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Issue #23, January 2018


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our newsletter. The New Year brought with it loads of learning about the environment and witnessed our children gear up to keep their surroundings blossoming with plants and trees.
Dressed in tri-colours our little global citizens vigorously marched for the National Assembly and celebrated the republic of India by singing the National Anthem and a range of activities like Show and Tell, Fancy Dress, drawing National Symbols, etc. Children sang patriotic songs and pronounced slogans paying tribute to the national leaders.


By conducting age-appropriate activities and encouraging national celebrations, Oi aims to nurture young children to stand as good citizens.


One of our pre-schooler was drawing a picture. He asked if I would write his Mom's name on it. We had been talking to the children about their names and names of their family member's the week before.

I replied, "Sure. What is Mom's name?" He, without hesitation said "Mom." I tried restating the question with "Yes. You call her Mom. What do other people call your Mom?” He seemed a little confused so then I was more specific,

"What does your Dad call your Mom?”

"OH!" he replied, "Darling!” Preschool humour, got to love it!
– Bhavita Hora,
Nursery teacher, Oi Bellandur

Aanvi Giridhar brings a smile through her questions and replies. Here is an incident as shared by her mother:
When she was just over three years old she was conversing with her cousin. Both were discussing whose mother cooks better. the cousin mentioned 'Aanvi your mother does not cook every day as there is cooking aunty who comes home' my little one did not give up "my mother goes to work” - wow I was overwhelmed.
– Ms. Sowmya, Mother, Oi RMV Extension

About halfway through dinner my 3-year-old daughter asked what the green stuff on dinner bowl was. (Since she is a nit-picker, I generally hide the green stuff in her pasta or rolls.) When I told her it was spinach, she rose up her hands and said, "I want all of it Mumma. My teacher said, “Spinach is full of Vimin A (she means Vitamin) and that makes us strong and healthy." Glad that I will not have to hide the greens in her plate anymore. ☺
- Ananya, Mother, Oi Manikonda


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


Consider planting trees or herbs that is native to your area and one that benefits you in terms of food or animals for pollination. Talk to your child about why growing plants is great for the planet.


Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the river ranges, railways landfills has become a leading source of rubbish. India is on its way to becoming the largest producer of rubbish in the entire world, as was reported in the November, 2013 edition of Nature. Contribute your best to protect your environment adapting a recycling habit today!

Sankranti Celebrations

Through the rich tapestry of kites, folk songs, til chikkis Oi’ites celebrated Makar Sankranti aka Pongal learning about the importance of harvest. Children had a gala time flying kites and sharing sweets with their friends.

Care of Others Teaches us Care of Self

Toy washing is not only popular with children, but it’s also a wonderful practical life activity. Children of Oi Jubilee Hills enjoyed their new play of washing their toys using water sprays, tubs, sponges and towel systematically. Having a large number of steps involved in this activity is wonderful for the child’s concentration and sense of order.

I can Be All I want to Be

Pretending to be a character is definitely is always more than just fun, its imaginative and welcoming. Children of Kadugodi and RMV extension had some fun moments of enacting their imagination during kinder theatre activity, delighting us with their pretend play skills.

Learning about Plant Growth

Seed germination is an important phase of a plant's life. To teach our children seed germination process and track the growth of the seed, our children had hands on with the process.

The learning was extended by taking children on field trip to nursery and florists where they saw different flowers, plants and identified parts of the plant.

It’s Conference Time!

Heading towards the last quarter of this exciting Academic Year, Oi centres called for a PTM in the month of January. Teachers and parents had a special pocket of time together discussing progress of children. It was not just a time to touch base about their child’s development but it was a time to encourage, lift up and cheer our children for the achievements they’ve made so far.

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