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Issue #22, December 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our newsletter for this New Year. With our youngest members we all know that every day is an amazing opportunity to create beautiful experiences. Let’s welcome this year with festivities of the kite flying festival – bright, colourful and soaring high! We would like to take this opportunity to take you back to some wonderful Christmas and New Year memories, frozen in time.


Christmas at Oi is one of the most cherished celebrations, and the legacy continued even this year in a series of activities. Wrapping presents, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cakes, sharing smiles, singing carols and the best part…meeting Santa Claus. Dressed as Santa and his squad, Oi’ites spread cheer for a bright, new beginning of yet another year.



Moment of Glory!

Oi Playschool hosted its Annual Business Partner Rewards & Recognition 2016-17 for Hyderabad & Bangalore centres. Oi Franchise centres were awarded for their excellent performance in several categories. Business partners also participated in an insightful training session on Styles of Leadership facilitated by Mr. Raj – MD, People Combine.

My daughters Anira and Arina are studying in PP2. I came here for their student led conference. My girls were able to explain about all learning corners confidently. I see a good improvement in them. Love you kids. Keep rocking Oi Panjagutta!
- M. Megildha

Chaanu is fond of monopoly and to win the game she’d tear the notes in order to double them up. I adored her cute acts and we continued to play with those torn notes only. One fine day she told us that torn notes are not accepted by the seller and made us replace the game money; guess she got some money lessons at school. Now we don’t have to keep her away from real money. ☺
- Jagdishwar

After the last year Secret Sana surprise from Oi Team, my child is so excited to welcome his Santa home this year. He has been practicing writing letters to Santa since the start of December and no wonder he has improvised his writing, decipherable enough through Santa’s glasses. ☺
- Sumedha

Our little one has started to place milk and cookies for Santa, awaiting Santa Surprise from his Oi Playschool. ☺
- Sreenik


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


For kids, this is a fantastic way to recycle old t-shirts. Turn that old T-shirt into a vegetable bag or a shopping bag.



Take advantage of the car pooling options available or even better take advantage of complimentary public transport.


Going Monochrome

Winter was the best time to introduce the colours white and black. Alongside introducing the colours, the theme integrated learning about winter, snow and night chills. Dressed in black and white children were able to exclaim what colours they saw around without prompting. They even named the other colours they learnt earlier.

Let’s Pretend While We Have Some Fun

Nurturing creativity and conversations, we provided our pre-schoolers with some props, encouraging pretend play. It was fascinating to watch our playroom get transformed into a pirate ship, a hospital, a house and so on. As we see our tots assuming different roles and act them out, ranging from a superhero to sometimes mom and dad, either way it fills us with wonder. Most importantly, pretend play results in lasting natural learning.

Student-Led Conference

Half-way through the AY, our children were all ready to showcase their learnings to their parents. With great pride and confidence, our tots welcomed their parents and gave them a school tour, explaining about their learning zones and classrooms that displayed the masterpieces done so far. Some of the parents were taken by surprise to see their little ones speak about their school and do activities independently. It was a delight to see the twinkle in their eyes seeing their accomplishment.

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