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Issue #11, December 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue #11. We hope everyone enjoyed your winter vacation, we are very excited as it is the New Year in Oi Playschools.

December has been a busy and fun month filled with Christmas and New Year celebrations, and so much more. We are always surprised at how fast the time goes by, and finding our kids are so comfortable with the preschool routine and experiencing new wonders, new skills and crossing new milestones. 2016 year end witnessed enthralling celebrations at all Oi centres. - Oi JP Nagar, Oi Kanakapura, Oi Kasturi Nagar, Oi Coffee Board Layout, Oi Banashankari, Oi Padmanabhanagar, Oi Chandanagar, Oi Gachibowli, Oi SR Nagar, Oi Jubilee Hills, Oi Mahendra Hills, Oi Nallagandla. All centres were beautifully decorated to welcome Santa. The children enjoyed participating in decorating the Christmas tree, cookie decoration and singing carols at their preschool and even had a briefing about the message of Christmas i.e spreading joy of giving and sharing with others. While all the merry making was happening, our Santa came in with gifts for every child that brought lots of joy to kids.

Keeping you posted:

Oi Playschool WINS IT AGAIN

Featuring in the Top 20 List of Education World’s ranking is an honour every educationist awaits! We are proud to announce that 13 Oi centres have won this year’s Education World Top 20 City-wise Pre-school Rankings in Hyderabad & Bangalore regions. 4 Oi Centres have featured in the Top 10 list for Hyderabad & Bangalore.

Keeping the teachers updated

Teacher training Module 3 was conducted for Hyderabad teachers recently.

Trainers - Education Consultant, Oi Playschool, Ms. Seshulatha Kodali and Self Awareness Expert, Next Education India, Mr. Darpan Vasudev

Oi Playschool teachers have undergone training on assessment tools which support the child evaluation process. Teachers were briefed on assessment methods and ways to access a child’s learning on different parameters. Teacher training sessions at Oi, are mainly designed to upgrade our teachers and also to identify any gaps in children's experiences.

Franchise Recognition

Oi Playschool held its Business Partner Rewards & Recognition for Bangalore centres. Oi Franchise centers received awards for their excellent performance in several categories. Adding to this was an insightful training session on Styles of Leadership facilitated by Mr. Tupsakri Rajeev, CPO - People Combine. BP’s also contributed valuable information and shared their experiences with the training topic.

Activities unplugged:

Exploring aeronautics

With the ongoing theme ‘In the Air’ PP1 and PP2 kids of Oi HSR Layout, Oi Kasturi Nagar, Oi RMV Extension, Oi HRBR Layout and Oi Coffee Board Layout went on a Field Trip to ‎Aerospace Museum. Kids were immediately drawn to the many airplanes in the open area of the museum. They were amused to see the exotic models of planes and helicopters. While this happened at one end, on the other end, Oi NR Colony kids went to the Aeroplane Flying Training Centre. Here kids explored working models of engines and had a close-up view of flying grade materials. This trip was a great enrichment for students to understand the concept of airways.

Kinder theatre

PP1 and PP2 kids of Oi NR Colony, Oi Kanakpura staged a play on ‘Peppa Peg’ while students of Oi JP Nagar did a play on ‘Sky Family’. Joining the bandwagon were students of Oi HRBR Layout who were extolled for staging plays on ‘Gajapati Kulapati’ and ‘Goldlock and the three bears’. Kinder theatre play is known to jumpstart imagination to bring something to life. As the child portrays the play, he/she gets into the imagination and this thereby lengthens his/her attention span. It’s a great activity to encourage creative story development in kids as they try to associate with the visuals built up around and also use their vocabulary related to the theme.


Oi JP Nagar, Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi Chandanagar conducted I-Pretend activity for the theme ‘Spectacular Sky’. Kids were dressed in the costumes of the sky family and given appropriate props to enact out their character. It was overwhelming to see little kids role play at being hot sun, cloudland and rainbow. It was a beautiful display of sky scenes that was put forth by the performers. As we recollect the initial days where kids only introduced themselves, now they got a whiff of stage performance as they have started talking about the character they play.

Sponge and Water

Oi Kasturi Nagar conducted a sponge and water activity for their tots recently. On the superficial sponge and water activity appears to be a simple child’s play. But on closer examination it involves a sequential chain of activities. When the child soaks the sponge, he/she is concentrating well on using arm and hand movements. When he/she transfers water into the vessel, eye-hand coordination and balance is involved so as not to spill the water. And then when he/she measures how much water is to be filled in the pitcher, evaluation skills are developed. All these skills are used at a later stage of learning to grip a pencil, pouring water independently to drink, serving water without spilling, etc.

Round the corner, Oi SR Nagar kids were seen enjoying fishing activity. Such activities are hands-on and involve multiple skills and can be adapted to different learning levels.

Learning Pet care

Pet care requires compassion, responsibility and empathy. To inculcate just this, Oi Kasturi Nagar and Oi HRBR Layout had a visit to a pet shop as part of the ongoing theme "Paws & Whiskers." Before going, children were introduced to pet animals like dog and puppies, cat and kittens, fish and birds. At the pet shop, kids were shown all kind of pet products and accessories. Children watched puppets resting in their abode and they also caught a glimpse of puppet being groomed and fed. Back to the classroom, the concept was concluded by making puppet house model.

A healthy you, a healthy tomorrow!

Oi Gachibowli organized Tricyclothon, the first ever in the Oi Playschool records. The cyclothon was open for about 500 metres. In their small tricycles, they paddled through the race lane and got into competitive spirit. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the sport of cycling with the message of ‘Healthy Lifestyle’. This was an attempt to inculcate the habit of sports – cycling in children for a healthier lifestyle.

Farm party

With great exuberance, Oi Banashankari and Oi Nallagandla hosted a farm party for kids to explore, observe and learn the concept of farm animals. The Oi farm party was tremendous hit with the kids as they came dressed in their farm costumes and thrived into the celebrations. Animals that were seen in the farmyard were horse, rabbit, cow, chickens, ducks etc. Kids experienced milking cows, fishing and sensing the touch and sound of the animals.

Oi Manikonda gave the farm party a little twist by organizing Christmas Carnival at the Oi farm. The event highlight was ‘The Bridge House’ rock band performance (which played carols for kids to make a merry) and food stalls that offered healthy snacks.

Be fit & be healthy

At Oi Playschool we understand how important is safety and health of your child to you. We know that children needs routine screening for health especially during seasonal transitions. Therefore, Oi Banashankari invited a Paediatrician for a general health check-up of students. The main purpose of the camp was to keep a track of children’s BMI. During the check-up, the doctor also updated the parents about immunization needs of their child.

Student led conference and Open house activity

SLC is an opportunity for children to share some of their learnings at school with their family members whereas Open house is wherein the teachers take the parents through the learning experience of their child at the school. Oi Banashanakri, Oi JP Nagar, Oi HRBR Layout and Oi SR Nagar invited parents of PP1 and PP2 for SLC & parents of toddlers and nursery for Open house activity. The session started with students taking their parents for a classroom tour and then through a few stations that explain about the concepts they learnt. This was followed by some tasks which the parent-child duo has to complete. Parents enjoyed spending time with their children, knowing their child’s school directly from the child and watching the child completing tasks independently and majorly leading most of the conference. At the end, parents left with a positive experience of the teaching styles followed at their child’s preschool.

Learning transport ways

Transportation is something which children experience in their lives even before getting introduced to in their classroom. They experience transport when driving to school, seeing different vehicles on road or boarding an airplane to go on vacation. To expand this knowledge, students of Oi Banashanki explored the topic of Transport both inside and outside the classroom. Before the field trip to a nearby car showroom, they were shown models of different types of vehicles, 3 and 4 wheelers and road signals.

On another corner, Oi SR Nagar also went on a trip to car showroom where kids were shown variety of models present at the showroom.

Colour Orange

Colour orange was introduced to Oi SR Nagar students this month. All students came dressed in orange colour clothes. The activity corner was decorated with orange colour articles. Children were later engaged in activities which help in identification and reinforcement of the colour. Thus the whole day was celebrated with orange colour.

Champions on Field

Oi Banashankari, Oi Nallagandla, Oi Kanakpura, Oi RMV, Oi HRBR Layout and some more centres conducted Little Champs Day in the month of December. Kids showcased their competency on field by performing drill, yoga and participating in a variety of individual and team sports. The conceptual races picked up by the centres were enjoyable for all students and gained lot of appreciation from the parents. Kids were upbeat throughout which conveyed to us that the children embraced a positive association with sports. All kids went home with happy faces carrying their certificates and bright gold medals.

Expanding knowledge

To reinforce the concept of farm animals, PP2 students of Oi Jubilee Hills had a visit to a nearby dairy farm. Contact with animals helps children understand the conditions and environments they live in. Watching these animals being fed, milked and groomed aided in connecting classroom learning with reality.

Winter bird watching fun

Bird watching caters so much fun and excitement! Like most children Oi Jubilee Hills students were also observed curious about birds. Kids noticed distinguishing features about different birds and could discuss it with their teachers back school. Our young bird watchers also helped the birds by feeding them. The bird-watching activity was helpful to increase knowledge about birds and their distinguishing features, colour and shapes of feathers.

Elementary knowledge

Using winter food for your pre-schoolers’ advantage

Did you know that winter is the best season to improve immunity? Amazingly, seasonal fruits and vegetables aids in providing more nourishment to the body.
Although modern day food processing techniques have made all fruits and vegetables available throughout the year, there are benefits with consuming seasonal fruits in the specific season. Seasonal fruits are grown naturally and are exposed to less chemicals/pesticides. Therefore, are healthier.
In winter, you need to make sure his/her diet is filled with nutritious and vitamin-packed items. The best balance is one-third protein and two-thirds vegetables and fruits. Below points will help you chart a meal that will make your child stay warm and healthy during the winter.

Seasonal fruits

Seasonal changes are a fantastic time to introduce some new foods into his diet. Seasonal fruits are of high water content which stimulates appetite and it will give your baby that boost of Vitamin C he/she needs to fight off a cold. Citrus fruits, being high in vitamins such as vitamin A and C these fruits help in boosting immunity. They also prevent illnesses that are common in winter such as cold and flu.

Underground/rooted fruits and vegetables

Any vegetable that in which the edible part grows beneath the surface of the ground is usually warming Underground vegetables like carrot, potato, onions, garlic, radish, yams, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, etc., are good to keep your body warm.

Green vegetables

Dark Green leafy vegetables like spinach, mint leaves, fenugreek leaves, etc. are a good source of beta-carotene, folate and vitamin C - that help fight disease and step up your immunity.

Protein rich diet

Whole grain cereals and pulses have high energy and protein required to keep your energy levels up during winter. If you’re bringing up your child as non-vegan you can, meat is best to fill his protein requirement.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are winter super foods. They provide you all the required nutrients, vitamins and heat thus forming a good source of energy. For children, they work well to satisfy a sweet craving.

Spices, seeds and herbs

Mustard, hing, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, fenugreek, ajwain seeds are all warm spices that gives protection against colds and fever, stimulates digestion and helps strengthen immunity.

Choose from all forms

Into your daily meal plans, include a handful of nuts in the breakfast, use veggies in the main course and add some slices of fruits to your snack time. Most importantly, make it look appealing to your child.

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December Check-list

As the season changes and weather gets colder, we bring to you some season based experiences that your child must give a try.

See what Oi parents have to say:

‘’A year ago, when we admitted Aarav into Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills, as a parent we had a lot of anxiety and apprehension on our decision of choosing the right school. Over time we had seen huge improvement in Aaarav. Thank you Oi Jubilee Hills for all your effort and patience. With your presence, we are rest assured that my son is in safe hands.‘’

- Parent of Aarav, Oi Jubilee Hills

‘’My kid studied nursery in the Oi play school @ Kukatpally. Though the area of school is small. They managed the school very well.They carried all the school events and celebrations like any other international school. Even the fee is also reasonable. Very good part of the school is that they conduct Parent Teacher meeting once in every month unlike other schools. This helps us to understand the child's performance and behaviour in school.‘’

- - Usha, Oi KPHB

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

Next Year – Already!

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