impersonating these emotions. These simple activities teach the basic emotions vocabulary and situations associated with these emotions.

Tune in and Turn up

Oi Playschool SR Nagar and Jubilee Hills kids went to Radio City 91.1 to find out what happens at a radio station. Kids learned about radio airing, looked at the music library and were interviewed by a RJ. Kids were allowed to go on air and they truly loved their moment of stardom! Thank you Radio City 91.1 for making this trip a fun learning experience for Oi kids!

Click the link below to watch kids going on air.


Here we go to another play chamber

Oi Playschool centres had a fun field trip to a toy shop. This trip was planned based on the on-going theme ‘My Toy Box’. Toddlers explored their way through the empire of toys with absolute delight. It was an enriching experience with a practical exposure to all kind of toys - soft toy, push toy, pull toy and musical toys.

A parent of Oi Playschool Gachibowli shared her experience after this joyous trip.


Know your neighbourhood…

Children do more than just “watch” on field trips; they’re also exploring the world by asking questions, seeking help and looking and listening carefully. We all live in a society and are bound to a neighbourhood. Where we live, who we live with, what we do – all of this leaves an impact on our children. To enrich this knowledge, Oi Playschool centres went to places in their local communities that are important for kids to identify. Children came across community workers on their walk in the neighbourhood which provided lots of learning of the services they offer.

Click the link below to watch Oi SR Nagar kids exploring their neighbourhood.


The bright RED!

Oi Playschool centres celebrated Red Day. Children had dressed up in Red and had brought same coloured snacks from home, like red jelly, jam, strawberries, pomegranates, apples etc.

Oi Dilsukhnagar organised Mr and Ms Red dress-up play activity. Children wore red costumes and spoke a few lines about what they were representing. Getting children engaged in dress-up play provides a perfect platform to develop connectivity and presentation skills along with identifying colours for a long time to come.

National Doctor’s Day

Play is not a departure from learning – learning is at the heart of play. On the occasion of National Doctor’s Day, Oi Playschool Gachibowli and Panjagutta invited a Pediatrician to engage kids with some practical learning. The Doctor demonstrated patient check-up and showed his equipment to children. Children were encouraged to pretend play with their Doctor’s set. Children learn to make informed decisions when they are engaged in pretend play and as they have to make a choice to choose the character they want to portray - Who’s going to be the nurse? Who’s going to be the patient? They also begin to learn organisational and planning skills as they determine the tools that character needs or the props that fit each character.

Simple things make a great show!

Learning through imaginary play has long been recognised as an important component of child development. I-Pretend activity has been one of such activities integrated in Oi Curriculum. Show and tell activity was conducted for PP2 kids of Oi Playschool Manikonda and Chandanagar recently. Children stepped over the platform and spoke about their favourite possessions. Some talked about their favourite toys while some of them put themselves into the shoe of their favourite character/profession.

It was interesting to see a wide display of imagination.

Oi Playschool SR Nagar and Miyapur conducted pretend play for different rooms in a house. Kids could relate activities designated for each room. The activity was very much enjoyed by the kids.

Long long time ago…

Oi Playschool Manikonda and SR Nagar conducted the puppet show act. Puppets are a great way to grab attention and give birth to imagination of children of all ages. It’s pretty much a given that children enjoy visuals than simple narrations. It is an enjoyable way to promote children's learning of new skills and concepts. All the while through the play, children were a good audience while their teachers played the puppeteer role.

Round the corner, Oi Playschool Yelahanka put up a good show for the eyes. Little kids did a role play on – Three Pigs and the Fox. The narration and actions posed by the children reflected their concentration and understanding levels. Such activities are meant for development of listening and speaking skills which were well demonstrated during the play.

Eid Party

To bring in the festive mood of Ramadan, Oi Playschool centres celebrated Eid Party. Children came dressed in traditional Muslim attire. They greeted each other with the quintessential Eid greeting Eid Mubarak and relished the festive delicacy - Sheer Khorma. Centres invited special guests for explaining the significance of this festival to the children. Oi Yelahanka organised a special Puppet show which was enacted by the teachers to show the significance of the festival.

Time again for another muddy treat

Oi Playschool centres conducted sand pouring activity for their toddlers. The ice cream shop activity of Oi Playschool SR Nagar enabled children to fill the containers with the semi-solid substance (wet sand) using a shovel. They had to dig the cone into the wet sand tilting the shovel upwards, lift it slowly in an angle, so that the wet sand goes into the cone. In this way a child develops fine motor and learns to work in teams as an outcome of pretend sand play.

Park bench craft

PP1 kids of Oi Playschool Kanakpura, Alwal and KPHB centres were observed trying hands on making Park Bench craft this month. Kids followed instructions to make ridges on the paper and weave it with straws/popsicles. Some centres used a different technique by aligning and gluing popsicles altogether. End of it, all kids presented their craft with great cheer.

Elementary knowledge

Keeping your kids safe & healthy during rainy season

Temperature fluctuation, chilly weather and rain falls brings with it humidity, flooded roads, mosquitoes, diseases, dirty and unhygienic environments. The chances for airborne and water borne disease becomes max. Health care for children becomes a vital part during monsoon. You need to protect your child from all unhealthy aspects. You can keep your kids stay safe with very simple and easy tips.


The digestive process in kids slows down during monsoons. It is best to give the child balanced healthy home cooked food.

Fruits and vegetables must be washed well before using.

Provide your kids with healthy food to strengthen their immune system. Serve healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. Drinking milk with probiotics can also help build his body’s defences.

Keep the child hydrated by giving enough water and juices throughout the day.

A number of diseases such as amoebiasis, cholera, diarrhoea and more are caused by drinking contaminated water. Make sure that your kids only drink clean water.

Caution from infectants:

Monsoon is also the time when there is water accumulated at places which become breeding ground for mosquitoes and germs causing malaria, dengue and other diseases.

Eliminate their breeding places by keeping the ground clean and dry. It also prevents mosquitoes, flies, and other disease-carrying insects from swarming all over your place.

Make your house insect proof. To keep kids safe from mosquitoes, use insect repellents, lotion and mosquito nets

Doors and windows must be kept closed in the evenings.

Use antiseptic liquids while washing your kid’s clothes & while cleaning the house

Clothe appropriately:

Warm and layered clothing is a must. Buy jackets and all winter essentials (rain coat, umbrella, jackets etc.,) and dress your children warm

Pack a raincoat & water proof shoes in his school bag. These can ensure that they do not get exposed to rain water flowing in the streets which can be full of contaminants.

Umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots are total must-haves for your kids during this season. Whenever you are taking your little one outside in the rainy season, carry an umbrella & a rain coat.

Orient the kids on what they should do:

Tell your children about the risks of getting wet in rain. And teach him to observe healthy habits.

Teach him to use a sanitiser for hand wash. Proper hand washing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of infection.

If he gets drenched in the rain, give him a hot bath with a good antiseptic solution to minimise the chances of getting affected with germs.

Keep his feet dry at all times. Get him used to wearing slippers or socks inside the house.

Keep his nails trimmed. Nail biting habit in children is very dangerous during the rainy season as dirt deposited inside the nails enters the child’s stomach along with food causing stomach infections.

Keep your children’s vaccinations up-to-date. Seek doctor’s advice on getting the right vaccinations to boost their immune system against common childhood illnesses.

Even after taking all the precautions, there are chances your kid might catch a cold or flu. Prepare a kit with medicines after taking proper advice from your pediatrician. Cough syrups, syrups for cold or fever, balms etc. can be added to your kit.

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August Check-List

As the seasons turn, we try to keep ahead of what your 3-year-old needs so that she can enjoy being indoor/outdoor. So, now when the weather is damp, it’s time that your child explores the sights, sounds, tastes and games of the season that will not let them bore.

Oi parents talk

"The Best School I have come across and my kid is so happy to go to school. I can see a lot of changes in my kid. Teachers are so co-operative and am so glad about that. Thank You Oi, Kanakapura Road Branch for brightening up my kid and helping him learn everything".

- Parent of Nihaal Kaushik

"I highly recommend Oi play school for their curriculum and the way of teaching. My child is happy going to school every day and is learning a lot. We are happy with her all round development and thanks to the management for their support and cooperation always. Thank you for the management and Oi team for all the good work they are doing and wish them all the very best".

- Parent of Prithika Chowdary


Oi team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

Next Year – Already!

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