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ISSUE #18, August 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Oi Newsletter! It’s always fun to see things through children’s eyes. This month our children had a fruitful and interactive experience with pet animals and that brought lot of happiness.


The first Parent Teacher Meeting, of this academic session welcomed all our parent partners for a personal interaction regarding their little one’s developmental progress. Parents were filled with awe as the teachers talked about all the wonderful things their child has been doing at school. It was a pride moment for parents when each pre-schooler took his/her parents through the learning zones. The first PTM was successfully accomplished with parents & teachers gaining insights about the child’s developmental patterns.



Moment of Pride

After being accoladed as ‘Pre-school of the Year, South – by Indian Education Awards 2017’, Oi Playschool has now been awarded for its ‘Innovation in Preschool Pedagogy’ at the World Education Summit Awards 2017, Delhi. Recognised for imparting education using benchmarked experiential teaching methodology, Oi is committed to a well-rounded and holistic approach for nurturing young minds for a better tomorrow.


Well I don’t know if it’s right to fake it with your child saying that her teacher has the access to the camera at home. In my case, it really helps me keep Chanasya behave like a good girl. So, she wakes up every morning, faces the camera and wishes her ma’am good morning and takes her breakfast without much fuss. I really like how she wants to be a good girl for her teacher.
- Hemabindu Ramineni (Mother)

We bought a water "mister" for our garden. My son asked "Why are we calling it mister, is it a boy?" It was hilarious but I am glad that he is getting familiarised with social titles that are used to address people.
– Piyush (Father)

I am so proud of Vedanth on how after Rakshabandhan celebration at his school, he started to take care of his baby sister, Ameya. He asks about her all the time "baby is sleeping? baby needs milk, baby wants to play." He wants to take care of Ameya as he is her big brother whereas earlier he was not happy seeing Ameya was getting extra attention.
- Supriya (Mother)


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


Especially for preschoolers who love to play with colour and paper, you can make the most out of cereal boxes, cookies boxes, and other snack boxes. Instead of tossing them straight into the bin, glue some tissues/charts on both the sides, paint them white and let it dry. With some colours, your cardboard sheet is good to go as a nice greeting card.


Instead of buying artificial items, take decor inspirations from your surroundings. For example, make a flower vase out of dried twigs and discarded clothes. Make leave cut outs from different clothes and secure it with cardboard cut outs. Pin it to the twigs to make an eclectic corner piece. Send pictures of your creation to get it featured in the next Newsletter.



The spirit of patriotism filled the air as little fists rose high in the air with the slogan of “Jai Hind!” All our little patriots came dressed as national heroes and paid salutation to the country on hoisting the National Flag. The pride of our Nation filled the air as children chanted national anthem and sang patriotic songs. Tri-colour snacks and national symbolic take-away added to their joy!


Wearing the peacock feather on heat and carrying flutes, our Natkhat Kaanhas stole our hearts. Clad in beautiful lehangas and draping their little dupatta our little Radhas gave Kaanhas a tough competition. Children sang and danced happily and relished some fresh butter sweets to celebrate the festival joyfully. The fun was escalated with Radhas and Krishnas playfully hunting dahi handis.

Our Babies & Blue

"Blue is the colour of the sparkling sea,
Blue is the sky that looks upon me",
To make the colour concept more comprehensive, at Oi, we thoughtfully dedicated a day to embrace a selected colour and all its forms (this time blue) with real displays that are significant of the colour. Children thoroughly enjoyed drawing, colouring, sorting and making take-away that reiterated the colour blue and everything of that colour.


From beautiful colours of traditional attires to aroma of delicious sweets. From making of Rakhis to lively chatter of little kids, at Oi Kanakapura, Oi Kondapur, Oi RMV Extension, Oi Jubilee Hills and other Hyderabad and Banaglaore centres, Rakshabandhan was revelled with all the fervour and gaiety a day could hold.


Pets! There’s something magical about a child’s relationship with a favourite pet! In line with the ongoing theme children of Oi Jubilee Hills, Oi Kondapur, Oi Panjagutta, Oi RMV Extension and Oi Attapur were introduced with different pet animals. They not just learnt about pets and the places they live but also spent time nurturing and playing with their furry friends.


Making friends is the most basic social skill that begins in early childhood. Friendship Day celebration at Oi Mahendra Hills, Oi HSR Layout, Oi Padmanabhanagar and others made way for some of the future ‘childhood best friends.’ We love to watch some of these young friends team-up for activities and care for each other proving that standing-up for your buddy has nothing to do with age or size. It’s a gesture from the heart!


Oi Playschool centres such as Oi HSR Layout, Oi JP Nagar, Oi Panjagutta, Oi Bellandur and several centres celebrated the auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi by welcoming Eco friendly Ganesha. Children performed aarthi and joined for assembly where they were apprised with significance of the festival. The best part of the day was to catch children taking delight in gathering as many as Modaks and Laddoos their little hands could accommodate. Centres such as Oi SR Nagar and few others called for awareness walk in the local community to encourage people to celebrate ecofriendly Ganesh Chaturthi.


Oi Playschool Vivekananda Nagar organized a dental check-up with the objective to examine the oral hygiene of the students and diagnose any potential/prevailing dental problems. Children also got some quick tips to keep their teeth clean and strong.


Applications for Academic Year 2017-18 are in progress. To reserve your child’s place for the academic year, or to experience our teaching methodology, kindly call us on +91 90101 89000 or visit www.oiplayschool.com.

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