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Issue #25, March 2018


Dear Parents,

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Yes, it’s summer, the time for Mr. Sun to shine at its brightest!

When we think of summer, we think of lots of fun, sprinklers, pool parties, playing outdoors. There is something exciting about summers that make kids play harder. To channelize this extra energy, and give a complete feel of water fun, Oi’s SPLASH TALES brings weekly camps that include Nibble-n-Gobble, Funtastic Fins, Wiggle Waddle AND Dip-n-Dive. To dive into a world of fun, enrol today!

One more Academic year has gone by and Oi bids a happy goodbye to its graduates. Oi Playschool centres arranged Graduation ceremony to felicitate the feat of graduating Oi’ites. Parents and well-wishers gathered to relive the wonderful journey of their children through the preschool. All our little ones marched the aisle donned with their graduation gowns and hats and gave a shout out to their parents, teachers and care-takers for all their love and support throughout. And finally they were commemorated with their certificates. The ceremony ended with a cake cutting and lots of pictures adding to the gallery.

Oi wishes its children a smooth transition into the high school and great experiences in their next big step!


My mother in law visited the dentist for an extraction. On her return, Aanvi asked why she ate chocolate and ice cream because of which she had to get her teeth removed. ☺
– Mrs. Giridhar

Thank you for all your efforts in arranging such a wonderful LSD. Till you made my child dance, we were unaware that he has a flair for dance and copying moves. He now dances daily on Malhar.
– Arham Jain
Oi SR Nagar

My favourite part of the student led conferences is watching children greet their families and share their learning with so much pride and confidence. For parents to see how far their child has come is an incredibly big achievement!!
- Jenny
Oi HSR Layout


Cultivating Attitudes of Respect for Earth

Task for the Month:


Educate children about the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. Reuse items for different purposes instead of disposing them off. Recycle items like aluminium cans, plastic, paper, glass that can be shaped into a new item.


Do not dump any harmful waste material / strong chemical solutions in rivers. If possible, join local water conservation groups and fight against water polluters.


It's Holi Festival time!

The most exciting part of Holi for preschool kids is that they can celebrate with lots of colour! Our pre-schoolers observing all the do’s and don’t’s, had a bang on Holi party in the school playing around with colours, shooting pichkaris and dancing to the tunes of Holi!


Green Things

Oi’ites Bellandur traversed their way to plant Nursery. They observed different plants like creepers, shrubs and herbs. To feed the curiosity of our pre-schoolers towards the spiky green plant, Cactus, they were explained how the thorns on the Cactus plant helped it to retain water during scarcity and give protection from animals.


Pyjama Party

On our most beloved Pyjama Party day, kids were welcomed for a sleepover with their peers. Dressed in pyjamas and slippers and a soft buddy in one arm, our pre-schoolers enjoyed lot of activities including watching a movie, bed-time story, bon-fire, games, and learning bedtime routines.

Some of the Oi centres organized a kid’s spa for their children. With mini manicures and pedicures, and hairstyling, it was a complete ‘treat yourself’ package.


To mark the beginning of the New Year, Oi centres celebrated the festival with their students. The flavours of sweet, sour and bitter that are present in Ugadi Pachdi are a reflection of life. Although the lesson is not so comprehensible for children, they were not far behind to participate in preparation of the traditional Ugadi Pachadi by mixing jaggery, mangoes and neem leaves.


Deep in the Jungle

After a visit to the Zoo, our pre-schoolers were all in the Jungle fiesta mode. Their fascination was evident in the role play themed, ‘Jungle’. All of them put on their favourite animal costume and enacted like the animals in the mini-jungle-fiesta at the school. They were all what it takes to be wild and terrific!

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