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Valentines month is a sweet one. Giving out cards and receiving one is fun. A moment to show you care becomes a reason for celebration. Chocolates and candies are sweet presents for me too. I love showing all my love to you, how about you?

It is the little things, little actions, and little gestures of our little ones that bring happiness to us. Treasure these precious moments while they are still young.

Oi Playschool centres of Hyderabad & Bangalore are celebrating their Annual Little Stars Day. Little Stars Day at Oi is a celebration graced by the top dignitaries of the city, hosted in grand auditorium of Oakridge International School.

The show started with our tiny tots tapping their feet on jingles followed by Nursery taking over the stage with some “aww-so-cute” moves. And finally the kindergarteners rocking the dance floor with individual acts and group performances. Little ones performing on the stage, overwhelmed with emotions of joy, nervousness and excitement was an accomplishment by itself. All the performances were a candy to the eyes. Kudos to the Oi Team and our super talented Oi’ites who made the show delightful.

Conducted in the presence of loving parents and well-wishers of the Oi family, Little Stars Day continues remains a grandeur celebration.



Gearing up for Summer Camp

Happy to announce that this summer, we’re back with an all exciting summer camp SPLASH TALES that is perfect for providing water fun along with holistic development. Let your children dive into a world of fun, be crafty, adventurous and imaginative.

Oi Expert Talk Series

Early Childhood Education Expert, Ms. Lydia Christina (Headmistress - Oakridge International School) shares important insights on the role of storytelling in a child's development. Click to view the video If you have a question for our experts: Email us at: info@oiplayschool.com

Oi Family is Growing

Three new blossoming trees in the Oi Playschool orchard are ready to share the sweet fruits of early childhood education in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bachupally and Pragathi Nagar! We are NOW OPEN and welcoming tiny tots to join a School Sooooo Good they'll want to take Papa Along to join their fun!

Recently I was explaining to my daughter that the nanny who used to take care of her when she was a toddler will be back to care for her. She asked 'do I need to become a toddler again for her to take care of me?' stumped us here!
– Soumya, Oi RMV Extension

I have been to Anirudh’s Student Led Conference recently. My favourite part of the conferences was watching Anirudh and other students greet their families and share their achievements with so much confidence and fervour. I was incredibly happy to see how far my child has come.
– Pooja Jaiswal , Oi Mahendra Hills

I was observing my classroom of children while they were drawing. I would occasionally walk around to see each child's work.

As i got to little Sarah who was working diligently, i asked what the drawing was. Sarah replied, 'I'm drawing God.'

I paused and said, 'But no one knows what God looks like.'

Sarah replied, wait a minute. You will know after I finish my drawing. What a faith and pure innocence a child can have! I was amazed!
- Bhavita Hora, Nursery B1, Oi Bellandur


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


Instead of getting rid of your kids favourite shrinked t-shirts, retain them and turn that favorite -shirt into a very gushy play pillow!


Recycle empty cardboard boxes in your house and make a storage station for your child to store anything.

Let’s go to the Zoo

It was a Jungle Fun Fiesta for Oi’ites this month! After learning about different types of animals by food, our children went on a safari to the Zoo. Here, they caught the glimpse of the swinging monkey, hefty elephant, jumping kangaroo, oh-so-tall giraffe, crawling turtle and the roaring lion. It was totally a thrilling experience for our little ones.

Back to the school, children were observed getting crafty with the theme. With lots of crafts to choose from and plenty of opportunities for learning, it was a really fun theme.

Junk foods fine only once in a while because I care of my smile

Preschool years are key for teaching kids about healthy and unhealthy food. Here, our preschoolers did a sorting activity to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food and their impact on the teeth. The activity was not just fun, but had some serious implications as evident in their snack boxes from the day after.

Dress-up, because today I want to be a fairy!

Children throughout the ages have enjoyed dressing up in costumes and pretend playing. Whether your child is a dragon, a farmer, a princess, or a latest Disney character, your child’s imagination is going into high gear when he/she puts on a costume! Oi Playschool welcomed them all on the same platform to bring their favourite character to life. It was enthralling to watch them enact out their character with so much flair.

Meeting Ollie’s buddies

Further after learning about the jungle animals, children were introduced to aquatic animals. Colorful fishes, fancy stone decorations, and lush green flora in the aquarium were a delight to the eyes of the children. To our wonder, many children could relate our mascot Ollie to the fishes.

Credits for Visual delight:

Oi Playschool – Panjagutta, Banashankari, Kanakapura, Jubilee Hills, Botanical Garden, Padmanabhanagar, RMV Extension and Bellandur.


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