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Issue #12, January 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue #12. Our children are all excited and busy in their classes engaging in all activities and also with the Little Star Day rehearsals. We are enjoying their lovely dance moves that even you’re going to witness shortly..

Education World Conference and Pre-school Awards Ceremony 2016 was held on 21st January in Bangalore. Oi Playschool was one of the invitees of this prestigious award ceremony as 13 of our centre’s are listed in the top 20 annual listings released by them for Hyderabad & Bangalore. The EW-ECE National Conference 2017 was addressed by reputed Early Childhood Education Experts and Preschool Edupreneurs. This was followed by the Education World India Preschool Rankings 2016 Awards ceremony.

We are delighted to share that Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills made it to the Safest and the most Hygienic school of the city! We also ranked # 1 in the school with highest Parental Involvement.

All in all 13 Oi Playschool Centres received awards in this year’s Education World Top 20 City-wise Pre-school Rankings in Hyderabad & Bangalore regions.


  • Oi Jubilee Hills at the 2nd spot
  • Oi Banjara Hills at the 6th spot
  • Oi Gachibowli at the 9th spot
  • Oi Vivekanadanagar at the 13th spot
  • Oi KPHB at the 16th spot
  • Oi Nizampet at the 16th spot
  • Oi Manikonda at the 17th spot


  • Oi HSR Layout at the 8th spot
  • Oi RMV Extension at the 14th spot
  • Oi RR Nagar at the 17th spot
  • Oi NR Colony at the 18th spot
  • Oi JP Nagar 19th spot


Keeping you posted:

Bringing you monthly tips and best practices from Expert Educators

Two new episodes of Pre-school Education Expert Talk Series is released on YouTube. In these videos our Pre-school Expert Adilakshmi Chintalapati addresses the important topics of “Fine Motor Skills for your Pre-schooler” and ‘’Gross Motor Skills for your pre-schooler’’

Click here to view the video

Gross Motor skills

Fine Motor skills

If you have a question for our experts: Email us at: info@oiplayschool.com

Activities unplugged:

Parent Teacher Meeting

It was time for another Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) at Oi. All centres invited parents for the 2nd PTM in order to apprise them about their child’s progress. A close partnership between parents and their child’s preschool greatly contributes in the child’s development. The PTM furnished a positive interaction between parents and teachers that enabled exchange of important notes about the child’s development. All the concerns put forth by the parents were addressed making the session smooth and contenting for the parents.

Learning in assorted ways

At Oi, developmentally appropriate activities are always in action to help kids master their developmental milestones. Every activity is connected to specific developmental milestone. Take a glimpse of activities that were conducted across Oi centres this semester.

All these activities although look very simple, aid in developing a sense of order, concentration, independence, confidence, fine & gross motor skills and self-esteem.

International Thank you Day

When it comes to learning golden rules, kids are best to learn it when they get practicing it from an early age. At Oi, right from the toddlers, all kids are well-educated that saying thank you to someone for doing something good to him/her shows that you are a good boy/girl. On the eve of International Thank You Day, children of Oi Panjagutta, Oi Banashankari and Oi NR made thank you cards for all the people who make their life beautiful. Children wrote their own thank you messages; some by drawing stars, and some by leaving their hand impressions.

Close to the nature

Going with the theme ‘Exploring plants’, Oi Kasturi Nagar, Oi JP Nagar, Oi Kanakpura, Oi Banashankari and Oi Attapur and Oi Panjagutta planned a trip to a park. The children had fun collecting different flowers, straw and dried leaves. Back to the school, children of Oi Kasturi Nagar had a planting activity to provide some hands on experience on growing plants. Such sessions provide outside learning experiences and students also got an opportunity to observe the variety of plants in the park closely.

Refreshing their prior knowledge about the parts of a plant and what a plant needs, Oi Kanakpura displayed plant parts like seeds, roots, stem and leaves for kids to have a closer look.

Sankranti celebrations

Festival celebrations at preschool help the children to understand the significance of the festivities whilst encouraging bonding, sharing joy and happiness with others. The vibrant festival of Sankranti was celebrated across Oi Centres like Oi Kanakpura, Oi Banashankari, Oi Panjagutta, Oi JP Nagar, Oi Nallagandla, Oi Gachibowli, Oi Mahendra Hills, Oi HSR Layout, Oi Chandanagar, Oi Miyapur, Oi Kasturi Nagar with great zeal. Children enthralled the celebrations by learning how to make some beautiful kites and flew them in the sky. Centres also invited parents to participate in Rangoli making. Later everyone relished the festive delicacies sent by the parents.

Tots do it with flair!

Oi Attapur and Oi Kanakpura kids have been having fun with their new painting style. Kids were given ice cube paints and allowed to have an unstructured painting. Kids loved to swirl the melting paint over paper, creating beautiful designs. One important observation made by the kids here was the solid ice melts into liquid. Ice painting is also a great tool to teach about colour mixing.

Republic Day

National Day celebrations aid in instilling patriotism in our future citizens. This year children of Oi Nallagandla, Oi Attapur, Oi Gachibowli, Oi Chandanagar, Oi Mahendra Hills, Oi HSR Layout, Oi Kanakpura, Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi NR Colony celebrated Republic Day by participating in a variety of celebrative activities. The day started with a special assembly where children sang the National Anthem. All children had come dressed as National heroes and in the shades of the Flag colours. Kids were also encouraged to say a few words about the country just as simple as ‘I LOVE INDIA’ and naming the national symbnols, flag colours etc. End of it, children were served tri-colour snacks sent by the parents to keep the theme & enthusiasm flowing.

Kinder Theatre

Theatre addresses the skills which are required in children’s developmental learning process. Drama lets your child learn the most important life skill i.e, self-expression. Taking the stage this month were children of Oi Panjagutta and Oi RMV Extension. Students performed skits on ‘The farmer, his son and their donkey’, ‘Peep Plants a Seed’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. It was a proud moment for the parents to see their kids coming forward and standing out. Although the performance comes with planning, but the final result is always beautiful because we watch our children showcase their creation.

Trip to florist

With the ongoing them ‘Colourful flowers’, Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi Panjagutta had a visit to the florist shop. Children could not contain their excitement as they were exposed to so many beautiful flower bouquets around. They were introduced to Marigold, Rose and Jasmine.

Little toddlers of Oi Panjagutta and Oi Nallagandla were engaged with some interesting activities like leaf painting, leaf pressing, picking and dropping petals with tong and tweezer that used fine motor and gross motor skills.

Students of Oi Banashankari, Oi Kanakpura who were also observed engaged in flower arrangement activity which added on to their exploration on flowers.

Pretend play

Where can you find police officers, doctors, princesses, and farmer all engrossed in their work side by side? In a pre-schoolers’ pretend play of course! Pretend play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their interests, likes and dislikes. At Oi, pretend play is an integral part of the curriculum. It was Oi Banashankari this month to conducted I-pretend activity for its students. There was a wide display of imagination as we saw children picking up varied roles. Kids truly mesmerised their parents by delivering their role with great ease and flair. Pretend play activity is much more than simple play; it builds skills in many essential developmental areas.

Spectacular Sky

Oi Panjagutta conducted pretend activity for the theme ‘Spectacular Sky’. To reinforce their knowledge about land and water bodies kids had a pretend sand play where children participated in making sand mountain, river bodies and added colours and plants to make the whole activity scenic Later to allow the learning cement , kids were given appropriate props and costumes for the role play.

Going with the same theme, Oi Panjagutta, Oi Attapur, Oi Kanakpura and Oi Kasturi Nagar made models of globe and solar system to throw light on the transition of day and night, solar system and land & water bodies. Just getting introduced to these topics in the early years can have significant impact on their future learning. Science particularly stands as an important domain in early childhood to build important skills and makes children discover the world around them.

Clean teeth are happy teeth

To prevent early childhood cavities in pre-school aged children, scheduling regular dental checkups is important. Oi Kanakpura organised a dental check-up for their students with an objective to examine oral habits, including tongue thrusting, lip sucking and thumb sucking; and to track developmental milestones of teething. During the camp, the dentists shared tips with children to keep gums and teeth healthy.

SLC & Open house activity

Oi RMV Extension held Student led Conference for their PP1 students this month. During the session, students led the conference by taking parents through his/her learning stations that explain about the concepts they’ve learnt so far. Parents were much excited to collect their children’s portfolios that show what skills the child has acquired over a period of time and witness children doing activities at each learning station put up in their classroom.

On the other side, Oi Panjagutta invited parents of toddlers and nursery for Open House activity. The session aimed to brief the parents of their child’s learnings so far. Parents got a good chance to watch their children do tasks independently and also see them follow instructions given by their class teacher. SLC and Open House activities help parents take a brief outlook of their child’s learning and also the teaching styles followed at the preschool.

Creatures of the sky

PP2 kids of Oi Panjagutta & Oi Attapur introduced to the topic of ‘Aerial birds’. Kids learnt about flying birds and flightless birds. They were shown bird nest to further explain about their habitat, the food they eat and about the way they take care of their babies.

Time for a muddy treat

Nursery students of Oi Attapur, Oi Panjagutta and Oi Kasturi Nagar were caught frolicking in sand recently. Kids were let loose to get the most of the sand play. Children played in the sand by digging, building, sifting and exploring throughout the time. They built sand castles, digged out holes and made molds to give shape to their imaginary castle and indulged into the play completely.

Elementary knowledge

Quick tips for organizing your child’s playroom

One of the biggest challenge you’ll have with kids is to keep your home and particularly the child’s play room organised. Sometimes you’ll see only toys and toys everywhere and you’ll be held up with cleaning the mess in the playroom. But you know what, organising a child’s playroom is not as difficult as one might think if you maintain an organisational system. Below are some quick tips for organising your child’s playroom.

View the organisational system from your child’s level

First thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re organizing the playroom for your child. So you got to make it easy for them. Use storage bins that are not too tall and keep the storage items low to the ground for easy access. And put his/her favourite toys within sight.

Label everything

Labelling drawers will ease in finding toys. It is preferred to use picture labels so it’s easier for kids to identify what toys go where.

Storage is the key

Pack small items like puzzle or board game units in zip-lock bags. And use big bowls for holding crayons and other colours. Once the child is done playing, have them toss their stuff into respective storage bins. This keeps the floor un-scattered.

Use see-through bins

Sort toys into see-through boxes for easy visibility and place it on shelves that the child can reach. These translucent storage boxes will let the child find her toys easily.

Display your child’s work

It is always nice for children to see that they have done. Use clipboards to display their art work. And make a chalkboard wall to capture your kid’s doodles. This can become a source of creative expression that kids will love to see.

Zone the playroom

Separate play equipment into different zones. Creating different zones for different activities will help you find the play tools easily and store them back easily. Say soft toys in the net, storage table for colouring and drawing tools and bins for puzzle and board games etc.

Clear some space

The best way to get space is to remove everything that’s not in use. Throw out all the broken, missing pieces then work with the child to know what toys he/she doesn’t like to play with so you can look for donating a few. Make de-cluttering a regular practice because as children grow, they outgrow their toys and you can keep clearing off some space.

Pitch in kids for playroom cleaning

Tame your kids to put up their toys or paints or books at the end of playtime. To keep kids work in the same way, make cleaning a chore and hang a chore rating chart in the playroom. Give stars each day for completing the cleaning task and end the play with everything in place.

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February Check-list

To incorporate some more fun learning to your child’s idle time, we bring to you another list of activities that you can do with your child.

See what Oi parents have to say:

“Feeling extremely comfortable and satisfied as a parent. The sense of security I have as a mother regarding the school is very high. Thank You.”

-Sri Ramya Parent of Ashish - Nursery, Oi Mahendra Hills

“It was great to send Kiaan to Oi Jubilee Hills to the daycare every single day.He really adjusted well with the friendly staff and children. He was ever ready, each morning to go to Oi. Thanks to all for having him enjoy his days at Oi. We would have liked him to continue, if it was not the time constraint. It's very unfortunate. Thanks for everything; he and we will definitely miss Oi Jubilee Hills :(“

- Nikkila Reddy Parent of Kiaan, Oi Jubilee Hills

“We have observed lot of improvement in Visruth. Thanks for the involvement. He was very happy about Balloon painting. He also performs some dance and most of the time speak about teachers. Hope he will enjoy in Day Care with your support and guidance.”

- Parent of Visruth (Day care), Oi HSR layout

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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