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Children to us are like sparks, full of light and hope, gleaming with beaming smiles, ready to learn and lead the world. Each child is a box of unique potential and all this is required is exploring the treasure with the right approach. Our Preschool curriculum is delivered through experiential teaching methodology. Through Sparkz, we inculcate the ‘Love for Learning’ in each child in the most critical childhood years which acts as the precursor for maximum brain development in a child. At Oi, we aim to deliver happy children for whom learning is the most joyful experience.

‘SPARKZ’ can be visualised as the centre where the child is standing, the eight spokes of the wheel are the learning outcomes and the 4 spokes in the outer ring are the facilitators motivating the child as a mentor to achieve new milestones each day.

We are the first Playschool to offer a scientific, holistic model – Sparkz ™, with a focus on music perception, earth science, visual arts technology, life skills and value education. This playgroup curriculum is centred on themes that suffice the child’s early learning needs. This is a completely revolutionary model for fostering all-round development.

Oi Playschool has set itself apart at being the best in the field of early childhood education by developing a unique curriculum for preschool

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