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Issue #07, August 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Newsletter Issue# 07. Our preschoolers have been having a gala time this month. Here, we would love to show how your kids’ eyes lighted up as they were enthralled by various festival celebrations. Keep scrolling to see the new learnings at Oi Playschool..

The start of any new school year can be a little chaotic and sending your little one off to preschool can be a time filled with many angst-filled questions: How well will my child adjust to preschool? Will my child make friends? Will she listen to her teacher? Will the teacher understand my child? What is he learning? To make the parents overcome this anxiety, Oi Playschool centres conducted their first Parents-Teacher Meet (PTM).

This was a platform that encouraged open interaction that left the parents with more insight into their children’s’ personality. Teachers took the parents through their child’s development, learning and improvement areas which gave parents an insight into their child’s development. By end of it, on parents’ faces were expressions of content as they became a part of their child's preschool experience – be it their child's play style or new and improved social, language, cognitive, and physical development..

Activities unplugged:

Infused with Patriotism

To celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day, the children of Oi Playschool centres displayed their love and spirit for their country at a special assembly on 12th August, 2016. The children clad in saffron, white and green marched the assembly with patriotic fervor of ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Jai Hind’. Teachers regaled the children with the story of how our country found its freedom. Keeping the flame of Independence alive, kids sang songs Nanha Munna Rahi Hu and Ek Do Ek Do Badhte Kadam. Beautifully dressed were kids of Oi Nizampet, representing various States and so was the Tri color snack served at Oi Nagarbhavi which was truly appealing to the eye. Adding to the feel of the day, some Oi Playschool centres had themed dress code where children came dressed as freedom fighters.

While this was happening around, Oi Playschool Jubilee Hills kids became the centre of attraction as they were telecasted on Khushi TV. Oi's young individuals, who faced the camera for the first time, spoke tall and confidently. Children displayed high spirit of reverence towards their mother land in their own little ways – saying ‘I love India’, whilst waving the miniature versions of the National flag, dancing to traditional music and so much more. By seeing such spirit of patriotism, we are sure none of the soul present there would remain un-ignited.

Check out Oi Playschool at the popular South Indian Children's channel - Khushi TV


Gaining Knowledge

Oi Playschool HSR Layout and Banashankari invited Senior Traffic police office. The Officer addressed the students and explained the basic road signs, signal lights and traffic rules. It was an interactive session on the importance of ‘wearing helmets’, ‘wearing the seat belt at all times’, ‘avoiding the use of cell phones while driving’, ‘not to jump a red light’, and ‘not to over speed’ held the attention of the students and they waited to go home and tell their parents about what heard! PP1 and PP2 children later on had rapid fire question with the Officer and the students enthusiastically volunteered the answers.

The peaked curiosity after seeing the officer in uniform had children asking questions like, – “How many hours do you work, why is your dress coloured in white and brown, what is the gadget which you carry, what is the punishment if my parents don't wear the helmet or put the seat belt.”

Other schools joining the bandwagon were Oi Playschool Panjagutta and RMV Extension centre who scheduled a visit to the Traffic Park to give a feel of what it is meant to be for their kids. The session provided outside learning experience which encouraged kids to practically learn basic road safety rules, thus initiating safe road-user behaviour in them.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Being a country of many different religions and traditions; at Oi, we always aim at instilling our cultural values in our children. As part of our monthly celebrations, all cultural festivals are celebrated to make the children familiarised with customs and rituals. This month, Rakshabandhan set the festive mood for all. Children assisted their teachers in decorating Pooja thali and making Rakhi for their now-going-to-be brothers to add a personal touch. Kids tied rakhi’s on their brothers, shared sweets, and also made their own little rakhis to take home. This was followed by story narration by teachers to introduce mythological characters to children. By the end of the celebration all kids seemed to fill the air with the love of this newly discovered brother-sister bond.

Oi Playschool Attapur conveyed the true essence of the festival by celebrating it with Hyderabad Police Department. They expressed their gratitude to the officers who risk their lives to protect us in true terms.

Blue Day

Blue is the colour of the nature. It ranks high as the favorite colour of all people. To relate to the ongoing theme ‘Blue colour’, Oi Playschool centres celebrated Blue Colour Day. We at Oi, celebrate concept colour days to teach the complex meanings of colours. Our teachers thoughtfully choose colour displays such that the children comprehend and learn the colour easily.

To keep the theme going, Oi Playschool Attapur and Panjagutta conducted an interesting activity for toddlers. They had a water play – ‘Sailing Blue Boats’ activity which was thoroughly enjoyed by the kids. Similarly, Oi Nizampet conducted one such activity to nurture bonding skills in kids.

Friendship Day

Some children make friends easily, while others need a little encouragement. Making friends (and keeping them) are important life skills that begin early in the childhood. Young kids are very observant and they quickly notice how others are different from them. Early education years play a key role in teaching them how to accept others that are different from them, how to be polite, show respect to others, how to share and how to have empathy for others. At Oi, we not just celebrate Friendship Day but instill socialisation skills in the kids by conducting fun and interactive activities to nurture children's imaginations and build concepts such as teamwork and friendship. While working on the activities kids are encouraged to have conversation regarding why students need to get along and how to get along with all individuals, despite differences. On the eve of Friendship Day, lot of activities like imaginary friend, friendship chain (classroom of friends, rhyming ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and reading picture books aided to bring kids out of their shell and interact and make new buddies. Kids made Friendship Bands and tied them to their friends. All in all the day was embarked by making some of the future ‘childhood best friends’.

Learning more about it

Oi Playschool students were taken on a field trip to a furniture showroom. Purpose of the field trip was to explain to children about the concept of community helpers in neighbourhood. In the showroom, children were shown different types of furniture used in office and our homes. They watched different designs of sofa, bed, wardrobe, chair, dining table, coffee table & dressing table. Also, they were explained about many varieties available like special furniture for children and elderly age group. Children learnt about the work of a carpenter and the types of furniture made by him.

Family Day

Oi Playschool HRBR, RMV, Chandanagar and HSR Layout celebrated Family Day based on the ongoing theme ‘My Jolly Family’. Oi Chandanagar organised various activities for the kids which enabled them to recognise that the family provides a sense of belonging and a unique identity to them. It also created a special emotional feeling in the students about their family.

Other centres had a visit to ‘big’ and ‘small’ family. Children were warmly welcomed by all the members of the family wherein the children learnt the importance of each member playing an integral part in the family. The friendly atmosphere during the visit made this field trip an unforgettable experience.

In today’s fast growing world, such activities revive and rekindle the importance of love and affection among the members of a family.


Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the children across Oi Playschool centres. Children came dressed in as Krishna, Radha and Gopiyan . Oi JP Nagar and Nallagandla kids looked adorable wearing Peacock feather head-gears made by their teachers. The school was decorated colourfully with a corner made as Jhankis depicting the birth place of Lord Krishna with a Krishna Jhoola set up. Beautifully decorated handis were hung in the school garden and the fun element was when kids were trying to break the curd and butter kept handis. The involvement of the children in the celebrations at such a tender age was worth applauding. The day ended with kids enjoying some fresh butter and kheer.

Tune in and turn up

Oi Playschool Gachibowli kids had a visit to Bol Hyderabad 90.4 FM. Kids were allowed to go on air and they truly loved their moment of stardom! Thank you Bol Hyderabad 90.4 FM for making this trip a fun learning experience for Oi kids!

Simple things make a great show!

Oi Playschool HSR Layout, CB Layout, Nallagandla, Nizampet and Attapur conducted Show and Tell activity lately. Children stepped over the platform and spoke about their favourite possessions. Some talked about their favourite toys while some of them put themselves into the shoe of their favourite character/profession while some talked on the ongoing topics. It was interesting to listen to the little confident speakers.

Clean teeth are happy teeth

Early dental visits are part of a child’s experience and it is important that we make this experience positive and constructive. To foster good dental habits, Oi Playschool Nizampet recently conducted a Dental Check-up camp for all their children. Kids were excited to get their check-up done and learn about dental care.

Sharing an important lesson

Oi Playschool Gachibowli conducted a light session on ‘’Good touch and bad touch’ for their kids. Kids were shown a video which clearly explained the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touching. The session was interactive with teachers making the topic understandable to kids.

Elementary knowledge

Fun out and around!

There are plenty of things to do outdoor - whether you want to stay close to home or go further afield.

Here are some fun things to do outdoors

Treasure Hunt:

There is nothing like a family walk to bring everyone out in the sunshine. Plan a treasure hunt game for your kids and go for a stroll. Lay a treasure hunt round the place with easy clues. You can make it simple by giving the children a list of about 10 things to spot. Your probable task will be to find a dry leave, a stone, a bright flower, a buzzing bee, for instance. Treasure hunt boosts senses in children and it is great getting back to the nature on a sunny day.

Make a life-size drawing:

If you’ve got any unwanted or worn out quilt, spread it across in your home garden and let your little artistic turn it out into a master drawing. Give your children a jumbo paint brush and a bucket of water and get them to paint the sheet in the garden. Or you might want to make a huge drawing on it. Then get the children to color the drawing in its shape.

Jack and Jill:

Your child will definitely treasure the Jack and Jill poem after this game. You simply have to climb up a hill (a steep grass hill) and roll down the hill. You can choose any gentle slope for your little legs.

Go Biking:

Take your cycles out and get set go for cycling. You can head to the park or open space with your children, their friends and their cycles. To add more fun, organize a cycle race with a few laps each depending on age. All kids get an ice-cream treat for participating!

Scavenger Hunt:

Find your local outdoor spots and plan your scavenger hunt. You can be a little creative and make an easy to track map (with pictures) for your child to follow. Set the children off to lead the way. An older child or a member can read out the instructions for the little one. Let the child see the pictures on the map and work out which way to go. Local parks and picnic spots are great for this.

Lake View:

Catch a sunrise or sunset at the lake point in your city. Get up early and set your journey to a lake and spend a peaceful time watching the sunrise.

Water Bombing:

Fill balloons from the tap, tie them, head outdoors and prepare for battle. Set targets to aim at. Then throw your balls to hit the target.

Bubble Blowing:

Fill a bowl with soapy water, hand out straws to the participants. Set a competition and see who can blow the most bubbles.

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September Check-List

See what Oi parents have to say:

‘’Dear Oi Playschool Gachibowli, Vihaan is now 6 years old and full of imagination. He will start 1st grade in September. He still loves cars and robots. He has started reading now! He loves math and also loves learning about the human body. He is doing well in Taekwondo. He has reached the high green level. His next test will be in Oct/Nov for blue belt. He likes to swim as well. He misses his best friend Dhruv from Oi Playschool Gachibowli.’’ut that. Thank You Oi, Kanakapura Road Branch for brightening up my kid and helping him learn everything".

- Parents of Vihaan, Ex- Oi’te Gachibowli

‘’It’s just a year my daughter is at this school, tremendous improvement I can see in her with respect to communication skills, being social etc. They have very simple themes which make every kid easy to understand. The activities they perform makes kids enjoy. She loves to go to this school every day. Overall I recommend this school.’’

- Parent of Samyutha B Patil, Nursery class, Oi Kanakpura

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

Next Year – Already!

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