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Issue #13, February 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue #13. The season of Little Stars Day has arrived at Oi Playschool! It’s a grand spectacle event to celebrate and elevate the talents of Oi’ites.

Annual Day at Oi is a celebration graced by the top dignitaries of the city. Oi Playschool centres of Hyderabad & Bangalore celebrated their Little Stars Day in the grand auditorium of Oakridge International school Gachibowli, Bachupally, Sarjapura and some other venues. The events marked the beginning by lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the chief guests. Each and every child of Oi participated in the event starting from tiny toddlers tapping their feet on lovely jingles followed by Nursery tots showing their mind blowing moves. This, followed by mesmerizing performances of PP1 and PP2 students enthralled the proud parents. There were classical dances, patriotic performances, disco numbers and even some interesting individual acts across the centres.

Centres picked unique themes and conceptualized it into a very child oriented programme. While some of them took us round the country giving flashes from snowy Kashmir to tropical Tamil Nadu and from western Gujarat to quaint Assam; others celebrated vintage weekend which held the audience in awe as the show unfolded popular Doordarshan programs like chitrahar, golden advertisements etc one after the other.

It was truly a treat to the eyes for all the parent and doting guests present on the occasion. The entire program credits goes to the Oi team who had put in their amazing creative thoughts and made the show élite and of course our tiny tots without whom this couldn’t have happened.

Some of the themes picked up by the centres are:

Oi Jubilee Hills - Classic rural

Oi Manikonda- The vintage weekend

Oi Mahendra Hills – Tribute to Indian sports

Oi JP Nagar - Retro theme party

Oi HSR Layout - Essence of life

Oi HRBR and RMV - Unity in diversity

Activities unplugged:

Themes of the month –

Learning water ways

Oi Gachibowli and Oi Panjagutta toddlers were introduced to the theme ‘On the water’. Kids were given an introduction to boat, ship and water safety rules. Tots enjoyed making of paper boats and sailing it in the water pool.

In the sea

Going with the theme ‘In the sea’, children of Oi Padmanabhanagar, Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi Panjagutta were introduced to aquatic animals, their food and habitat. Where on one hand, children of Oi Padmanabhanagar were allowed to sort the animals according to their habitat, on the other hand children of Oi Panjagutta learnt the concept by display of scenic models of aquatic life. These exercises helped children understand about the habitat and speciality of aquatic animals.

Deep in the jungle

Oh, my! Tigers, elephants, and monkeys! All spotted in the deep jungle of Oi SR Nagar unleashing their wild curiosity in the jungle set up done at their premises.In this mini jungle we caught the glimpse of prawling panther, hefty elephant, hopping frog, crawling turtle and the inevitable roaring lion.

To give the children some real experience, children from Oi NR Colony boarded on the zoo safari to take an exciting tour through the zoo to learn about jungle animals.

On the other end of the Oi world, kids of Oi Kasturi Nagar, Oi Padmanabhanagar and Oi Panjagutta were observed getting crafty with the theme. Oi Panjagutta set out the jungle in the sand with dried grass and a bowl of water and some fake ferns. Children took turns placing the animals in the environment they think the animal would like best. With lots of crafts to choose from and plenty of opportunities for learning, it was a really fun theme.

On the road

Teaching road safety to toddlers and pre-schoolers is very essential. The fundamentals of road safety need to be introduced to pre-school children as it brings awareness and gives them practical understanding of the rules while travelling. To equip the children with practical knowledge, Oi SR Nagar kids were allowed to have a demonstration of the learning in their school traffic park. On similar lines, Oi Panjagutta learnt the road safety measures by a pretend play.

The theme witnessed variety of learning styles which suit the different levels of learning for this age group. At Oi Padmanabhanagar and Oi Kasturi Nagar, kids learnt the traffic rules with their favourite car play on the road track model. The road track model was colourful, imaginative and covered key aspects of road journey such as – zebra crossing, side walk, signal pole and road sign boards. Through such practical interactive play children respond quickly to learning and it will have a much more lasting effect.

Some basic rules learnt during the session were – ‘Look both ways before crossing the street,’ ‘hold your parents when outside,’ ‘never chase anything into the street,’ ‘walk on the sidewalk.’

Special activity series-

It’s Pajama time!

Pajama party is yet another enthralling activity at Oi. Oi Kanakpura, OiHRBR Layout and Oi RMV Extension organized pajama party for their kids recently. They set up room with pillows and cozy comforters to make the children feel welcomed. Children came dressed up in pajamas with an ecstasy to have a sleepover with their peers. Children enjoyed participating in an array of activities like gazing the stars, setting sky lantern to fly and so much more. Children went to sleep snuggling in their tents, listening to the bed-time story from their teachers. Next morning, kids were taken for a nature walk and made to do some morning exercises for a healthy start of the day. Pyjama party was a good opportunity to inculcate some good bedtime and morning habits among our young children.

Gala kids’ fest!

Oi SR Nagar conducted a very special event for kids in their society. The fest welcomed hundreds of children participate in activities like Puppet show, Well baby show, quiz competition, fun games, art & craft activities and lots more! There were fun activities for parents as well! All in all it was a celebration of being a child!

World Thinking Day

"World Thinking Day", the day when Girl Scouts and girls around the planet participate in activities and projects with global themes.

In order to emphasize the global aspect of this special day, Oi Playschool NR Colony introduced an important learning about ‘Self safety’. They conducted an audio-visual session kids were shown a video which clearly explained the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touching, safe circle and stranger danger.

Eco care

“From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.” Children of Oi Padmanabhanagar were introduced to the theme ‘Grow’ during Explorative Friday of the month. (Explorative Friday is the third Friday of the month where we conduct different activities to raise eco-consciousness in kids).

Children participated in watering plants and were thus explained how planting a tree makes a difference.

Love is in the air

Oi Playschool Mahendra Hills celebrated Valentines Day. At Oi, Valentine’s Day is to mark love for all. Kids made cards to express gratitude towards their loved ones. The practice of crafting cards for everyone in the class and also for their loved ones at home is a little gesture of love. It’s something children greatly enjoy. After all it’s the little things that you do to show love and care brings in more happiness.

March Check-list

If you’re home and hear your child using those three dreaded words ‘I’m bored’, wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of things on the go? Run down the below check-list to keep your child entertained.

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See what Oi parents have to say:

“My child Sejal is currently studying at the Oi Playschool Panjagutta and I am extremely happy and satisfied. All the teachers there are very friendly and patient to address all our queries. They conduct a wide variety of learning activities and my daughter is learning so much every day.

Would definitely recommend this place for parents looking to enroll their child in a pre-school.”

- Chetna and yogesh Parent of Sejal - Nursery - Oi Panjagutta

“Oi is one of the best playschool I have ever known. It boosts my baby’s confidence. Their innovative ways help the child to groom better and be a better human being. Thank you Oi Mahendra Hills.“

- Anjali yadav Parent of Ayaan, Toddler

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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