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Issue #15, Apr-May 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Oi Moments, Issue #15. We hope you all had a wonderful summer break!

When school comes to an end and Mr. Sun is at his brightest best, children gear up for the most exciting time of the year – Summer Camp! With Oi’s Summer Explorer program this year, our little campers were all what it takes to be wild and terrific! The feel of Jungle Journey came alive with weekly adventure camps that included Timeless Tales, Weave & Believe, Leap & Prowl, Print a Paw, Baloo’s kitchen, Swing to the Sound and much more!


During Camp A, our explorers participated in storytelling, role play and puppet plays. Some of the stories enacted during this week were – Rapunzel, The Jungle Book, Red Riding Hood and many more. Kids thoroughly enjoyed watching the stories, playing puppet shows, wearing their animal masks and shaking a leg to the tunes of Jungle. The objective of this camp was ably achieved as children were seen confidently using their expressions and vocabulary during the plays. Adding to this was the Jungle set-up which left the children super excited.


Craft strengthens motor skills and induces creativity in children. Craft week at Oi camp included origami, puppet making, craft work with paper mache etc. Simple and innovative craft ideas were used to make the kids do the craft independently just by following instructions given by the teacher.

At some centres, campers crafted animals using paper mache. Paper mache is strips of paper ripped up, dipped in a glue mixture then applied around a form. Here children made small bowls; then they painted it. It gave them a chance to establish their creativity and understand the process of building a toy themselves.

This week witnessed lots of creativity across the centres as their campers came up with beautiful craft-creations every single day.


It’s a play day every day during the Camp Active week. Play is a great way to develop muscles and it gives opportunities for social exposure. Various one minute games, obstacle courses, and water themed games such as Splish Splash Cup, Relay Race and Water Balloon-Pop were planned across Oi centres to give the children a refreshing experience. The centre of attraction for the week was a beach party where kids enjoyed splash pool, sprinklers, party snacks and music.

Oi Playschool centres added slow motion tag, yoga and aerobics to supplement the sport skills in kids. Our little explorers were ardent in showing off their camp spirit all through the week.


Kids are masters of the moment -- they love the way it feels when they smear paint on paper, how it looks when they sprinkle glitter, and even the soft sound a brush makes as it crosses the page. As children learn how to control paint brushes, crayons, scissors, and other art tools, it contributes to their fine motor skills, muscle control, strengthening eye-hand co-ordination and helps boost confidence as they are able to experiment with different resources.

During this week, kids were introduced to sand art, blow paint, finger paint, and other styles of art. Theses styles of art not just hold creative benefits but also helps integration between body and brain. Children loved working with paints and each of them came up with beautiful, creative pieces of art.

The Jungle N Rumble Camp was much more…

Snack Time

Snack time is very important for a quick refresh during hot summer days. Our little chefs prepared snacks each day during the snack hour. Going with the theme, the Oi Jungle N Rumble Camp included custom-made fireless cooking activities. Easy to make, child-friendly recipes were planned for our tiny adventurers.

Our Little Chefs of Camp A & B prepared - Bhageera's Colourful Towers, Kaa Crunchies (corn flakes chat) and Akela Fruit Mukka.

Our Little Chefs of Camp C & D prepared Safari Salsa (bhelpuri), Sher Khan Padaka Shooters, Bhageera's Rangeela Rolls, Hungry Hippo (pani puri), Mowgli’s Paw Paw Salad etc.

This wonderful snack activity helped children learn about healthy snacking habits.

Just Dance

Dance is a great way to connect emotionally with any age group. It creates a health environment in which children can express their feelings in a productive manner while learning to control their emotions. Oi summer explorer watched some beautiful moves of campers from across centres.

Even with all the fun and laughter that was shared during these activities, little campers gained new skills, trying new things. At the end of the camp, all the kids were certified for their creative learning.‬‬‬‬

Oi Summer Explorer concluded with loads of rumbling and fun, but the adventure of learning at Oi continues with our Beyond the Bell program and more!


Oi Summer Explorer concluded with loads of rumbling and fun, but the adventure of learning at Oi continues with our Beyond the Bell program and more!

Activities unplugged

Cherishing Motherhood

On the eve of Mother’s Day, Oi centres across Bangalore & Hyderabad honored mothers with a day dedicated to keeping them active and healthy. It was an engaging session with zumba, yoga trainers and experts from Vibes & Rainbow Hospital. Towards the end of our special event, all moms spent some time exchanging their fitness regimes with each other and the session concluded with some healthy snacks to much on.

Gala Kids Fest

The most anticipated event of the year, Oi Gala Kids Fest, organised by Oi JP Nagar and Oi Manikonda welcomed hundreds of children from the surrounding community. The fest was a non-stop entertainment, bundled with rich activities like Rain Dance, Pottery, Fancy Dress, Food Stalls, Goodies and lots more, thereby leaving the kids with an alluring experience before they head for school.

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"We as parents are very happy with what everyone at Oi playschool, HSR Layout have done to make sure our 2 year old son enjoys his time at school and looks forward to going to school every morning. Our son has clearly developed a lot of interest in his surroundings, has an increased propensity to learn, pays more attention, and in general has become a happier kid since he started going to Oi. We really appreciate the efforts of everyone at Oi, and especially those of his teacher. The school's premises are colorful and spacious. We can clearly see that the levels of hygiene maintained at the school are very high. We would have no hesitation in recommending Oi to our friends. "

-Parents of Jishnu, Oi HSR Layout

"My Son has been associated with the Oi Manikonda for the last 1 year and I have seen him transform during this period. Oi has been instrumental in building his base with some outstanding learning techniques and exposure. Some of aspects that my child has developed surprise us at times and the credit goes to the school and the excellent teaching staff. Personally I would recommend Oi for every child and look forward to continued partnership with them"

- Sheetal, Oi Playschool Manikonda

"My baby Hrithika is 2.5 years old. I was very much worried about her speech and food but now surprisingly she started eating banana and watermelon that too on her own. My kid became a very confident individual. We are very happy with team work of Oi team."

- Himaji, Oi Playschool JP Nagar

Together, let's make this year a fantastic one!


Oi Team

This newsletter is written with love for all the amazing parents who are part of Oi family.

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