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Issue #02, February, 2016

Dear Parent,

Welcome to Oi Moments, Issue #2. We hope you enjoy this new way to keep you up-to-date with the Oi developments and happenings so you never miss out!

Oi Playschool centres of Hyderabad & Bangalore celebrated their Annual Little Stars Day in the month of February and March in the grand auditorium at Oakridge International School. The Event was conducted in the presence of doting parents, eminent guests and well-wishers of the Oi family.

Oi believes in shaping individuality in preschoolers, so the stage was set for kids to unveil their show. Tiny tots with their tender feet did adorable moves on the jingles played by their mentors. And finally, the senior preschoolers charmed the audience with their magical dance steps. It was not just a performance but the kids were seen completely involved in it. Children’s dancing on the stage was a unique feat by itself. It was a grand event where all children performed on the stage and received mementos for their mind blowing performance. The function was graced by the top dignitaries of the city.

Every centre had their unique concept and theme for the Day. While some centres took the traditional cultural route, there were some who took the modern hip-hop route. There were classical dances, patriotic performances, disco numbers and even some interesting individual acts. It was a visual treat for the parents when they saw their kids on stage depicting various expressions of joy, nervousness and excitement. It was a proud moment for all the parents present there and one could not but notice the pure joy and happiness on their faces! The program was ably put up by the wonderful Oi teachers, whose hard work and creative ideas made the show a pure delight.

Keeping you posted :

Oi jingles on air

Have you heard Oi’s latest Radio Jingle! Well if you haven’t, tune-into Bangalore RADIO CITY 91.1 FM to listen to the interesting jingles from Oi Playschool. Here are the JINGLES that will be playing on radio throughout the month of March in Bangalore


Bringing you monthly tips and best practices from Expert Educators

Watch the second video from our Pre-school Expert Adilakshmi Chintalapati. This video features the important topic of ‘’Five stages of writing development in children’’. Click to view the video

Oi summer camp is here!

Oi Playschool brings to you Summer Explorer, a unique and holistic summer camp program that allows children to channel all their summer enthusiasm in an intelligent and creative way. The first of its kind summer camp program will feature four weekly camps – Camp Art, Camp Craft , Camp Story and Camp Games. Each Camp has been designed in a unique way so as to introduce new concepts and skills to children in fun & creative way!

Proud to announce

Oi Playschool, Gachibowli has been certified to be the Best Territory committed to the work of ECA (2015-16). Mehek, Centre Manager of Oi Playschool, Gachibowli was accredited for her remarkable contribution towards Early Childhood Association.

Also another proud moment was when You & I Magazine featured Pooja Mitra, director of Oi Playschool, Banjara Hills, in their Republic Day Issue. In the article, Pooja deliberates the importance of value-added education in today’s world and its role in development of the nation as a whole.

Franchise Recognition

Oi Playschool held its Annual Business Meet recently at Hyderabad & Bangalore. It was honored by the presence of Mr. Naga Prasad Tummala, Chairman of People Combine. Oi Franchise centers received awards for their excellent performance in several categories. This meet gave an opportunity to the Business partners to share their ideas and meet all other Business partners of Oi.

Moment of Pride

Oi-ite Vrishas from Oi Playschool, Karmanghat has won the Honorable mention award for ‘The Frogs Are Green’ International Art Contest 2015 in the 3-6 years category. Have a look at little Vrishas’ beautiful imagination.


Activities Unplugged :

Events and celebrations bring different colors of joy and happiness. Let’s take a stroll down to the events gone by:

1) Pretend & Play

Learning through imaginary play has long been recognized as an important component of child development. To relate this, I-Pretend activity is integrated in Oi Curriculum. Role play is an extremely social act. It involves cognitive, imaginative, creative, emotional and social aspects. In essence, role play let’s kids put themselves in someone else’s shoes and develops an art of perception. All Oi centres conducted this activity with great zeal. It was exciting to watch the imaginary play of little dreamers. Kids came dressed in costumes and used props to enact out their chosen character. Kids brought play kitchens, doll houses, play shops etc., to bring their imaginary play to life.

Oi Playschool, Nizampet welcomed little dentist, police, teacher, chef, postman and shopkeeper on the event. It was amazing to see kids positively interacting with their peer and adults in the tone of their character.

Oi Playschool, Kothapet related its pretend play activity with the ongoing theme ‘Transport’. Kids enjoyed the play thoroughly

Oi Palyschool, Panjagutta and Chandanagar kids have been having fun with box cars for the activity-Pretend play. Curious toddlers love to be given a simple task and follow instructions. They recollected the traffic rules learnt earlier in their classroom and were making strides to follow the rules in their pretend play with cars.

2) It’s Pajama time!

Pajama party is yet another enthralling activity included in the Oi Curriculum. Oi Playschool centres conducted their pajama party event in the last month.

Pajama parties are a great way to culminate lessons on sleeping habits. Children had fun participating in "sleepover" with their classmates. They experienced bed time fun by watching movie, having circle story time, watching the stars, enjoying some music around the bon-fire and finally snuggling in their tents after the bed time story. The next morning started off right with routine morning habits (wake up early, make your bed, brush your teeth, go for a walk, eat a healthy breakfast to start the day right.)

Pajama party was a massive hit in Bangalore centres as Oi Playschool Sahakar nagar and HRBR Layout had an overnight pajama bash up with their kids.

3) Close to Nature

Oi playschool HSR Layout, Chandanagar, Nallagandla and Padmanabhanagar planned a trip to the park for the theme- Seed I Grow. The children had fun seeing all the big trees, plants and dried leaves around the ground. They attempted climbing the trees, collected diverse leaves and learnt the parts of the plants. This direct experience of nature helped them relate to the magic of photosynthesis. Learning in assorted ways can appeal to visual, auditory as well as kinesthetic learners.

For the theme- Seed I grow, Oi Playschool Manikonda conducted Growing plant activity. The Children showed good participation in digging, planting, watering and mulching. Kids used a shovel to dig a hole to plant the seeds and happily watered the seedlings they planted. They took pride to water the seedlings as they know they were helping the plant grow.

5) Clean teeth are happy teeth

Early dental visits are part of a child’s experience and it is important that we make this experience positive and constructive. To foster good dental habits, Oi Playschool, HSR Layout and Chandanagar recently conducted a Dental Check-up camp for all their children. Kids were excited to get their check-up done and learn about dental care.

6) It’s time for Summer sun and fun!

With summer on your door step and vacations coming sooner, it’s time to bring on the summer fun. To kick off the summer with a bang, Oi Playschool, Nagarbhavi organized a beach party to let their kids welcome the season. Teachers conducted an activity depicting summer beach party with the help of a Pool, Umbrellas, Hat, Sunglasses and beach snacks of course. Kids adored the beach set up while enjoying the sensory play activities.

7) Visit to the green grocers

Oi Playschool, Mahendra Hills, Tolichowki and Nizampet went on a trip to the greengrocer. The kids walked around the store observing the food items neatly stacked on the shelves, enjoying the coolness of the freezer and differentiating between healthy and junk food. This trip offered a great learning opportunity as kids saw variety of vegetables and fruits. It was a sensory experience for the tots as they got to touch, smell and recognize the groceries they had learnt in their classroom.

8) Exploring aquatics

Visit to the aquarium was all that was required to boost up the energy of Oi, Mahendra Hills smarties. Colorful fishes, fancy stone decorations, and lush green water plants were a delight to the eyes of the children. A briefing of the aquarium by the manager educated the kids on the need of conserving the aquatic life. The session aided in cementing this concept into the child's long-term memory.

9) Barn yard bash

With great exuberance, Oi Playschool, RT nagar organized their farm party. With a bit of Baa baaa, moo moo, oink oink, quack quack, neigh neigh, the Oi farm party was tremendous hit with the kids. Kids came dressed in their farm costumes and thrived into the farm celebrations. They experienced fishing, milking cows, horse riding, bird watching and observed many more farm animals. All in all it was an indelible day!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

10) At the Zoo

Oi Playschool, Nallagandla had their visit to the Zoo. Children saw wild and aquatic animals. They were thrilled to see the wild animals live in front of their eyes. It was an amazing day filled with amusement, fun and zeal.

After their visit to the Zoo, Oi Playschool Nallagandla kids couldn’t resist but make the dummy zoo in their school.

11) Pumped up for gaming

Oi Playschool Gachibowli, RMV Extension and Coffee Board Layout took their kids to sports store to provide them concrete information on the theme ‘Sports’. Kids got to see variety of sports equipment all at once. The staff showed sports goods to the children and encouraged the kids to have hands on to the games. By the end of the trip, each kid had a favorite sport to cherish.

Oi Playschool RMV extension extended this learning by turning the school into the stadium. The Oi stadium geared up kids by setting miscellaneous sport zones within the premises. Parents were invited to participate with their kids in different sport activities set at the school premises.

12) Little Stars Day

Little Stars day was celebrated across Oi centres with every centre picking a unique theme.
Oi Playschool, Manikonda picked a transnational theme for their kids. They dressed the venue as an International Airport. Parents were given boarding pass and feedback tickets at check-in counter to board into Oi Airways 123. Parents were welcomed to the flight by the pilot (Centre manager). Thereon, the kid crew took the parents on board. The parents’ faces were expressions of amazement as their kids showcased performances from round the world.

Class-room Magic

Students learn through their participation in indoor/outdoor activities by gathering information and articulating what they have discovered. An Indoor/outdoor activity implicates creative ways of play, instills cooperation as it includes shared play and team work and channels enthusiasm in doing something productive. Let’s take a prevue of some featured indoor activities conducted at Oi centres to engage children in informal, experiential learning through play.

A Parent and Child game competition was held in Oi Playschool, HSR Layout for the theme- Indoor and Outdoor. All parent and children actively participated in all the games both indoor games like snakes and ladder, ludo, carom board, chess and outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, with lots of fun and excitement.

Oi Playschool, Mahendra Hills juniors were seen enthralling their new play ‘car wash’ activity this month. Junior champs showed off their spirit in this Car wash challenge. What’s more contenting is the stability and coordination developed through this activity. The sponge and bucket activity is purposed to improve the hand strength and cordiantion.

What’s more fun than snacks and crafts, right? It was a fun day at Oi Playschool HSR Layout, as kids learned how to make craft using Apples.

To develop early numeracy skills in children, they have to experience the numbers using concrete material which can strengthen the skill. To nurture age appropriate numbers in their kids, Oi Playschool Kothapet and Kphb conducted interesting Number activities - ‘Aiming the number’ and ‘Math dice’. Number concepts were well utilized in these activities and kids practiced the skill thoroughly during these play activities.

Oi Playschool, Attapur toddlers learnt some craft activities based on the theme ‘Transport’. Tots were observed building their own aircraft to zip around the world and sail their boats across the ocean.

PP1 Kids at Oi Nallagandla have been doing various activities like bear puppet craft, hippo craft, hand printing, lion craft and octopus craft

Elementary knowledge

To dear toddler mammies,

There are times when you are rattled because you find your parenting stumped. Every stage of parenthood has its pros and cons. It gets better. It gets worse. It just appears in different forms. What I mean by this is parenting is no easier unless you love learning. You determine your parenting style through trial and error, expert opinions, reading books etc. But in true terms, you’ll learn it when you see your child growing in the shade of your parenthood. Parenting is a learned behavior – you can improve, you can develop skills and you can grow and change. Growing together is the key to Creative Parenting!

5 Ways to Enjoy Parenting More!

  • Take yourself as a role model – Children learn from what they see and observe. They try to imitate the behavior of their parents and family members. Examine yourself and your habits. Set yourself as an example for your children.
  • Be a combination of flexible and consistence - As kids grow, even you need to mold your style of parenting. Find balance in the changing styles and adapt that flow throughout the growing stage of your child. With this consistency even your children will understand the expectations and limits that you’ve set.
  • Trust your intuition - Even when you are in your early stages of parenting, know that you know your child the best. Take opinions but observe your child’s needs closely. Trusting yourself is the stable strand to follow.
  • Slow down - Not easy as said but these are the moments that will add to your memories. 5 years from now, when you are navigating the toddler years of your child in your memory, you will cherish every remembrance. Value the family time now and always!
  • Me time - Make time for yourself. You know the whole ‘’You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first’’ trite but true. You deserve a ‘Me’ time. Take a nap, go for a cup of coffee with a friend, and meditate to relax yourself. This is very important to ably enjoy parenting.

Here’s a high five to all you wonderful parents working hard to raise beautiful future adults.

Parent confidently!

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